A Little Bit of Fun

Chapter 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!


"So, are we going to Earth again tonight?"

"I'm not sure, Lyda."

"You're not sure? You're always the one pushing me! What's happened?"

"I only just got the transporter band back in time last night. I - we were moments away from a life sentence. I was absolutely shit scared for a while."

"Fuck, Tara! I had no idea. So you went from being an invulnerable goddess to being shit scared. Quite a night, eh?"

"It's not funny, girl. I don't think I could take that again."

"You won't have to. We'll come back quicker this time."

"Now who's pushing who? I said I wasn't sure."

"Come on Tara. Remember how good it felt being attacked by those funny little weapons?"

"Sure. But-"

"And what about that guy you killed just by pushing his face between your tits? That must've been fantastic!"

"Yeah it was, but-"

"And what you did with your breath at the end - smashing that huge table on those three Earthers - don't tell me you don't want to try that again. I know I do."

"OK. You win. It's just too boring around here anyway. I hate it."

"Yeah me too."

"But we've got to get back quicker than we did last time, alright?"

"Yeah, sure. Alright."



The familiar room was completely dark when Tara and Lyda materialised, but neither girl had any difficulty seeing. To be fair, they didn't seem to have much difficulty doing anything on Earth. The large transparent panels that made up one of the four walls had been covered by some sort of brown material, about the thickness of a finger. The mess that they had left behind - the shattered table, the bodies, the blood - had all been cleared away, leaving an almost featureless square space.

"Shit!" exclaimed Lyda. "No-one and No-thing to have any fun with. This is as bad as being at home."

"We'll have to go outside of this little room, then." Tara answered.

"Which way?"

"Well, doesn't that look like a door to you?" asked Tara, indicating a long, oblong steel panel with a green sign attached to it. "I can see something like a corridor on the other side. And... and there's someone there I think."

"Oh yeah. It's a man. He's pissing!" Neither of the girls was even surprised by the ability to see through solid objects anymore. Lyda went on "So how do we operate this door then?"

"You're a goddess. Figure it out."

"Hmm..." Lyda strolled up to the panel, her face a picture of curiosity. Tentatively, she reached out with her right arm. "Perhaps," she said, "you just push it."



Jake was on his way home after a long night's drinking. He used to always stop off at Rick's at the end of a binge, but Rick's was closed now. He'd been shocked when he'd read in the paper about what had happened to Rick. Of course, the incredible events that took place in the bar a few days later were now the talk of the town. Still, Jake badly needed a piss and the alley behind Rick's was as good a place as any. He swayed too and fro as he watered the brickwork, a crumpled cigarette butt hanging from his lips. In the darkness of the alley, he didn't notice that he was splashing his shoes quite badly.

He was just shaking off the last few drops, muttering to himself in the time-honoured way of a drunk man, when he heard a tremendous crash as if something had exploded. He barely managed to look in time to see the heavy steel fire-exit door of Rick's Bar flying across the alley. The thick sheet of solid metal smashed into the far wall, knocking a hole in it with the efficiency of a wrecking ball. In the darkness, Jake couldn't see that the door had penetrated a dozen yards into the deserted travel agency opposite Rick's, shattering a couple of bulky wooden desks.

His first thought was that there'd been some sort of gas explosion, but then he remembered the incredible events that had taken place inside Rick's in the past week, and he suddenly became terrified. "Maybe," he considered, "the place is haunted." He let what was left of his cigarette fall from his mouth and began running towards the end of the alley. His impaired co-ordination caused him to stumble a few times, and each time he uttered a monosyllabic expletive. Suddenly, he became aware of sounds behind him, making his fear increase so that he could feel the pounding of his heart in his throat. He kept running and tripping, his eyes fixed on the sidewalk, struggling in the darkness to see if there were any obstacles on the ground.



"Well that's got it open!" joked Tara after her friend's one-handed shove had ripped the big metal door from its frame and sent it hurtling straight through another wall.

"I love this planet." answered Lyda, hugely aroused by her own remarkable strength.

"I see," said Tara, changing the subject as they stepped through the now wide-open doorway, "that our friend doesn't want to wait for us." Both girls watched the Earthman who had been relieving himself now staggering away from them. Neither of them had any trouble seeing his retreating form, despite the darkness.

"Perhaps we should be waiting for him." Lyda suggested.

"What d'you mean?"

"This. Follow me."



Jake had almost made it to the end of the alley. He began to relax as the sanctuary offered by the street ahead grew within reach. His head was still bowed as he scanned the ground for anything that might cause him to fall before he reached the well-lit safety up ahead. A quick glance up revealed that he was only a few yards from his goal. Almost tripping on a discarded polythene bag full of junk, he bent his head downwards once more, resuming his search for obstacles. As he did so, something that felt like an abnormally strong and unexpected gust of wind passed on either side of him, reminding him of his supernatural fears once more. He quickened his pace as much as he could, his mind, like his heart and his legs, racing. 

"Almost there now," thought Jake, "Almost th-". Suddenly, his head was full of stars. It was as if he'd run into a brick wall that had miraculously and instantly materialised across the mouth of the alley. The impact stunned him completely, knocking him to the ground. Before he could open his eyes, he felt a trickle of blood on his cheek and knew immediately that he'd cut himself just above the left eye. His head swam. "What the fuck?" he mumbled as he tried to blink his eyes open. He was still too far from the lights of the street up ahead and his vision was blurred from his concussion. As well as that, the damaged flesh above his eye was beginning to swell, restricting his sight still further. It took him quite a few seconds to focus, but when he did, it was well worth the effort.

Lying on the street a few feet from the sidewalk, his head still fogged, Jake gradually realised that he was staring at a pair of ankles. He'd expected to see a brick wall, but he was looking at ankles. Naked ankles! Naked and feminine. And a set of bare feet. Straining his neck, he began to look upwards. The ankles were connected to two magnificent, long, legs. A young woman's legs. These were crowned by smooth rounded thighs. "Christ!" he thought, "She's wearing a bikini!" In the next few seconds, as he continued to look up and up, his bloodshot eyes were treated to the most glorious view they'd ever encountered. She was more beautiful than he would have imagined was possible.

Jake was confused. Partly by the awe-inspiring sight of the stunning girl and partly because he was certain that he'd run into something incredibly hard, not a slim young woman. Surely it wasn't possible that he'd knocked himself out on a beach babe? His confusion increased when he suddenly noticed that the girl was not alone. Standing next to her was another fantastically attractive woman, taller than the other and with lighter hair but with a similarly unbelievable figure squeezed into a similarly skimpy bikini.

Jake blinked a couple of times, his wounded eye already almost completely closed by swelling. And, not surprisingly under the circumstances, another part of his body was beginning to swell as well, despite the alcohol in his bloodstream. He looked at one girl's face and then the other's and then he looked at each one's chest. Where had they come from? Weren't they cold wearing hardly any clothes at night? How had he been knocked down? Did these two have anything to do with the mysterious wind he had felt when he was running out of the alleyway? He turned to the shorter, dark-haired girl. "Are... are you ghosts?" he asked.

"No." she replied flatly, "We're goddesses."



It had been Lyda's idea to run past the Earthman and confront him face to face. He had moved so slowly that they were able to overtake him without even trying. Lyda had been overjoyed to see that he wasn't looking where he was going, his head bowed as he ran. She had positioned himself directly in his path, letting him run straight into her breasts. She had almost laughed out loud when the impact knocked him to the ground, his eye visibly wounded by her soft bosom. "These Earthers are pathetic!" she had thought to herself, as he seemed to take an age to regain consciousness and realise just what he had crashed into. And then, he had asked her and Tara if they were apparitions!

"Stand up." Lyda instructed the Earthman.

"Wha..?" he wheezed, still grogy from the blow to his head.

"Stand up."

"Who the fuck are you?" His pride had clearly made a full recovery.

"I'm a goddess and I'm telling you to stand up."

"Fuck you." He made no effort to move, remaining in the road, lying prostrate at Lyda's feet. She smiled down on him as if he'd just complimented her on her appearance. Then she slowly drew back one of her delicate bare feet before swinging it forward and planting her toes under his ribs. The force of her casual kick lifted the Earthling's body off the ground and sent it flying twenty paces away where it crashed back down in an ungainly heap. Lyda knew straight away that he was dead. She'd probably killed him instantly with the blow to his ribs. It was all too easy.

"That was hardly any fun at all." she complained to her friend. "We've got to find some more of these creatures before it's time to go back."

"OK, OK," said Tara, "But next time - take your time with them. Give yourself a chance to enjoy it."

"Yeah. Alright." There was a pause before she added, "Can you hear something?"

"Yeah," Tara sad, "sounds like a strange animal cry or something."

"It's coming this way."

"Let's check it out." And they turned and headed out of the alley towards the street that crossed it.



A mile away, a police squad car was tearing through the centre of the town, siren blaring, in response to a call about some sort of explosion at Rick's Bar. A whole bunch of officers had been killed there a week before in inexplicable circumstances and the latest explosion might not be unrelated. Officers Brown and Klugman were cruising when the call came and realised that they were almost certainly the nearest patrol vehicle to the scene. Brown clicked on the lights and the wailers as Klugman threw the wheel, making a sharp turn. Then Brown had radioed in their location as his partner expertly navigated the town's streets, driving as fast as he dared at night.

They were only a couple of blocks away now, fast approaching the boarded-up front of what used to be Rick's, when Klugman suddenly leant forward over the wheel shouting "Jesus fucking Christ!" Brown looked immediately, not knowing what to expect. He was shocked when it turned out to be two girls in bikinis standing in the middle of the road in the centre of a circular pool of light cast by an overhead lamp. Despite the onrushing police car, despite the siren and the lights they were making no attempt to move out of the way. Klugman slammed the horn - short bursts for a while and then a continuous blast, but still they remained motionless. In the end, he had to decide between hitting the breaks hard or killing the two girls.



"Look," Lyda cried as the thing first came into view, "it's not an animal - it's some sort of Earth vehicle!"

"But it's so slow!" laughed Tara. "Why's it making so much noise? And what's that strange light for?"

"Let's ask the two lovely men inside." suggested her friend, concentrating as she used her incredible visual abilities to examine the genitals of the vehicle's occupants. From distance. At night. Through their clothes and the thick metal of their transport.

"OK. After all, they're wearing the same clothes as some of the ones who were so nice to us last time." And they stepped into the path on the on-coming machine. As it approached, it began emitting a new sound, like a warning.

"I think they want us to move aside for them." Lyda speculated.

"Well, goddesses don't move aside. C'mon, this is Earth, not home. We can do whatever we want here!"

"True." So they stood and watched, half-interested, half-amused as the vehicle continued to approach at speed. When it was still quite some distance away, it began to make a new, screeching sound. Gradually, it started to slow down. But it didn't decelerate the way the girls expected it to. Being an Earth machine, it was constructed with technologies vastly more primitive than any Tara or Lyda knew. In fact, the vehicle's pace decreased so inefficiently that it was still actually moving when it reached the point where they were standing.



"Oh fuck!" Klugman exclaimed, when he realised that he wasn't going to stop the car in time. Why weren't they getting out of the way? Did they have a death wish or something? He yanked on the handbrake and turned the wheel as far as he dared hoping he had done enough to take most of the force from the impending impact - or perhaps even prevent it all together. The tyres screamed as the automobile spun through nearly 360 degrees, its momentum still propelling it towards the two scantily-clad girls who remained utterly motionless in the middle of the road. The friction heated the wheels until they were smoking and the smell of burning rubber filled the air. Still the car skidded nearer the underdressed pair. 

"Jesus Christ!" Brown mumbled as he instinctively covered his face, protecting himself from what promised to be a horrific collision. Klugman also closed his eyes, his lips forming a silent prayer. There was a tremendous jolt that would have sent both men flying through the windshield if they had not been strapped in, accompanied by the noise of crunching metal. The car came to a stop as the siren died down, the equipment clearly damaged by the crash. The silence was broken only by the tinkle of broken glass from what used to be the headlights. Something was wrong. His eyes still closed, the driver was too afraid of what he might see if he opened them. But something wasn't right.

Brown also had the same feeling. He hadn't removed his hands from his face because he was equally apprehensive about what sight would greet him if he did. But he too was perplexed. The jolt of the impact, the sound of it, the way the car had come to a stop so quickly - all those things felt more like a crash; more like they'd run into another vehicle than into two people. Slowly, Klugman opened his eyes. His partner lowered his hands from his face. They stared out of the front window. "Oh.. my.. God!" said Brown in utter shock.

"What the fuck?" was all Klugman could manage to say. The two patrolmen looked at the scene before them, unable to comprehend it. The front of the squad car had been crushed, almost out of existence. Although the windshield had cracked, they had no trouble seeing the two girls. After all, they only they were only a couple of feet away. Their waists appeared to be embedded in the pulverised metal that had been the vehicle's bodywork and engine. It looked almost as if the wreckage of the car had somehow been spread around them; as if the car had collided with them and folded itself around their slender middles. As if their beautiful, slim frames had proven tougher than a pair of metal pillars.

The upper part of their stomachs was visible above the crumpled hood. There wasn't a scratch to be seen on the large expanse of smooth, flat flesh. Nor on the generous portion of their fabulous breasts left uncovered by their over-filled bikini tops. Their faces told only of mild annoyance and vague interest, rather than shock or pain. Klugman and Brown shot scared glances at each other. Instinctively, both men reached for their revolvers, taking comfort from the reassurance of the hard metal of a weapon in their palms. Then they realised that the shorter, darker-haired girl was laughing.



Neither Tara nor Lyda could be bothered to move when they realised that the on-rushing vehicle was about to hit them. They stood still, smiling at one another when they noticed the two occupants bracing themselves as if for a terrific collision. In fact, neither girl felt much at all when the front of the machine hit them. They remained unmoving, watching as the front of the vehicle collapsed in on itself as it instantly lost the battle for supremacy with their four slender legs. After a while, the debris began pilling up, pressing against their groins and bellies. That felt quite nice; some of the material was actually quite dense and hot. In the end, it was all over too quickly. 

It seemed to take an age for either of the two men inside the ruined vehicle to look at them. When they did, the shock on their face made Lyda giggle. She burst into full laughter when she saw the men extracting weapons like those they had faced on their last visit to Earth. She leant forward, thrusting her hand deep into the mangled mass of vehicle at her waist, her elegant fingers easily penetrating the packed metal. With a handhold established, she lifted the entire machine slightly off the ground with her single arm, pulling it off her and Tara's legs and dropping it back down, hardly even aware of the physical effort involved.

Her legs freed, she strolled calmly around to the side of the vehicle, hoping to be able to examine its contents better. She saw the man seated on that side struggling with some sort of lever inside. Then she realised that he was trying to open a panel in the side of the vehicle. Seeing the outline of what she thought was the panel, she hooked a single fingertip over the top of it and pulled. She was delighted to see the entire thing come away from the vehicle, leaving the man nearest to her exposed. He lifted his weapon to her, telling her to "Stand back!". His breath was panting, his hands trembling as he gripped the weapon.



The two officers' eyes almost left their heads when the shorter girl shoved her hand into the crumpled remains of the car's hood and then lifted it up and dropped it down a few feet further back as if she and her friend had become entangled in nothing more than a big, wet cardboard box. Then she came round to Klugman's side of the car. He tried to get the door open, but the crash had jammed the mechanism. They watched in disbelief as the girl seemed to rip the whole door off its hinges with just a single finger. Klugman pointed his gun at her and told her to get back, his voice betraying his fear. The girl did nothing. 

Suddenly, the girl's hand flashed out. He hadn't time to react until she had poked her delicate, feminine index finger into the barrel of the pistol. Klugman could see the edges of the barrel were actually beginning to tear, as if her single finger was stronger than steel. He glanced up at her gorgeous face and saw that she was smiling. In panic, more than judgement, he pulled his trigger. To his utter shock, the escaping bullet wasn't hard or fast enough to dislodge the young girl's single digit. The gun exploded in his hand, effectively amputating him just below the elbow. He screamed with pain.

Brown's reaction to seeing his partner horrifically crippled was to lean across him and open fire on the girl's face and upper body. He heard the sound of ricocheting bullets pinging off the roof of the car and he saw the dark-haired girl standing disinterestedly, remaining unaffected by his direct hits from point-blank range. He did not see or hear the other, taller girl moving around to his side of the vehicle. He didn't notice her copying her friend as she used a single finger to get leverage on the frame of the door next to him. Only when she noisily prised that door off the chassis, did he realise what had happened. He whirled around to shoot at this second assailant, but his clip was already empty.



Tara was impressed by the way Lyda had blocked the first man's weapon with just her finger. She was even more impressed when she saw the damage that the weapon caused to its user. But she wanted some action too, so while the other male busied himself trying to hurt her friend, she walked around to his side of the vehicle and removed the panel next to him as Lyda had done on the other side. He tried to use his weapon on her, but it failed, and she decided to pay it no attention. She noticed a thick black strap of material that seemed to be holding him in his seat. Reaching in, she sliced it in half with her fingernail. 

The male hit her in the cheek with the side of his weapon, but she hardly felt the impact. Nonetheless, she pulled it out of his grasp and transferred it to her left hand. Then, she took a hold of him with her right hand, gripping him by his clothes around his neck, and pulled him out of the vehicle, pushing him down slightly until she had forced him to his knees. She held him there with her right hand, as she brought her left to her chest, opening her palm so that she was pressing the weapon she had taken directly against her breast. She made sure that he was watching as she squeezed the weapon against herself, the hard steel deforming around her softest flesh until it was unrecognisable. Then she tossed it away into the distance.



Brown was terrified as the beautiful girl leaned into the car and tore his safety belt with her fingernail. He tried to hit her with the butt of his gun, hit her quite hard in fact, but she didn't seem to notice. She just casually took the gun off him as he fought to hold on to it. Then she grabbed him with just one hand, pulled him out of the car as if he was made of balsa wood and pushed him onto his knees. He used all his strength to push against her, but his efforts came to nothing. She just held him there. How strong was she? He got a better idea of that as she crushed his gun to sheet metal against her gorgeous big round breast.

His terror increased as she began to lift him bodily up towards her body. He pounded on her smooth flat abdomen, but she continued to raise him upwards regardless. She stopped lifting him when his face was level with her fantastic chest. Suddenly, Brown remembered what she had just done with his revolver. His face was far, far softer than his gun had been. In panic, he started kicking her shins, smashing his fists against her face and driving his knee into her groin. But while he could feel himself bruising all over, his blows were having no effect whatsoever on her. He screamed. Where was Klugman?

His partner was semi-conscious. The dark-haired one had cut his safety belt, just as the other one had cut his. And she had pulled him out of the car with one hand as well. But because of the pain and shock from his huge wound, Klugman was not struggling against the girl. Instead, he was crying, pleading with her not to hurt him, to let go of him, to let him call an ambulance for his arm. The girl looked disappointed. "Aren't you even going to try and resist me? Aren't you supposed to be a man?" she asked him, her voice containing traces of disgust. Klugman ignored her words, continuing his begging.



Lyda was bored with the Earther's pathetic display. It was much more fun when they tried to put up a fight. She'd had enough of this one's behaviour. "My friend and I don't have any time to waste on you." she said, angrily. As she finished speaking, she lifted her arm sharply, at the same time releasing her hold on him so that his entire body flew upwards, his feet becoming level for a moment with her eyes before he began to fall back down. She didn't let him reach the ground, however. As he fell in front of her, she pursed her lips and casually blew a jet of air in his direction. Her goddess-like, powerful lungs generated a blast that caught his descending body and carried it upwards and away from her. Her little puff was enough to propel the big man so far into the distance, she had to use her enhanced vision to see him land in a tangled and bloodied heap on top of a building several streets away.

Tara, meanwhile, was also aware of the need to use her time wisely. She looked down at the Earthling she was holding fast with her hand. She smiled as she transferred her grip on him to the back of his head, lifting him quickly to his feet and then slowly pushing him down onto her left breast as he screamed and pounded against her with his two hands. Soon enough, his cries were silenced as his mouth was pressed into the thin fabric of her top. Still though, he kept up the furious bashing of his fists against her. That pounding action began to diminish soon after Lyda, some distance away, heard the first cracking, crunching sound. Tara had clearly crushed the man's nose against her womanly chest. The blood that came pouring from the male's face soon confirmed that, while the frantic flailing of his limbs showed his pain.

He stopped moving altogether when, moments later, there was a series of much louder crunching noises as the man's hard skull proved to be no match at all for Tara's soft breast; the smooth round flesh pulverising his face, turning his bone to powder. Tara changed her grip and pulled the mutilated corpse of her latest victim away from her chest. He had no face, just a concave bloody hole in its place. She turned towards her friend. "Look what I did with just my tit!" she exclaimed.

"This place is the best. Shame we can't hang around any longer tonight!" agreed Lyda, as her friend activated the transporter band on her wrist.



The Department had lost too many good men (and a woman). There was something going on around what used to be Rick's Bar and it was beginning to frighten people. In the latest incident, a squad car responding to an emergency call had crashed into an unknown object. The two patrolmen inside had later been killed. One had lost part of his arm before somehow ending up smashed beyond belief three hundred yards away, on the roof of a three-storey building a couple of blocks from his car. The other officer was found next to the car, his face caved in as if by a giant wielding a rounded sledgehammer.

Meanwhile, a door had exploded at Rick's, causing severe damage to another building across the alley. There was nothing more to do, but send for the government. This was way, way out of the Department's league.


Conceptfan, Nov. 2001.