A Little Bit of Fun

Chapter 4

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!


"So, are we going to pay a little visit to the Planet of the Feeble tonight?"

"As long as we get back a little earlier than last time."

"Don't tell me you nearly got caught again!"

"Damn nearly. And then I dropped the transporter when I was trying to put it back. It started making weird noises and stuff for a while but it chilled out pretty quick."

"Are you sure it's going be alright to use?"

"Yeah. As long as we're careful."

"Careful? You? How many Earthers have you killed, Miss Careful?"

"Oh come on, Earthers don't count. They fall apart in the breeze."

"Especially when that breeze comes from our lungs..."



The only fitting thing to do with Rick's Bar was to tear the whole goddam thing down and plant a tree or something where it had stood. The place was haunted or cursed. That was the verdict of most of the people in town. That's why they'd started bulldozing it. It took a while to find anyone willing to do the work and when they finally did, it was on the strict understanding that no-one would be asked to work there overnight. So, each evening as soon as the daylight started to fade, the crew would switch off their machines, put down their picks and sledgehammers and get the hell out of there.

Even during the day, people would steer clear. They'd cross the road or take a detour around the block to avoid going anywhere near the place. And as long as the police and the various experts dragged in from the state capital failed to answer any of the questions thrown up by the gruesome series of murders that had taken place there, no-one saw any reason to change that attitude. Even criminals who might otherwise have taken advantage of the deserted street stayed well away. Someone or something was crushing faces and smashing up squad cars and until there was an arrest, folks steered clear.



Tara and Lyda were surprised to find the familiar room gone when they rematerialised. Instead, they found themselves out in the open, the night sky overhead. A quick look confirmed that they had arrived in the right place. The two streets joining where the corner of the room had been were exactly as the girls had left them. It was just that, for some reason, the Earthers had removed the walls and the roof of the place. Instead, there was a big, yellow device like a tall, square vehicle with a sort of giant scoop at the front and an array of various metal implements.

The yellow thing was nearly twice as tall as Lyda. If she had laid down in front of it, she would have almost exactly matched its width. And with the big scoop included, it was even longer than it was high. "What do you think it's for?" Tara asked as she walked around it.

"Beats me." answered Lyda. "We could try and find out."

"How are we going to do that?"

"By asking an Earther. How else?"

"But, there's none around."

"So? We'll take it with us and ask the first one we find. Like this-" Lyda crouched down by the side of the device at the opposite end to the scoop and examined it. There was no convenient hand-hold so she decided to create one. Balling up her dainty, feminine hand into a fist she punched the back of the thing. Her hand pierced the thick metal as easily as if it were paper. Her knuckles compressed the solid engine within, the steel yielding to her soft skin like butter yielding to a hot knife until her slender arm was embedded up to the elbow in the machine. Then she withdrew her hand, pausing for a moment to admire her handiwork.

Curling her fingers around the entrance of the hole she'd created, Lyda stood up. As she rose, the entire end of the huge device rose off the ground with her. She smiled. She couldn't help but be impressed with the sight of the enormous metal contraption hanging from her single petite hand, especially in light of the knowledge that the weight wasn't even beginning to trouble her. "Take the other end." she called out to her friend.

Tara bent down and grabbed a hold of the big scoop at the front of the machine, the steel bending slightly under her fingers. She pulled her hand up, expecting to see the front of the machine lifting like the rear had for Lyda. For a moment, the front wheels left the ground and then there was a screeching sound and a loud clang as the metal bars holding the scoop tore in half. The wheels crashed noisily back to earth. Clearly, the thing hadn't been designed to be lifted by its scoop.

"Pathetic Earther technology" scoffed Tara as she looked down at the jagged ends of the chunk of metal in her hand. "It's as weak as everything else on this planet." With her one hand, she casually tossed the severed scoop aside, not bothering to look as it flew thirty paces down the street, landing with a shower of sparks in the middle of the road. Then, taking a leaf from Lyda's book, she strolled up to the new front of the machine and distractedly punched a deep hole in it.

Having installed her handle, she used it to hoist the front end of the device off the ground. This time, nothing broke. The entire machine - minus the scoop - was now suspended in the air, supported at either end by the slender arm and feminine fingers of a slim young girl, neither of whom showed any sign of strain as they bore the immense weight.

"So," Tara asked, "where shall we go?"



Even by Mack's standards, it was turning out to be a bad night. And Mack had had some terrible nights in his time. But this one was taking the biscuit. At ten, his wife had thrown him out of the house. "For good this time." she had told him as she dropped a suitcase half-full of his dirty laundry on his head from the first-floor window as he pleaded with her from the street, ignoring the neighbours' shouts for them to shut up.

By midnight, his girlfriend had shown him the door too. In fact, she hadn't even opened it properly in the first place. Through the tiny crack of light around the edge as she opened it with the security chain still in place, Mack could see a pair of men's slacks hanging on the back of a chair. All he knew was they definitely weren't his. He'd gone round to his buddy's place, but his buddy wasn't there. He called his sister, but she told him to call in the morning and hung up before he could even talk to her. That saw to his last few coins.

For the past three hours, he'd been roaming the streets, trying to keep warm, carrying his tiny case with its unwashed contents, looking for refuge. Down to his last three Marlboros, Mack consoled himself with the fact that he wouldn't have to go to work in the morning. The redundancy letter he'd received the previous week had relieved him of that particular burden. All he needed now was a new life and a couple of thousand bucks. And a couple of chicks to keep him warm.

"Hey you!" Mack heard the female shout and stopped in his tracks. It was the middle of the night and he was on the mother of all losing streaks. No good could come of this. Reluctantly, he lifted his head and looked towards the direction the call had come from. Then he blinked his eyes and looked again. This was bad. Very bad. He hadn't been drinking (much) and now he was hallucinating. Even his brain was beginning to betray him now.

It had to be a dream. It was impossible enough that two young women of such staggering beauty would be wandering the night streets. It was even more impossible that they should be dressed in tiny two-piece beach-style outfits that revealed their perfect bodies, and exposed them to the cold, although they appeared oblivious to it. And it was utterly, utterly inconceivable that those two slim, sexy girls were strolling down the middle of the road, absent-mindedly carrying a great big bulldozer sideways on between them.

Mack's lower jaw almost scrapped the ground as he stared, robbed entirely of the power of speech. The incredible twosome continued to walk towards him as he stood, frozen to the spot. He watched the languid movements of their wonderful, slim frames as they moved, their long shapely legs moving so gracefully with each step, the way they each appeared to be supporting the enormous weight of the machine so effortlessly at the end of a slender arm, their gorgeous faces not revealing a grain of strain. In fact, the only sign of strain came from the brief bits of thin material that covered their extremely impressive chests.

One girl - the lighter-haired one on the right - was slightly taller than her friend, so the bulldozer was not exactly perpendicular to the ground as they moved. That only served to make the remarkable sight even more fantastic. Convinced now that his eyes were lying, Mack tried blinking furiously to dispel the illusion. When that failed to get rid of the startling vision, he had a go at pinching himself. By the time he'd tried and failed to dispel the "hallucination" with a sharp slap to his cheek, the two angels and their huge piece of shared luggage were right in front of him, even more real-looking and (the earth-mover excepted) attractive than before.

"Hey you!" the shorter, dark-haired one said again.

"I know you're not real." Mack found himself answering. The girl laughed.

"Tell us what this thing is." she said, lifting her side of the bulldozer a couple of feet higher before lowering her slim arm back to its original relaxed position as if the effort of raising and lowering half a piece of construction equipment was nothing. Stunned by what he had just witnessed, Mack remained silent. The taller girl added, chuckling:

"Tell us or I'll show you how real we are."

"Who... who are you?" Mack asked.



Lyda was losing patience with the Earther. "Answer the question!" she snapped.

"Er... I..." he stumbled.

"What is this thing?" she repeated, her voice carrying a hint of anger now.

"Er... it's a... a bulldozer. Who -"

"What's it for?" Tara interrupted.

"Moving stuff."

Tara was curious. "How's it work?"

"Um.. there's a thing that normally goes at the front -" he pointed to the broken, twisted bits of metal protruding from the machine "- the stuff goes in there and... er.. then it gets moved about."

"That bit you broke off!" Lyda exclaimed in her native language. "They built a device this big just to move something that small! They're so pathetic!" Both girls laughed, the heavy device quivering violently in their hands as they shook in their amusement.

Their laughter was not long-lived. Both Tara and Lyda became aware of the male looking at them uncomfortably. Tara spoke. "I suppose now we know what it's for, we don't need this thing anymore." Lyda wasn't sure if she was referring to the so-called "bulldozer" or the Earther who had told them what it was. The creature was staring at them somewhat puzzled by the unfamiliar language in which they were conversing. Finally, he managed to organise enough of his mind to ask them a question.



Mack couldn't understand a word of what they were saying to each other. Not being a man over-burdened by knowledge of the world, he wondered if they were Russian agents, speaking in their native language, the bulldozer trick the result of some James Bond-style gadgetry at work. "Who are you?" he enquired once again.

"Oh, we're just goddesses" the taller one replied, sounding slightly bored. There was no trace of an accent like Russians always had in films.

"Go.. God.. Goddesses?" It look him a while to be able to pronounce the unexpected word. Once it had sunk in to his mind, he felt a kind of sense of relief. Now he knew for sure that it was all just a figment of his imagination. He looked at the two girls standing before him and the enormous piece of construction equipment they were carrying between them as if it were no heavier than the small half-empty suitcase in his own hand. The "goddess" bit certainly fit the bill. Anyone who could lift a bulldozer and fill a bikini like that deserved the title. At least it was an easy-on-the-eye hallucination. The kind he could feel in his shorts.

The two girls began to discuss something in their unintelligible language, chatting across the mechanical lifter and ignoring him completely. One of them nodded as if to indicate something in the street behind him, but when he glanced over his shoulder, he couldn't see anything but a few bits of trash. They noticed his confusion and laughed. Mack had become accustomed to people laughing at him lately, and paid it little heed. At least when these two laughed they showed their lovely teeth and he could watch their fabulous breasts jiggling. So he just continued to stare at the two beautiful strangers.



"Look at that miserable creature! It's one thing that he can't see through buildings like we can, but his useless Earther ears can't even hear the vehicle coming up behind him!" laughed Tara.

"And look at the way he's drooling over us! It's pathetic." Lyda added. "It's like he's never seen a woman before. Let's put him out of his misery." So saying, she tensed the arm that was carrying half the weight of the bulky moving machine as if preparing to throw it towards the confused male.

"No, wait." her friend interjected. "I've got a much better idea. That vehicle that's coming - let's wait for it to get close enough for his feeble senses and then put on a little show for him. It'll be fun to see his reactions."

"And then, we'll put him out of his misery?"

"Of course."



Twenty-five hundred bucks! Not bad for thirty seconds' work. Of course, George knew the gold necklace he'd grabbed through the smashed jewellers' window would never fetch that much on the black market, but the hand-written figure on the still-attached price-tag excited him all the same. Even if he got half that amount from the fence, he could pay off the guys who were threatening to break his legs and have enough left over for a vacation somewhere hot. And it had all been so easy! Sure, the alarms had gone off, but he was back in his auto speeding away from the scene in seconds. He was already clear across town. Another mile and he would be safely at home, watching TV.

"I'm a fucking genius!" he muttered to himself as he glanced down at the shining metal loop on his lap. He looked back up at the street in front of him only just in time. With a yell of "Shit!" he slammed his foot on the brakes, bringing his automobile to a screeching, violent halt. If the dishevelled looking guy who had been standing in the middle of the road hadn't dived for the sidewalk, George knew he wouldn't have stopped in time. But it wasn't that idiot that concerned him at that moment. He blinked his eyes and stared through the windshield, trying to take in the sight before him.

There was a bulldozer. With the front scoop broken off. Its wheels were about three feet above the tarmac, but it didn't appear to be hovering under its own power. No, it looked as if it was being held in the air. By two stunning teenaged girls. Wearing brief two-piece bikinis. Holding the huge machine between them with one hand each. Two gorgeous, sexy, slim girls looking for all the world as if carrying a bulldozer was no big thing. George's lower jaw hung so low, his chin almost grazed the steering wheel.



Mack had been so wrapped up in staring at the two girls' bodies that he had almost failed to react to the car barrelling up the road towards him. At the last moment, he had managed to snap out of his trace and throw himself towards the side of the street. He heard the screaming of brakes and smelt the burning rubber of tyre on road as he rolled to the sidewalk. Ignoring the cut he had sustained to his right eyebrow, he gathered himself just enough to sit up and face the now stationary vehicle. Then he turned his head to the girls and their enormous burden.

It was like something out of a psychedelic Western movie. To his left was the car, its engine still chugging, its driver's expression a picture of shock. To his right stood the beautiful young women holding their bulldozer. The two parties faced each other directly, a distance of about fifteen yards between them. High Noon. For a few moments, no-one moved. Mack's eyes ping-ponged between the car that had almost killed him and the two shapely girls. He was waiting to see who would make the first move. He should have known.

The two teenagers glanced at each other. Then there was an almost imperceptible back-swing of their long, slender arms. Mack wouldn't have noticed it but for the fact that the movement caused the massive bulldozer to move as well. What followed was astounding even by the standards of what had transpired up to that point.

The subtle backwards motion ended and a much more obvious forward swing began. Mack watched, disbelieving, as the gentle, apparently casual, movement of two young women's limbs was transferred to the enormous piece of construction equipment. It was as if the load they were carrying between them weighed no more than a three-quarters-empty sports bag. The big yellow machine did not lurch forward; it glided in a graceful curve that measured about eighteen inches in length. Then, simultaneously as far as he could tell, two dainty sets of fingers opened, releasing the superhuman grip they had held on either side of the huge metal contraption.

The momentum that the easy motion of the girls' slender, feminine arms had lent the bulldozer was mind-blowing. It was so great that when they let go, the whole thing continued to travel, uninterrupted, in the same graceful arc. It soared into the air, silently and surreally defying gravity as it reached the apex of its smooth flight path, the bottom of its wheels at least thirty feet above the ground. But, despite the incredible lift of the beautiful young women's effortless toss, there was still more than enough energy left to propel the mechanical monstrosity forwards as well as upwards.

As the bulldozer finally began to fall under the spell of gravity, its ascent slowing then reversing, Mack found himself perfectly placed to anticipate its angle of descent. His shock at seeing the device hoisted so easily into the air turned rapidly to horror. The moments seemed to stretch as he realised exactly where the airborne construction equipment was about to crash-land.



George was paralysed by his brain's inability to process the information his eyes were relaying. Had he really just witnessed a couple of beach babes tossing a bulldozer into the sky as if it was the kind of inflatable plastic ball that would be appropriate to their attire? Hadn't he watched the huge piece of machinery rising upwards until it was almost obscured from view by the top of his car? And, just before it did leave his restricted field of vision, hadn't he seen it slow and begin to descend? So, where was the thing now? Common sense and logic told him that it had to be.... "Oh fuck!" he thought.

His survival instinct pulled him out of his catatonia. Panicked, he reached for the handle of the door. The solid metal roof of his car hid the bulldozer from him, but he knew in that instant that it had to be falling right towards him. Unaware of how much time he had, George flung the door beside him open and threw himself towards the gaping exit, not trying to climb out on foot but rather intending to roll clear of the car when he hit the road.

He had got his head, shoulders and arms clear of the vehicle. The rest of his body was just about to follow when the massive earth-mover crashed down on to the thin layer of steel that was the top of his automobile.



Mack had watched the graceful arc of the flying bulldozer as if it were taking place in slow motion. It seemed to take forever to come down. He wondered why the guy in the car wasn't getting the hell out of there. When the door opened and he finally began to get out, Mack realised with a sudden tightening of his stomach that it was too late. He heard the tremendous impact as two of the machine's giant wheels hit; a clang followed by the explosion of tyres, the moaning of deforming metal and the smashing of glass.

The bulk of the underside of the bulldozer was on top of the vehicle now. The heavy construction equipment seemed to settle snugly into place as the car beneath it folded and crumpled and disintegrated. The windshield and windows dissolved into countless diamond-like pieces that were flung from the wreck for yards in every direction. The car's frame became ever flatter and wider, bent almost completely beyond recognition as the terrible noise of metal being tortured began, at last, to die down. Small clouds of dust and debris rose from somewhere between the underside of the bulldozer and the remains of the car beneath it.

The impact-resistant steel never stood a chance beneath the weight of the falling machine. As for the fragile body of the car's driver... Mack saw him disappear beneath his collapsing vehicle, only his outstretched arm not buried by crushed metal. He felt sick as he saw a growing pool of red liquid emerging from the edge of the wreckage. The horrific puddle formed around the dead man's arm, slowly submerging the necklace that was still clasped in his hand. But there was no longer a body attached to the end of that arm. Mack fought the vomit rising in his belly.



They should have been used to it by now, but both Tara and Lyda were impressed by the devastating effect of their casual toss. The sight of the huge Earth machine flying through the air and crashing down on the vehicle completely destroying it and its occupant was - even to them - incredible. It was yet another stark reminder to the girls of the almost unbelievable power they possessed. They faced each other in mutual admiration. Speaking in the language of Earth so that their shocked audience of one would understand, Tara told her friend "That was fun."

Lyda glanced at the Earther who was still staring open-mouthed at the carnage in the middle of the road. Back on his feet now, he looked even more pale than before. A mischievous grin spread over the dark-haired girl's face as she said "They'll need another one of their "bulldozers" to clear up that mess!" Tara laughed, ignoring the man ogling her as she did. It took her quite a few moments to recover her composure.

"So, what do we do with him?" Tara asked once she had regained control of herself, still using the Earth language. The man tore his eyes from her chest to look at her face, clearly terrified.

"Oh, it's so hard to choose.." Lyda replied, enjoying this new game of verbal torture. Her words had a dramatic effect. The Earthman turned on his heels and ran.



Mack had no idea what the hell was going on, but he did know one thing: he didn't want to end up as pizza underneath a bulldozer. Those two girls might be the most beautiful he'd ever seen in his life, but he'd also seen that they were killers. They called themselves "goddesses". They threw construction equipment around. And they were wondering what to do with him. He figured he didn't want to wait around and find out. Forgetting all about his suitcase, he started to sprint down the sidewalk. He knew he had a dozen yards head-start on the girls yet he barely managed to take six or seven strides when he felt something by his side.

An instant later, his feet were off the ground. He felt a piercing pain in his right arm and looked down, shocked. The dark-haired teenager was by his side, holding his upper arm. Not just holding, but almost crushing. And she had lifted him off the sidewalk, carrying him by his arm. He was in agony as the girl's slender feminine fingers curled impossibly tightly around his arm. His feet kicked out in a panicky, futile attempt to secure his release. He thrashed his free arm about and bruised it against her smooth bare stomach without affecting her grip in any way. He tried jerking his body about, but nothing he did made the slightest difference to his predicament. The girl held him fast.

"Please!" Mack hissed through his gritted teeth. The pain in his arm was terrible, but his terror was worse. "Don't hurt me!" The raven-haired beauty ignored him as she called up the street to her friend in their unintelligible tongue.



Tara had to admit it. Lyda had a remarkable imagination. And a great sense of entertainment. Her latest idea certainly proved that. Tara looked down the street towards her friend. She was standing some fifty paces away, still holding the hapless Earther by his arm. The brunette smiled as she thought of how little idea the male had of what was to come. Lyda had already explained the game she wanted to play. The object was to keep the Earther off the ground for as long as possible. The only rule was that they couldn't touch him. This was going to be a lot of fun. Tara called out her readiness to begin.

Once she had her friend's acknowledgement, the shorter girl started the game. She tugged upwards on the Earther's arm, releasing her iron grip as she did so. He yelled in fear as his body rose straight up into the air until the soles of his shoes were level with the top of her head. So much for getting him airborne. Now, according to the instructions of her game, Lyda had to keep him there without touching him. Of course, she already knew how she was going to achieve that aim.

She tilted her head back so that she was looking directly at the man's face as he began to fall groundwards. Slowly, enjoying the sense of anticipation before yet another exhibition of her power, Lyda pushed out her sexy red lips. She waited just long enough for the falling Earther to see her upturned pouting face and then she blew gently, enjoying the sound of air rushing from her superhuman lungs as it was funnelled into a jet by her puckered mouth. A second later, she stopped exhaling.



When the girl threw him up into the air, Mack's first emotion was relief. Relief because the terrible pain of her crushing one-handed grip on his arm had ended. It was only when he stopped rising and began to fall that he began to fear new agonies. But he didn't get to crash down to the sidewalk. He caught a glimpse of the stunning dark-haired teenager as he started descending. Her lovely face was tilted up towards him but her chin did not obscure her big, firm breasts straining against her bikini-like top. He noticed that she had shaped her mouth into an "O" shape, as if she were about to kiss him. Even as he plummeted he couldn't help but admire her beauty.

Suddenly, he wasn't falling anymore. He was rising. He was being pushed upwards by an exceptionally strong gust of hot wind. For a moment he was perplexed but as the blasting air filled his nostrils with a sweet and somehow very feminine scent, he realised that he was being blown into the sky by the girl's breath. The sensation was incredible. It was all over in a second as she closed her mouth and he began to tumble to earth once more. He saw that the girl was not panting, but rather smiling. Her bright eyes followed his descent, her head lowering all the while.

Then, as his fall carried him almost to the point of impact with the deadly concrete below, she pouted her lips once more, this time sucking in her cheeks slightly as she exhaled, forcing the air through her lips with much more force. The volume of controlled wind she generated was so huge it sounded like a typhoon as it left her stunning body. It smacked into Mack like a wall, instantly stopping his plunge, lifting him away from the sidewalk and pushing him backwards through the air as if he'd been fired from a Roman catapult.

She sustained it far longer this time, sending him flying up the street. He caught glimpses of her, standing calmly in a casual pose, one gorgeous leg slightly bent and her long arms hanging by her sides. Like her luscious lips, her fabulous chest was thrust out towards him. The strange, thin material of her tiny upper garment seemed barely able to contain her two large, round mounds as she leant forward and continued to blow. Even in the panic of the moment, the sight of her beauty and the feeling of her lovely warm breath all around him filled Mack with lust. It was true. She was a goddess.



Tara waited patiently as her friend launched the Earther into the air and then kept him up there with nothing more than her breath. When Lyda then blew him the fifty paces up the street towards her, she understood that it was her turn. Although the other girl had cut her exhalation now, she could see that there was still plenty of momentum in the man's flight to carry him over her head and quite a distance beyond, such was the power of the dark-haired girl's lungs. Tara decided not to let that happen. She paused until the male was directly above her and then craned her neck to send a little puff of her own breath straight up at him.

The little puff stopped the Earther travelling any further down the street, altering his trajectory from the horizontal to the vertical. She smiled, enjoying the sensation of power that came with the realisation that she could toss a big man about with a little bit of easy exhaling. He spun slightly in the air so that his terrified and confused face was turned towards her as he began to fall once more. Getting really into the game, Tara winked at him just before puckering up and blasting him with her breath for a second time, changing his direction once more to send him hurtling back towards Lyda.

He flew the fifty paces at just over head-height, arms and legs thrashing about wildly, an intermittent cry of shock and helplessness competing with the roar of the wind Tara was effortlessly creating. As he shot away from her, her remarkable eyesight was able to discern the burgeoning erection beneath his clothing that stood in testament to the erotic nature of the sport she and Lyda were having with him. It was great to know that they could drive a man wild with lust, secure in the knowledge that there wasn't a single thing he could do to them. Really great.

She stopped blowing as their latest victim hurtled towards her friend and watched amused as the dark-haired girl first controlled his momentum with a gentle exhale and then sent him careering back towards her with a much bigger, longer puff. She looked at Lyda, the enjoyment of the moment and the ease of it all so clear on the dark-haired girl's face as she blasted the Earther with her lungs, knowing that she, Tara, also possessed the same incredible power. They didn't even have to touch a man to launch him skywards!



Mack had never imagined that he would one day be used as a human table-tennis ball. But as he rocketed back and forth between the two teenaged girls, buffeted, lifted, pushed, controlled and thrown by nothing more than their wonderful, hot, sweet, sexy breath, he knew that he had become no more than an accessory in their game. His fear was diminishing now, replaced by a sense of utter helplessness and a growing feeling of sexual desire. As he flew close to each girl, he was overwhelmed by the sight of her. They were so beautiful, their figures so magnificent. They stood so confidently and acted so effortlessly as they took turns to (in so many ways) blow him away.

In mid-flight between his two young tormentors, he found himself drinking in their delicious warm breath. It was irresistible. Even though he knew he was losing control of his loins, he found himself unable to combat the temptation of allowing the girls' exhalations to fill his senses. Without a conscious effort on his part, he soon became overwhelmed with sexual excitement until, inevitably, he felt himself spasming and, still ping-ponging through the air up and down the street, he began to ejaculate, drenching himself and his shorts and trousers with his fluid.



"Oh my word!" Lyda exclaimed as the Earther flew towards her for the sixth or seventh time. "He's cuming!" She hadn't needed to see the stain at his crotch to know that he had shot his load. She had smelt it from thirty paces when his back was to her.

Tara immediately stopped exhaling. "How pathetic!" she replied. Although it was Lyda's turn to blow the creature back to her, Tara wasn't surprised to see her friend jump up into the air and catch him with one outstretched hand around his lower leg instead. The dark-haired girl came gracefully back to the ground, her knees barely bending at all to absorb the impact. The Earther's whole body pivoted helplessly as she held him fast by his ankle, his head swinging to smack against her smooth shin, knocking him instantly unconscious.

With the game now ended thanks to the male's lack of self-control, Lyda suddenly realised that she and Tara had lost all track of time. Ignoring the comatose man hanging upside down from her petite hand, she called to her friend "Hey, Tara! Hadn't we better think about getting back?"

"Shit! You're right." the brunette agreed. "Get rid of that - " she used a nod of her head to indicate the dazed Earther, "- and I'll transport us."

A gentle flick of Lyda's delicate wrist sent the big man spinning through the air to the side of the street. His body crashed into the side of a building, striking the brickwork between two second storey windows, leaving a large dark red stain before bouncing down to the concrete below and landing in a bloody, deformed heap. The girls did not need their superhuman senses to know that he was dead. Immediately, Tara activated the transporter band on her wrist.



The morning brought a new wave of panic to the town. Whatever had caused all the damage and bloodshed in Rick's Bar was clearly now moving out and wreaking havoc elsewhere. The combined authorities had their work cut out just trying to conceal their helplessness. They got to work identifying the poor guy who - judging by the gruesome stains - had somehow been thrown twenty foot up against a wall, probably dying even before he then fell to the sidewalk.

There was so little left of the other corpse that the cops needed to check dental and finger-print records to put a name to it. It took them quite a while to get to what remained of his teeth and fingers. They had to use a whole raft of tools to cut his cadaver from the crushed, twisted metal of the car he had been in. And they couldn't even start doing that until a crane had been called in to lift a bulldozer that - unbelievably - appeared to have dropped from a great height onto the destroyed automobile.

Some theories were offered to explain the carnage, but the only thing that everyone could agree on was this: whatever or whoever was responsible, it possessed unimaginable power. It never crossed anyone's mind to suggest that the culprits were a couple of bored, bikini-clad teenage girls.


Conceptfan, Apr. 2002.