A Little Bit of Fun

Chapter 2

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!


"So what are we going to do tonight?"

"Well, we could hang around here and be little girls like we always do, or we could go to Earth and be goddesses again."

"No way, Tara. We got away with it once. I'm not risking it again."

"What risk? Like you said, we got away with it. I can get the transporter band again tonight just as easily. No-one will know anything about it."

"I don't know, I mean..."

"Of course you know. You know how good it felt to be on Earth, to have that incredible strength, to be able to see through things, to be able to do practically anything."

"Yeah, it felt good. But -"

"Lyda, I've been checking the legends about Earth. There's loads of stuff that our people can do there that we never knew about last time. Amazing stuff. Stuff you'd never believe..."

"Like what?

"Well, remember when that "Rick" was kicking you as hard as he could and you said you could hardly feel it?"

"Yeah, that was great!"

"You think that was great? According to what I've discovered, nothing can hurt us when we're on Earth."

"What d'you mean "nothing"? "

"Just that. You can get hit by huge rocks, or attacked by weapons and you almost don't feel it at all. I mean, you can walk through fire without getting warm! And there's more, too."


"You bet! We can move and do things thousands of times faster than normal. We can jump into the sky..."

"Wow! Sounds cool."

"Too right it's cool. And it goes on and on if you believe the legends. You know when you blow on something to cool it down?"


"Well, on Earth if you do that, you can turn water into ice! And you can knock a person off their feet with your breath..."

"I don't believe you."

"You don't, eh? Why don't you come with me tonight and find out for yourself if it's all true or not."

"I don't know, Tara. I -"

"Oh, come on! Don't you want to at least know if the stories are true?"

"Well, yeah. It's just that I -"

"OK. That's settled then. We're going tonight."

"OK, OK. We're going tonight."



There were almost as many people in Rick's Bar as there'd been on a good night while the owner had been alive. A uniformed police officer was on guard, blocking the street door, and another had been posted at the back where a steel door marked "Fire Escape" lead to a dingy, narrow alley. Two middle-aged men and a slightly younger woman, all dressed in long white coats, were scouring every square inch of every surface, looking for a tiny clue that - they hoped - would explain the mystery. In one corner, Lieutenant Howser stood, looking around the room again and again as if he expected to notice something he hadn't spotted already which would reveal everything.

Howser wasn't a drinker or a drug user. Even so, when he saw two beautiful young beach girls appearing from thin air in the middle of the bar, his first thought was that he was hallucinating. It was only when he heard one of the guys in white coats uttering an astonished "Jesus H Christ!" that he realised his eyes weren't deceiving him. Still in shock, the Lieutenant took in the startling sight of the two scantily-dressed babes, before his professionalism took over. "How the fuck did you get in here?" he asked the girls angrily. They were, after all, trespassing on the site of a police investigation.

The two young women seemed as surprised to see the police team as Howser was to see them. The girls looked at each other for a moment, before exchanging a few words in a language the Lieutenant didn't recognised. Then the shorter, dark-haired one turned to him and spoke in a sweet melodic voice, revealing two sets of white teeth as perfect as her face and her body. "We're from another planet. We're just visiting." she said, deadpan.

This annoyed Howser. He was in the middle of investigating what looked like a particularly brutal murder and these two chicks were playing games. Beautiful or not, he was not prepared to take crap from them. Nonetheless, if they had discovered some secret way into the bar, they might just be able to give him some kind of idea how the killer or killers had fled. "Look, kids," he said through clenched teeth, "a man was killed here last night. So why don't you just tell me how you got in here. Otherwise, you can come with me to the station and tell me there."

Now it was the other girl's turn to speak. "Who are you?" she asked, innocently.

"I'm the guy who's asking you how you got in here." replied the Lieutenant, angrily.


"Because I'm a Lieutenant of the Police and I believe you have some information which may be relevant to a homicide case. Now answer the question, goddamit!"

The taller girl smiled at him, seemingly unaffected by the urgent tone of his voice. "It doesn't matter how we got in here." she said, matter-of-factly.

"Jesus Christ, girl!" exclaimed Howser, exasperated. "There may well be a killer on the loose. Don't tell me what's relevant. Just tell me how you got in here!"

"Oh," said the girl with the light brown hair, "why didn't you say you were looking for the killer? She's right here." and she nodded her head in the direction of her companion.



Lyda and Tara had been surprised to find the room full of people when they materialised on Earth. It didn't take them long to figure out what the strangers were doing; Lyda had almost immediately pointed out "They're trying to find out what happened to that Rick."

"Let's tell them, then." Tara had said. And now she had told them. The only problem was the one who was obviously in charge of the group didn't seem to believe her. Like the others, he was just staring at her and Lyda.

"I've had enough of this." said the Earther. "Either you answer my questions or I get Jenkins here - " he indicated one of the other men standing near what looked like some kind of door - "to arrest you both."

"But she's just told you," said Lyda, smiling, "I'm the one you're looking for."

"Jenkins!" said the Earthman as the one called Jenkins began to walk towards them.

"Don't you believe that she killed the one called Rick?" asked Tara, innocently. "Let me show you how she did it."

The one called "Jenkins" had now reached the two girls. Standing in front of them, he began to fiddle with some sort of metal contraption on his waist. Tara wasted no time beginning her demonstration. She extended her right arm and grabbed hold of the man's clothes as Lyda had done to Rick. Before her victim could react, she raised her arm, lifting him completely off the ground, finding it hard to believe how light the big man felt. Then she bent her arm before launching the man called Jenkins towards the far wall.

Tara had underestimated her strength dramatically. The man's body dissolved in gore as it hit the wall, cracks appearing all around the point of impact as pieces of material broke off. Chunks of flesh and bone were spattered all around the room. Tara found it all simultaneously disgusting and exciting. The sight of the big man's guts splayed over the wall sickened her briefly, but the thought that she had caused so much devastation so casually gave her a tremendous thrill of power. She turned to the one who had been asking so many questions. "Now do you believe me?" she inquired, sweetly.



Howser could not comprehend what he had just witnessed. He could have sworn he'd seen the slim girl one-handedly lift Jenkins off the ground and then throw him against a wall so violently that his body has exploded on impact. He knew it couldn't possibly be true - it was all some kind of trick. And yet, it made perfect sense that this was, as the girl had said, how the bartender had been killed. And the girls' mysterious arrival made him wonder about the lack of evidence of any forced entry or exit by the perpetrator or perpetrators. But it was all too... impossible. He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of a service revolver clicking. The other officer had drawn his weapon and was pointing it at the two mysterious girls.

"Put your hands in the air!" barked the officer.

"You can't talk to a goddess like that!" responded the dark-haired beauty, clearly impressed by what her colleague had just done.

"Put your hands in the air!" the officer repeated.

"She just told you not to talk to us like that." answered the other girl, sternly.

Howser finally snapped into action, whipping out his own revolver and waving it from the centre of one girl's bikini-clad chest to the other's. Even in his confused and shocked state, he had to admit, they were magnificent chests. "Enough of this crap." he stated. "I'm gonna count to three and if you haven't got your hands in the air by the time I say three I'm gonna start shooting. One..."



Tara thought for a moment about activating her transporter band and taking herself and Lyda out of there. The tone of the Earthling's ultimatum sounded severe. But then she remembered the stories of invulnerability that she had related to her friend earlier. This was the perfect opportunity to discover once and for all if those stories were based in fact. And, she thought, it would be just too wonderful if they were. She glanced at Lyda. Her face betrayed not a hint of anxiety. So, they would stay. "Ooh! Are those weapons?" she taunted.

"Two..." said the Earthling. The three characters in white coats suddenly sprang up as one and darted behind the long high table at one end of the room. Their fear reminded her of her fantastic new powers, and filled her with confidence.

"Three!" Neither girl moved. Then Tara heard two simultaneous bangs, and realised that the weapons had been fired. She saw Lyda become a momentary blur in front of her. Then her friend was by her side once more, holding two shiny metal objects in her hand.

"It's true!" Lyda said in their language, delighted with herself.

"What?" asked Tara.

"We can move at incredible speeds here. Look I caught these projectiles mid-flight! And they didn't even hurt me!"

"Let me try." said Tara. And she then became a blur to Lyda, resolidifying next to the one who had ordered them to put up their hands. "Wow!" enthused Tara, before becoming a blur and reappearing next to her friend once more. "It's amazing!"



Officer Murphy blinked. He was sure he and the Lieutenant had each fired a shot at the two gorgeous girls. He thought he had seen the dark-haired one become a kind of smear for an instant. Then he had seen her holding what looked like two bullets. After that, he thought the brown-haired one had appeared next to him for a second before reappearing by her comrade's side once again. This was all too weird. Frightened by his lack of understanding of the situation, he fired off three more shots directly at the taller young woman's chest, expecting her to fall to the ground instantly.

She did not fall. She didn't move so much as a hairbreadth. She didn't even appear to flinch. Murphy heard the sound of his bullets ricocheting off the girl's stunning body, as if he had fired at a thick sheet of steel. He saw her generous left breast bouncing ever so slightly as it took a direct hit. He heard the incredible girl excitedly saying something to her friend and he saw the three spent and bent slugs scattered on the barroom floor. Both girls had now turned their faces to him. Two wonderfully bright, natural smiles shone his way. He felt terrified.



"These little bits of metal feel wonderful!" was what Tara informed Lyda as one of them struck her breast, sending a tingle across her whole torso. She looked at the Earthling whose weapons had caused the delicious sensation, as did Lyda. Neither girl was able to suppress a grin - the feeling of power from the knowledge that they were immune to the weapon was too just to great.

"Hey!" said Lyda to the now visibly shaking man with the firearm, "Have you got some of those for me too?"

"I have, bitch". It was the other one that spoke now, the one who had been asking all the questions earlier. The girls turned to look at him, still smiling. He raised his weapon and released a series of shots, all aimed at Lyda's head.

Lyda watched the little pellets as they seemed to float towards her. She thought about catching them as she had done earlier, but changed her mind when she remembered Tara's comment on the way the things felt when they hit her. Instead, she held herself perfectly still, letting the tiny missiles strike her one after the other. She did not let her grin flicker for even an instant as the little lumps of metal deformed against her soft, immaculate skin before rebounding harmlessly away. One struck her forehead, another her cheekbone. The next hit her on the bridge of the nose and the final one impacted on her top lip. Lyda had to admit. They felt nice. "You're right!" she said, "They do feel good."

"Then," said Tara, her eyes twinkling with anticipation, "why don't we do something to thank these guys?"

"Oh, Tara! That's a lovely idea. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, seeing as this one used his weapon against me," Tara pointed to the man standing by the door, "and this one -" she pointed to the questioner, "- used his against you, I think we should each thank them in person."

"What a sweet gesture. I'll go first."



Murphy watched in transfixed amazement as the two girls discussed something amongst themselves. A shudder ran down his spine as the taller one pointed first at him and then at his Lieutenant as she talked. He didn't like this situation at all. He started liking it even less when the girls seemed to come to a decision and the shorter, dark-haired one turned towards him and took a few steps in his direction, smiling sweetly as strode, her chest moving autonomously from her body, bobbing hypnotically with every pace. He stared at her gorgeous jiggling mounds for a few moments before his fear got the better of him and he started to back away from her.

The absurdity of the situation dawned on the officer as he edged nervously backwards. Here he was, a big, fit man - a trained policeman in full uniform, his pistol in his hand, and he was cowardly backing away from a young, slim girl who was wearing nothing but a tiny bikini, and was completely unarmed. Yet he had seen this girl catch bullets in her hand. He'd even seen her grin as she bounced them off her face. He'd watched in disbelief as her friend had killed his colleague by lifting him off the ground and throwing him against a wall - all with just one slender arm. There was no point denying it. Murphy the big cop was very, very scared of this beautiful, slim, young woman.

The officer took a few more steps back, trying to maintain the distance between himself and the advancing girl. Suddenly, his back hit the closed door of the bar and he could retreat no further. He looked at the young woman who was now only a few strides from him. He felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead as she quickly closed the gap until she was standing just a foot away from him. Murphy couldn't help but looking down at her magnificent cleavage, displayed to full advantage by the girl's brief bikini. Despite his fear, he found himself marvelling at the roundness and apparent firmness of her ripe breasts.

"So, you like me?" taunted the dark-haired beauty, swinging her chest slightly as she spoke.

"I.. I.." Murphy stammered helplessly.

"Can't you speak?" she continued to tease, making the undulating movement of her breasts even more pronounced. "Or is that just the effect I have on you?"

"No.. Wha.. I..."

"Oh, you poor creature. You can't even talk. Let me kiss you better."



Lyda lazily placed an arm on each of the man's shoulders. Then she pressed down gently. A look of surprise came over his face, followed by one of shock as she pushed down, forcing him to bend his knees. He tried to push against her with his legs, but found her strength utterly irresistible. With both his hands, he grabbed her wrists, trying to remove her hands from him, but all his efforts proved totally ineffective. Her slender arms did not move at all, except to force him down further. She stopped pushing when his face was level with hers. Tilting her head slightly, she leant towards him, her lips puckered in preparation of meeting his.

The man turned his head away from hers. "I thought you liked me." she said in mock disappointment. She removed her left hand from his right shoulder, easily shaking off his grip from her wrist. Lyda was delighted to see that she could hold him in place with just one hand on his other shoulder as effortlessly as she had done it with two. With her free hand, she gently cupped his chin, turning his face back towards her. She could see his neck muscles bulging as he tried to fight against her, but his struggles once again proved futile. It gave Lyda a tremendous thrill to see the much bigger man utterly unable to fight against her vastly superior strength.

Lyda leaned towards the taller man and, still holding his chin, pulled his face to hers. Then she parted her lips slightly and planted them on his. He placed both his hands on her shoulders, desperate to push her away, grunting with the effort. The dark-haired young woman remained completely immobile. She opened her lips a little further, pressing them against his face, forming a seal around his mouth. With the man still struggling without effect, Lyda began to inhale slowly and deeply.

His eyes bulged wide in astonishment and his efforts to force her away from him became desperate. Lyda continued to breathe in, her mouth locked on his. The look in his eyes became panicky and the colour began draining from his face. Quickly, his struggles grew weaker. She kept on drawing air into her lungs. His eyeballs seemed to be about to pop out of his head. His complexion was now a bluish white, and his arms hung redundantly by his sides. Lyda heard a muffled squelching sound and tasted blood in her mouth. Instantly, the man's eyes became dull.

She stopped inhaling, taking her lips off of his and bringing the kiss to an end before removed her hands from her victim. His body seemed to fold up on itself as it became a heap on the floor. Lyda looked down at him and smiled. She had enjoyed the taste of his blood as much as she had enjoyed sucking the life out of his large, male body. What a feeling - to have collapsed a man's lungs just by kissing him! She turned to face Tara, who was looking on approvingly. In their language, so that the remaining Earthlings wouldn't understand her, she spoke to her friend. "So this is how it feels to be a goddess!"

"Pretty cool, huh?" said Tara.

"You bet. So, what are you going to do with -" she pointed to the one who had asked all the questions earlier - "him?"

"Hmm... I think I'm going to try something else."



Having now witnessed two of his men being killed by the two incredible girls - one of them "kissed" to death! - Lieutenant Howser was obeying his survival instinct. He'd seen them both take direct pistol hits without even frowning. He'd seem them each take a life without hesitation. He just didn't want to be anywhere near them. Slowly, he was inching away from them, trying to reach the street door unobserved. He shot a nervous glance towards the two young women and found that his plan had failed. The taller, lighter-haired one was now walking slowly towards him. His mind filled with fear as he recalled what her friend had just done to Officer Murphy.

Howser whipped a fresh clip from his jacket pocket and reloaded his pistol. "Stop right there!" he shouted at the beautiful semi-naked girl who was strolling in his direction. She smiled, looking him straight in the eyes and, continuing to walk, said simply,


The lieutenant panicked. He emptied the new clip at her, staring in disbelief as the bullets failed even to interrupt her stride. He saw her right breast wobble very slightly when it took a direct hit, and was pretty certain he spotted her blink when one shot impacted dead centre on her eyeball, but that was all his weapon managed to achieve. Desperate to avoid the sort of fate his two officers had met, he turned and ran for the door. Suddenly, he felt his neck and his body jerking backwards and he wasn't running anymore.



Tara easily caught up with the fleeing man before he'd even managed to take three full steps. Reaching out with her left arm, she grabbed the back of his neck, lifting his whole body off the ground as if he were weightless. He immediately started to panic, his arms and legs thrashing about wildly. When he did manage hit her, his blows felt like caresses to Tara. She twisted her wrist, causing the big man's dangling frame to turn so that he was now facing her, her forehead level with his chest. He looked down at her, his terrified eyes growing large as he blatantly stared at her chest. "Please! Don't hurt me!" he begged.

It was the first time in Tara's life that a big man had ever begged her for mercy. She found the novel experience incredibly arousing. Her feeling of power overwhelmed her. She smiled her broadest smile, showing off her perfect white teeth. The man didn't even notice her grin with his head lowered and his eyes, taking advantage of their excellent vantage point, glued to her cleavage. "Please!" he continued to plead, addressing his supplications - it seemed to Tara - not to her face, but to her breasts. His obvious obsession gave her an idea. Her smile took on a wicked quality.

"So, you like staring at my chest, Earthman." she observed. "Why don't you take a closer look?" And, with her hand firmly holding the back of her neck, she brought his face downwards until his feet were back on the ground and then further still until she forced him to bend his knees. He tried to kick her shins a few times, but gave up when he saw that he was causing himself far more discomfort than he was making for her. He had a few goes at punching her stomach, yelling with pain as the bones in first his right and then his left fists crumpled on impact with her impossibly firm abdominal muscles. That seemed to be the end of his physical resistance. He began to beg again, his voice distorted by tears.

"Oh, did I make you cry?" asked Tara in a cruel, mocking tone. "I'm sorry." Then, she drew his head a little closer to her body until she could feel the warmth of his breath on the exposed flesh of her breasts. "Let me hold you till you feel better." she said, sarcastically. She began pushing his head towards her cleavage. Perhaps realising what she was about to do, the man reacted by placing his battered hands on her ribs and trying to push himself away from her. The pain of his worthless strain soon became too great and his hands fell away. He began a pathetic whimper.

"Please... No... Don't... Please..."

"Oh, come on. You know you like my chest. Surely such a big man can't be afraid of a little girl's lovely soft breasts?" she taunted in reply. As she spoke, she pushed his head towards her until his chin was touching her bikini and his nose was inside her cleavage. Then she pulled him further, marvelling in the sensation as her well-rounded chest seemed to give very slightly for a moment as his face was pressed against the inside of her mounds. His pleading became muffled as his mouth was pushed up against her sternum.

"Can you hear that?" Tara said to Lyda in the Earth language so that her victim would understand. "He's trying to tell me how much he likes it in there. How sweet of him!" The man's stifled moans and pleas reached a new intensity. He tried to batter her sides with his arms, his hands clearly too painful to be used against her. Tara saw large, dark bruises already forming on his forearms and wrists as the blows she could hardly even feel began to take their toll.

"Look - he's trying to hug you now." Lyda observed cruelly, still speaking in the Earthman's language. "Why don't you hug him back?"

These last remarks only served to make the trapped man's actions more frantic; he reached his damaged arms high in an attempt to strike her head. From his stifled reaction, Tara could tell that he found her skull even harder than he had found her stomach. Out of sheer desperation, he drove his bent knee into her groin with all his remaining strength. Tara smiled as the sound of crunching kneecap momentarily filled the room, only to be replaced by a continuous muffled scream of agony. She could feel the large male's hot tears dripping onto her smooth flat belly. She revelled for a moment in the knowledge that this big man was completely at her mercy.

Tara looked down at her delicate, feminine hand on the back of the Earthling's skull which was effortlessly holding his head imprisoned between her large, firm breasts. She grinned broadly as she gently pushed his head against her chest. Evidently, there was no more give in her bosoms. His already stifled moan was silenced and his struggles ceased. She increased the pressure slightly, pressing the sides of her victim's face against her silky flesh with frightening force. Tara continued to push him against her until almost half of the man's head was buried in her cleavage, his ears now wedged impossibly firmly between her full round mounds.

It was then that Tara discovered that an Earthman's hard skull was no match for her own soft breasts. She heard the thick bone beginning to crack and instantly stopped pressing. She knew now that she could easily crush his heavy masculine head to pulp against her big feminine chest and she had no desire to prove the point by covering herself in gore. Besides, it was clear that the creature was now dead; he could be of no more interest to her anyway. Tara removed her hand from the back of the lifeless man's skull and was surprised to see that his limp body did not immediately fall to the ground. She had wedged his head so tightly between her breasts that they were now supporting his entire weight.

Tara was amazed and thrilled by the sheer power of one of the softest, most feminine parts of her anatomy. She could barely even feel the big man's bulk as it was completely supported by her chest. She grinned broadly at Lyda as she took a one-handed hold of the back of the Earther's neck and pulled his corpse out of her cleavage, finally letting it collapse to the ground. "That was incredible!" she told her friend.

"Our tits must be harder than steel here!" enthused Lyda, clearly impressed by what she had just witnessed. Tara brought her hands up to her chest and gently cupped herself, her fingers dimpling the flawless flesh through her bikini top.

"They feel as soft as ever to me." she informed her companion.

"Not to him they didn't" Lyda replied amusedly, indicating the crumpled body lying at Tara's feet.

"This place is fantastic!" declared the taller, lighter-haired girl.

"You're telling me."

"It's like it's all been created just for us to have fun."

"Yeah - I can't believe no-one else had done this before."

"Done what?"

"Stolen a transporter band and come here."

"Transporter band! Fuck, Lyda! We've gotta get back before anyone notices what we're up to!"

"Yeah, you're right. But, what about the other three Earthlings?"



Crouched behind the bar, the three members of the forensic team listened in shock to the events taking place a few yards away. They did not need to be able to see the incredible action unfolding to know that the two mysterious girls had somehow survived being shot at and that they had killed Lieutenant Howser and the two uniformed officers. Howser's muffled screams of agony had caused them all to shudder. None of them had ever experienced anything even remotely like this before.

They were scientists; they dealt with the aftermath of crime. They had received no training in facing actual criminals. None of them had any idea what action they should now take. They were all terrified. The two men and the woman looked at each other, their faces betraying their fear. They dared not even communicate by whisper, hoping that by remaining silent, their presence would pass unnoticed by the two unbelievable strangers. They stayed perfectly still, breathing as quietly as they could. The young woman began to weep noiselessly. One of her older male colleagues placed a comforting arm around her shoulder, putting the index finger of his other hand to his lips to remind her not to make any sound.



"Well, what about them?" Tara asked Lyda, pointing with her thumb to the long table at the end of the room. Both girls stared at the block of wood, their remarkable eyes giving them a perfect view through the table, revealing the crouching trio. At the same time, they listened to the sound of breathing which seemed loud and clear to their hypersensitive ears.

"There isn't time." Lyda said anxiously.

"But, we can't just leave them." protested Tara.

"OK - but no games. We gotta hurry."

"Don't worry. I got an idea. Something I read about back home..."

Tara took a deep breath, making her already impressive chest rise even further. Then she pursed her lips as if she was about to kiss an invisible lover. Leaning forward slightly towards the long table, she exhaled through her puckered mouth. She was rewarded by the sound of rushing wind. The jet of air produced by her unearthly lungs tore the huge block of wood off its moorings, forcing it backwards with tremendous force. The table smashed against the wall behind it, shattering into an uncountable number of pieces. Tara stopped blowing. Neither she nor Lyda needed to wait for the dust to clear. They could both easily spot the crushed bodies of the three Earthlings amongst the debris, their white coats covered with growing dark red stains.

"Wow." understated Lyda. The sight of her friend killing three people and destroying the huge heavy table with nothing but her breath was amazing. Tara too was impressed with her feat.

"So, it's true." she observed. "It's all true. Everything they say about our people when we're on Earth is true. This is absolutely brilliant!"

"You bet it is! Now get us back home before we get caught."

"Alright. Here goes." said Tara, pressing a little button on her wrist band.



To the first officer on the scene, it looked like a bomb had gone off in Rick's barroom. The entire wooden bar had been shattered to pieces, crushing and partly burying three members of a police forensic team in the process. There were two other corpses - the bodies of an officer and a lieutenant - littered on the ground. The officer's cause death of was a mystery at first. Later, a pathologist would declare that it was as if all the air had been violently sucked out of his body by a vacuum pump so that his lungs had collapsed and torn.

The verdict on the lieutenant, meanwhile, stated that he had probably died when his skull had been crushed between two mysterious, hard, round objects. His arms were covered in bruises. The bones in both his hands and one of his knee caps had been pulverised as if he had tried to beat up a brick wall. Back at Rick's, the horrifying remains of another officer were discovered coating one wall. Even more gore had been splattered on the floor nearby. Whatever had thrown him against the wall had done it with so much force that it took a day just to reassemble his jaw so that he could be identified.

Not one of the dozens of investigators appointed to the case had ever encountered anything similar. They were all utterly bamboozled. There wasn't even a single clue to indicate who or what had carried out the killings. Privately, amongst themselves, a few of the experts admitted that there was more than a hint of the supernatural about it all. Or, if not the supernatural, then, at the very least, the unearthly.


Conceptfan, Nov. 2001.