A Little Bit of Fun

Chapter 5

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"I told you we wouldn't get caught."

"Yeah, you did. But I bet even you were scared for a while."

"Me? A goddess? Scared? No way!"

"You're not a goddess here. You're just a girl terrified of being busted for unauthorized use of a transporter band. Just like me. And shit, Lyda, we came damn close to being found. I don't think I can take that again."

"Well, as long as we keep getting away with it, who cares how close we came?"

"I do. I dropped the band again putting back, I was so nervous. Sooner or later it'll break and then everyone will know what we've been up to."

"You need to lighten up, Tara. Why don't we unwind by having fun with some Earthers tonight?"

"I told you. I'm not going through all that again."

"We won't have to. We'll get back quick and it'll be nice and relaxed. No panics."

"That's what you said last time!"

"And? Were we caught?"


"Fair enough. If you're too scared, that's too bad."

"I didn't say I was too scared..."



After the bulldozer mysteriously moved two blocks down the street, obliterating a guy and his car, no further work had taken place on the corner where Rick's Bar once stood. No-one wanted anything to do with the place. The authorities were still clueless about the series of bizarre deaths in the area. The paranormalists had their theories, ranging from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous. People started moving their homes and business out of the surrounding blocks. Legends and rumors spread and distorted until the district acquired a reputation as a place where people randomly got horrifically killed by rampaging monsters.

Desperate to stop the flow of corpses and save the economy of their town, the authorities set up a constant watch over the area, with shifts of permanent observers, well equipped with expensive weaponry, stationed outside the remains of Rick's. Then they introduced regular armed patrols and a network of closed circuit television cameras that were more suited to a top secret government laboratory than the streets a block in each direction around a minor intersection in a small town. In the meantime, a rough brigade of civilian vigilantes formed itself, dedicated to wiping out whatever it was that was terrorizing the neighborhood. And so the weeks passed.



"I told you it wasn't working properly! It's never made a noise like that before." Lyda exclaimed as the two girls rematerialized.

"Yeah, well you were right then." Tara snapped back. Then, more reflectively, she added: "So, where the hell are we?"

"Why should I know?" asked the shorter, darker haired girl. They both turned slowly where they stood, studying their environment, hoping to spot something familiar that would reveal their location.

After a longish paused, Tara sighed "It's beautiful."

"Yeah," agreed Lyda, "but I can't see any Earthers, so how are we supposed to have any fun?" She narrowed her eyes, bringing her superhuman vision into effect, scanning everything within a wide area.

They were standing on a plateau of rock that rose high above the surrounding landscape. There were plenty of trees all around and the dusty ground was littered with dry, flowerless plants. The night sky overhead was clear and full of the light of distant stars. The only sign of anything unnatural was a series of regular smooth paths, set far below in the ground at the foot of the flat mountain. They were clearly intended for the type of Earther vehicles the girls had already encountered. But there was no sign of any vehicle on any of the paths at that moment.

Tara stood by her friend's side, both girls' long arms hanging free by their hips. They were wearing their customary brief outfits; enough material in one piece to cover the greater part of their large breasts and just enough in the other to hide their crotches. The wind whistled past them as they stood on the exposed plateau, lifting their long, straight hair from their shoulders, and buffeting their magnificent bodies, but neither girl felt cold. They surveyed the land laid out so far below their naked feet, confident in the knowledge that, lost or not, there was nothing down there that could harm them. Suddenly, Lyda grabbed Tara's arm.

"Look!" she said, pointing at the horizon. "Do you see that?"



Sergeant Li checked the bus in his rear view mirror and flicked his eyes back to the empty desert road in front of him. He thought about the chain of events that had landed him in his unusual task. Two days earlier, there had been yet another bad riot in one of his country's many ancient, crumbling, bursting jails. This time, the wall had been breeched and a couple of convicts had escaped. The governor decided immediately that the remaining inmates would have to be transferred to another prison whilst the necessary repair work was carried out. As part of that process, Li and a colleague had been assigned to a marked car and ordered to accompany a secure prisoner transfer bus on its journey.

They traveled at night when the roads would be clearer, but little trouble was expected on the journey. The particular group of convicts that they were transferring were not the sort who had friends on the outside - certainly not the sort of friends who could plan and carry out a break-out attempt. Already they'd been on the road for four hours without the slightest hint of difficulty, remaining in formation throughout. Li and his partner Sun led the convoy in their car, with the bus - a pair of armed prison guards inside - following. So far, their only problem was staying awake on the featureless desert highway.



Tara and Lyda watched the two vehicles as they appeared from over the horizon. A smaller machine like the ones they had already encountered and another much larger and longer one. The girls' enhanced vision enabled them to clearly observe the face of every Earther in the all-male party, despite the darkness of the night and the distance between them.

"I was beginning to think we'd have to make our own entertainment." Lyda offered, clearly overjoyed to see the Earthers.

"Listen!" Tara instructed her. "They're speaking a different language!"

"Yeah, I've heard it. Earth has hundreds of languages, you know. I read about them back home. We must be on a different part of the planet."

"Well, it makes a change! As long as these creatures are as pathetic as the others..."

"No point standing here talking about it - let's find out!"

Tara looked down over the edge of the rocky platform they were standing on. The plateau was high - maybe fifty times taller than she was. The ground seemed a long, long way away. "How are we going to get down?" she asked.



Most of the men in the bus were asleep. Those who weren't were keeping quiet. The pair of experienced guards scanned their charges, rifles at the ready for the first hint of any problem. Behind thick steel barriers, the prison service driver concentrated on the night road. The trip had been completely uneventful up to that point and that was just the way they wanted it. They were about to pass the great flat mountain that marked the approximate halfway point of the journey. Four more hours and they would arrive at their destination.

Even in the middle of the night, lit only by the moon and stars, the huge, ancient flat mountain was a spectacular sight. Li shot glances at it as he drove. In summer, they were usually a few tourists camping out at its base, but this time of year it was as deserted as the landscape around it. The sight of it reminded him of the glory of nature and made him feel helpless by comparison. He knew the high plateau rose almost a hundred meters above the desert. Not for the first time in his life, he wondered what it would be like to stand on top of it and look down at the world below. But, he sighed, he'd need a helicopter to get up there. And to get down again.



"Nothing can hurt us on Earth. Right, Tara?"

"Yeah, of course."

"So, I suppose the best way down from here is like this." Lyda had barely finished her sentence when she bent her knees and leapt feet-first off the side of the mountain.

"Lyda - wait!" the taller girl called, panicked. But it was too late. The dark-haired young woman let out a whoop of joy as she fell rapidly groundward. Her long hair flapped above her head as the wind shot past her on her descent.

The fall was about twenty times further than fatal distance for an Earther. Lyda's feet slammed into the hard, rocky ground with a tremendous crash. The stone cracked beneath her soles and a small plume of dust and rock debris was thrown into the air as the solid ground yielded to the girl's naked, petite feet. She finally came to a halt, still perfectly upright, standing in a small crater of her own creation, her flat, subtly muscled abdomen level with the land all around. The brunette laughed. She was impressed with the damage her slim body had caused to the landscape, and with the fact that she had survived the huge fall and tremendous impact at the end of it without even suffering any discomfort.

"Come on down!" she called up to her friend.

"Are you sure?" Tara's voice floated down.

"What are you? A goddess or a coward?" The answer was not in the form of words. The taller girl's long, shapely legs propelled her over the edge of the plateau into the cold night air. She yelled out in delight as a child might until she crashed into the ground a few paces from her friend. The resulting shower of rocks as Tara's soles turned the solid stone beneath them to powder covered Lyda. Some large chunks of debris hit the shorter girl's head, dissolving into dust when they struck the invulnerable flesh and bone of the young woman. Meanwhile, Tara kept her balance perfectly as she finally came to rest, standing ankle-deep in rubble in a waist-high crater.

The girls shook the dust and debris from themselves and leapt easily out of the twin impressions that they had made in the desert at the foot of the rock that towered above them now. Tara glanced up at the lofty plateau, clearly impressed with the way she had so easily survived her fall. "So what now?" she asked.

"Let's go and introduce ourselves." suggested Lyda. The taller girl nodded her agreement and the two young women set off at a leisurely jog on a course to intercept the little group of vehicles.



Ten seconds later, Li checked his watch. Noticing that the convoy was as close to the foot of the mountain as the road came - about a kilometer away from the sheer rock - he deduced that they were making good time. He looked up from his wrist to the view through his windshield quickly, although he knew there would be nothing but empty desert in sight. But this time, something caught his eye. Something moving incredibly quickly across the desert, traveling parallel with the road, about twenty meters from it. In the darkness, it was hard to identify at first. He squinted at it, trying to discern a recognizable form from the obscured, mobile streak.

His eyes took a few seconds to adjust. It wasn't a motorbike - it was too high and not long enough, and besides whatever it was it made no noise. That suggested some kind of animal. But Li couldn't think of any large creature that lived in the desert. Certainly not a creature that could run at a hundred kilometers an hour. Gradually, between brief glances at the road ahead, he began to make sense of the shape. It wasn't one animal. There were two of them, side by side. Two... humans! That had to be it! But they were running so fast - how was it possible?

Still sprinting alongside, the pair moved a little closer to the car. Their legs moved so impossibly quickly, they remained a blur, but as Li stared some more, he was able to see the shape of the two upper bodies. Definitely human. There was no mistaking the familiar silhouettes. Human female. Young, stunning and unquestionably female. The sergeant had never seen such a pair of incredibly well-formed profiles. He had all but stopped looking at the road ahead. He was transfixed by the view through his side window. His eyes had to be deceiving him. It had to be an hallucination. He turned to his partner for reassurance.

"Hey, Sun! Is it me or is there something out there?"

Sun turned to look in the direction Li had indicated. "What the fuck...?"



Tara was jogging side by side with her friend, the two girls matching the pace of the pair of vehicles without making any effort. For a while, as they had quickly narrowed the distance between themselves and the Earthers, they joked about the creatures' limited vision abilities. The girls could make out every detail of the interiors of the machines, but not one of the many men in the group had even noticed either of them approaching. But now that they were just a few strides away, they had finally been spotted. They were level with the two males seated at the front of the lead machine. As usual, their very appearance - or maybe it was the speed at which they were moving - was a shock to their new companions.

The effect on Earthers of her mere presence still amused Tara. To see the men frantically gesticulating, their eyes wide expressing great surprise, reminded her of the immense power she possessed in their world. Her mind raced with the possibilities promised by the next few minutes. There were so many ways she could exercise her superiority over these creatures and so many ways she could toy with them. And, even more excitingly, there was nothing on the planet - no man, no machine - nothing that could hinder her. She felt a tingle of anticipation running through her youthful, lean, sexy body. She could not wait to start showing off.

As Tara was closest to the vehicle, it was down to her to make the first move and she was more than willing to oblige. She took a couple of accelerated strides, instantly bringing herself within easy reach of the speeding primitive device. Then she slowed down once more, carefully matching her pace with that of the vehicle before turning towards the startled males inside. Giving them both a warm smile, she calmly straightened her right arm out. Her petite fingers passed through the transparent material in the side of the machine, instantly shattering it into countless tiny pieces that rained down on the males. The shards drew blood wherever they struck the flesh of the men but left no mark on her own, flawless skin. Tara laughed. The game had begun.



Li and Sun watched transfixed in disbelief as the taller of the two young women moved right up to the driver's side of the car. They were doing nearly a hundred kilometers an hour and yet the girl kept pace with them without the slightest hint of strain on her beautiful face. In fact, she was even able to turn and grin at them; a stunning smile that seemed to suggest she was holding a surprise in store for them. Li was still wondering what it was when she stretched out her long, thin arm towards him. The girl's hand passed straight through his side window as though it hadn't been there. He yelled in pain and shock as half a dozen shards of glass tore into the side of his face and neck.

Sun also shouted his discomfort as a couple of bits of broken window cut into his flesh, too. Yet he could see that there were no wounds on the strange woman's lovely skin. He could also see that she was smiling even more broadly now, as if the sight of his and his colleague's blood amused her. He tore his eyes from her sexy mouth to look at her long, bare arm. She had thrust it almost as far as her shoulder inside the car, her open palm upturned, delicate fingertips almost brushing the roof. Instinctively, he reached towards his pistol, his fingers opening the holster and withdrawing the weapon with well-practiced expertise. In all the confusion the heavy, chunky metal felt reassuring in his grasp.

Next to him, Sergeant Li was struggling to maintain control of the car as his wounds began to sting. The skin around one of his eyes was starting to swell, partially obscuring his vision. He knew he couldn't keep driving any longer and tensed the muscles in his foot, ready to squeeze down on the brake pedal. But as he pressed his shoe down, expecting to hear the sound of tire friction, he heard instead a creaking noise that felt as if it came from the frame of the car. Then they seemed to drive up a ramp on to an incredibly smooth stretch of road. It was as if their vehicle had suddenly transformed from an automobile to a hovercraft.

Li was stunned. Despite the growing discomfort caused by the lacerations in his face and the disturbing distraction of the slender feminine arm stretched across the very upper limit of his vision, he had managed to keep one eye on the road ahead most of the time. And as he had glimpsed through the windshield, there had been no sign of any brief, sharp incline on the highway. Furthermore, the road surface remained as monotonously unchanged as it had for the previous twenty kilometers. So why had he felt the car rise and the ride becoming so unfamiliarly smooth? And why weren't the brakes working? Why weren't they slowing at all even through he had pressed the pedal all the way down?



Tara was amazed by how light the Earther vehicle felt as she lifted it off the ground with just the fingertips of her single outstretched hand pressing upwards on the inside of the thing's roof. She continued to jog along at the same speed so that the machine's momentum was unaffected as she effortlessly hoisted it into the air. She watched in semi-bored amusement as the male who had been controlling the thing leant his head through the opening she had made in the transparent panel in the side and glanced down first at the bottom of the machine and then at her pretty bare feet. Then he pulled his head back inside and looked up at the fingers of her hand that were so comfortably supporting the weight of both men and vehicle.

Having seen for himself that the mastery of his machine was now completely in her hands, he released the controls and explained the situation to his colleague in short, panicked sentences. This second male responded by briefly glancing out of his side of the vehicle. When he turned back, his face was several shades paler. Tara noticed that the weapon in his hand was now shaking violently. Realizing that the dim-witted males had finally worked out what she was doing, she turned to Lyda and joked "I think I've managed to get their attention now!"

"What are you going to do with them?" the shorter, dark-haired girl inquired.

"Hmmm." Tara mused, her eyes sparkling with wicked enjoyment. "I'll think of something."

"Have fun!" smiled Lyda. "And while you're at it, I'll take the big thing behind." She gestured with her head at the large rectangular shaped vehicle still following close behind the much smaller one Tara now held aloft.



Driving the bus should've been a boring, routine job. But now, Fan was hypnotized by the view through the huge windshield. He had seen nothing until the two girls had moved into the beam of the bus's powerful headlights. Suddenly, there they were, appearing from out of the darkness. He thought he was hallucinating. Never before had he seen two beautiful, slim young women with stunning figures displayed to the full by the briefest of outfits, running as fast as a speeding car, their long hair streaming behind them, legs moving so fast they were a constant smear to him.

As he watched, controlling his vehicle by subconscious instinct alone, he saw the taller girl approach the car in front and smash the driver's side window. Then, he saw the car rise half a meter above the tarmac. Its speed remained constant, but its wheels weren't even turning anymore. It took him a moment for him to understand what had happened. The single slender arm of the taller beauty was holding the automobile aloft while her legs carried girl, car and occupants along at ninety kilometers an hour. He was still digesting the sight when he noticed the other girl - a dark-haired temptress - suddenly stop running. She turned around, taking a couple of strides into the middle of the road. She was right in his path.

There wasn't enough time for him to hit the brakes. Experience told him that even if he tried to stop the bus or steer it dramatically to the side to avoid the girl, the whole vehicle would tip onto its side. He might manage to miss her, but he might well end up killing himself as well as the two guards and the ten prisoners in the back. The only thing he could do was sound his klaxon and reduce the speed of the bus as much as he felt was safe. The screech of tire on road was almost as loud as the blare of the horn, but the girl seemed not to even notice. As the gap between bus and beautiful young woman quickly shrank, Fan instinctively threw his arms across his face to protect himself from the gruesome sight of splattered girl that he was certain he would soon witness.

He couldn't see, but he could hear. He heard the screeching of braking tires dramatically end, only to be replaced by a tremendous metallic clash. Suddenly, the bus wasn't moving any more, as if it had just hit a brick wall. But his momentum remained. He felt himself being thrown forward, over the steering wheel and then through the windshield. The unseen impact shocked him although his arms protected his face from shattering glass at the cost of painful wounds to his wrists and elbows. Too terrified to open his eyes, he felt the air rushing all around him and awaited the inevitable, painful impact with the ground. His shoulder hit the tarmac with a mighty crack, followed by the rest of him. As he rolled over and over, he was already unconscious.



Lyda laughed as the huge, clumsy vehicle smashed into her and stopped almost dead in its tracks, her slender, feminine body far more than a match for its primitive engine and its enormous momentum. She looked down at the front of the thing and saw the metal molding itself slightly around the shape of her hips and her bust. The sudden stop caused the male controlling it to fly from his seat, smashing through the clear view panel and sailing past her shoulder to crash down several paces behind her. Her enhanced eyes spotted the twelve males in the back of the vehicle lurching violently and ungainly forward, falling on to one another. She laughed at the comical scene she had caused.

The men began to gingerly regain their feet, untangling themselves from each other, rubbing their bruised limbs. Then, Lyda saw something interesting happen. Two of the males wore gray garments and carried weapons whereas all the others were in orange. This second group had no firearms, but wore chains on their wrists and ankles that dramatically restricted their movements. It wasn't particularly difficult to work out that the gray-clad pair were holding the oranges as prisoners. She wondered why. Seeing as the individual who had been controlling the big vehicle was out cold, she decided to investigate.

The machine was so huge! She scanned it with her remarkable eyes, seeing the enormous and complex metallic machinery inside. Such primitive, clumsy technology! A smile lit up her face as she remembered how easily she had stopped the speeding bulk and realized once more the scale of her power. Bending down, her shoulders and breasts tearing into the metal of the front of the machine, pushing the steel aside as if it were a sheet of thin fabric, she curled the fingers of one hand around the bottom of the vehicle. Then she straightened up once more, her one petite hand raising the huge machine up and away from her body as easily as an Earther would pick up a sheet of paper.

Having extricated herself from the metallic embrace, she took a moment to admire the imprint of her body in the steel, impressed by the contrast between the damage inflicted on the vehicle and the untouched perfection of her own form. She pulled her hand out from beneath the big machine and watched satisfied as, without the support of her delicate feminine palm, the thing slammed back down to ground. There was a bang of pressured air escaping from the wheel surroundings and the whole vehicle quivered for a moment before it came to rest. Seeing the men inside loosing their feet once again, an idea occurred to her. Her luscious lips parted in a wide, mischievous grin.



Sergeant Li was unaware of the dark-haired girl toying with the bus, its driver and its dozen passengers. His attention had been focused elsewhere for a while. On his own plight. All thoughts of his mission had disappeared from his mind. Now, his sole priority was survival. The events of the past few moments were so incredible, he wondered if he had dreamt them. But the pain that throbbed throughout his body was proof enough that it was all for real. And the blood soaking his trouser leg, still oozing from the agonizing wound in his thigh. He hadn't imagined that either. It was all terrifyingly true.

The hole in his leg had been made normally enough - by a bullet from his partner's pistol. But the trajectory it had taken to lodge itself in his yielding flesh was something else. It had happened shortly after the girl had one-handedly picked their car off the road and run with it. Although both he and Sun had been amazed by the speed she moved at, the incredible young woman had started accelerating until, Li guessed, she was carrying the automobile - and its passengers - at over two hundred kilometers an hour. The bus quickly shrank in the rear view mirror as they traveled at phenomenal speed. Unaccustomed to the strain, the frame of the car began to shake. Yet the girl showed no signs of tiring.

As the dark road streaked by, disturbingly further than usual beneath them, she had - apparently effortlessly - lifted the car so that the two policemen's eyes were more or less level with her own. Then she had winked at them, as if they were children and she was about to show them a trick. Immediately, she increased her pace, running so fast now that Li and Sun were pressed back into their seats by the gravitational force. The night world outside became an indecipherable blur. The whole automobile rattled as if it was about to fall apart. How fast were they going? Three hundred k.p.h? More?

That was when Sun had panicked. He screamed at the girl to stop, but she responded only by flashing a casual smile and running faster still. Li saw his partner's hands shaking wildly as he held up his pistol and shouted again for her to halt. Then, Sun had fired a shot. He had aimed for the center of the girl's stunning face. Despite his trembling grip, the range - about half a meter - meant he couldn't miss. Li felt a burning pain in his left leg and looked down to see a deep purple hole in his thigh. The girl hadn't moved. The blood began to spurt. "What the fuck?" muttered Sun, looking over at him.

Li's police training came to the fore. He'd seen his colleague take aim and knew that he couldn't have fired so inaccurate a shot. Plus, the bullet had gone into the outside of his left leg, although Sun was seated on his right. Amidst the blood, he could just make out the edge of the slug, enough to see which way it was pointed. It had entered on a vertical trajectory. The only possible explanation was a ricochet. But off what? A chill ran through his body. He already knew the answer. The lump of lead embedded in his thigh had rebounded from the girl's face. She was bulletproof.



Tara hadn't been displeased by the pointless attempt at wounding her. She loved the shocked expression on Earthers' faces when they discovered that she was invulnerable to their weapons; it just emphasized her power over the puny creatures. She had begun to ease her sprint, being careful not to stop too suddenly for fear of damaging her new toys. She spoke to them as she slowed, addressing her comments mainly to the one with the weapon. "That was nice." she teased. "Could you do it again?" The words sounded strange coming from her mouth. She knew she had an instinctive knowledge of every Earther language, but this one was very different from the one she had used on her previous visits to the planet. Nonetheless, her speech was as fluent and flawless as her movements.

There was no answer to her mocking question. She came to a halt, and dropped the vehicle unceremoniously back onto the ground. The two males bounced dramatically on impact. Tara walked confidently around to the other side of the machine to be closer to the man who had used his weapon on her. She had enough experience of these Earther vehicles now to know exactly how to get closer to her latest prey. She casually hooked a single finger around the chrome opening lever on the side door and with a gentle tug effortlessly pulled the door clear of the rest of the vehicle, its metal hinges tearing with a squeal. The suddenly exposed male inside looked up at her with terrified eyes. Without thinking, she tossed the detached vehicle door away with a flick of her delicate wrist. It spun off into the night air, coming to ground more than a hundred paces away.

The man on the far side of the machine was occupied with the obvious agony emanating from his injured face and leg. She ignored him and concentrated on the other - the one who had attacked her with his useless weapon. Having removed the barrier between them, she lowered her head to talk to him once more . His eyes flickered downwards as she bent over towards him, and she realized that his gaze had been drawn to her generous cleavage. She almost laughed out loud. Wasn't it enough that she was vastly superior to these men in every physical way imaginable? It seemed not. She also held yet another power over them - her femininity. Smiling as she contemplated the huge extent of her control, Tara spoke seductively to the uninjured male. "I see you like my chest. That's so sweet!"

Perhaps he was too absorbed in the sight of her pendant breasts to listen properly. Perhaps his brain had been damaged by his brief high-speed ride. Or maybe he was still in shock after witnessing her easy removal of the vehicle's door. Whatever the reason, the man didn't seem to hear her actual words, but rather acted as if she had somehow threatened him. Trembling violently, he raised his weapon to her face once more. "G-g-go away!" he stammered, his eyes still fixed on the dark valley at the center of her chest.

Ignoring his wishes, she slowly lifted her hand towards the shaking weapon, hoping to provoke him. Her plan paid off. "Go away!" he said again, his voice full of terror, his hand quivering even more dramatically. She smiled.

"No." she said. He took the bait, and squeezed the tiny lever that activated his weapon. He wasn't even looking at her face where his shot was aimed. He was looking at her breasts. Besides, his hand was trembling so violently, he had no hope of firing accurately. Tara had to move her head sharply up and to her left in order to catch the little pellet between her straight, white teeth. It was enough to pull his eyes off her cleavage. The male's face of disbelief after her trick amused her. She made a show of chewing the little lump of lead, her jaws slicing and squashing the metal as if it was a piece of ripe fruit. Then, to the obvious amazement of her audience, she swallowed the remains, the smile returning to her face.

"That was nice." she said. The man with the weapon responded by preparing to fire again. She reached out, covering his hand with her own, making him hesitate. "Let's try something else this time." she breathed.



Sun's mind raced with a mixture of extreme emotions. There was fear - terror even - of the strange girl who seemed to possess god-like, magical powers. He felt shock, too. That was the result of seeing the young woman catching and eating a bullet like it was a piece of popcorn he'd gently tossed in her direction. And there was another emotion too. Sexual desire. How could he not respond to the breathtaking beauty of the girl? Her stunning face with its sexy mouth, her smooth, flawless skin, her long, slender limbs, her unbelievable figure. Now, as he prepared to shoot her a third time, she had rested her lovely hand over his, the contact between her perfect flesh as his own sending a tremor through his entire body, causing him to pause mid-way through pulling the trigger on his pistol.

She said something about trying something else. What did she mean? Suddenly her petite hand was pushing his own big fist downwards, changing the aim of his gun. For a second, he didn't react. Then he glanced down at the little feminine palm that was moving his large, masculine hand and realized the ridiculous nature of the situation. He tried to hold his hand still, to resist her, but she continued to move him around as if he wasn't trying to stop her at all. He brought his free hand into the action, thinking he could pull her away from him, but no matter how hard he fought, he couldn't make the slightest difference to the slow, steady downward movement of his hand and the pistol in its grasp.

She continued to force his hand downwards, past her chin, all the while pulling it - and the pistol in its grip - closer to her glorious body. He struggled with every ounce of strength he could summon, desperately trying to regain control of his hand, but his efforts were a complete waste. He couldn't resist her. She just didn't even seem to be trying, yet it soon became clear that her slender single arm possessed vastly more strength than the whole of his upper body. His pistol was pointing at her neck now, the flawless female skin just a few centimeters from the end of the barrel and still she pushed it down.

Sun's eyes opened to their widest extent as he followed the inescapable path of his gun ever lower down her body until it seemed to be aiming straight at the middle of the girl's deep, inviting cleavage. He stared at her two large round breasts that seemed about to burst from the tiny garment covering them at any moment. She was incredible. He wondered what she would be like to touch. A moment later, as she suddenly pulled his weapon towards her, he found out. The steel barrel found its way erotically between her mounds; his hand, still gripping the other end of the pistol brushed against the exposed flesh at the top of her stunning chest. He felt electricity run the length of his body.

The girl removed her palm, letting her arm hand straight by her side. He moved to pull his weapon away from her and found, to his shock, that he could not. His gaze was fixed on its resting place, wedged between the two glorious spheres of femininity. It couldn't be possible that she was holding the gun so tightly with just her chest muscles. He wrapped the fingers of both his hands around the handle of the pistol and tugged with all his might over and over again until sweat poured down his forehead and tears welled in the corners of his eyes, but he failed to budge the weapon even a hairsbreadth.

In desperation he placed his left palm over her right breast for extra leverage as he pulled with his other arm. She was so impossibly firm beneath his hand that even when he pushed with everything he had, he could barely make the tiniest of impressions in her magnificent mound. He tried to squeeze her, half out of a desire to hurt her and half out of his own rampant curiosity. His strong manly fingers hardly even indented her supposedly soft womanly flesh. The pistol remained absolutely immobile. Even her breasts were stronger than him! He lost himself in the sheer eroticism of handling the perfect superhuman bosom until he was finally brought out of his dream by the girl's voice.

"Stop playing and shoot me now" she said, authoritatively.

"Wha...?" It was the most coherent reply he could manage. Her hand covered his own once more, her slim middle digit curling its way around to rest on top of his trigger finger.

"Go on. Shoot me now." she insisted.

When he didn't react immediately, the girl literally forced his hand by squeezing his finger against the trigger. Sun closed his eyes. He heard the bang and felt a wave of tremendous heat that scorched his fingers. He opened his eyes. Nothing had changed but the color of part of his hand. His fingers were crimson. But the girl was still standing. The end of his gun was still buried deep in the luscious valley of her perfect chest which appeared totally unaffected by being shot from point-blank. Smoke curled upwards from between her breasts. Smiling, she used the hand still covering his own to pull him and his weapon away from her.

There was a flattened lump of metal trapped in the space between her sternum and the beautiful walls of the insides of her two breasts. He realized at once that it was all that was left of the bullet that had ploughed into her. Slowly, she extracted it with her thumb and forefinger, holding it up for him to see for a moment before opening her hand and letting it drop by her feet. Sun swallowed hard, continuing to stare at the place it had been wedged. The girl just laughed. "Is that the best your little toy can do? I hardly even felt that." she teased. Before he think of answering, she added "I wonder if your face is going to feel any better."



Meanwhile, some way down the road, the men inside the big vehicle still hadn't worked out what they had crashed into or what had caused the front of the huge people carrier to rise waist-high into the air and then slam back down onto the road. They spent an age - prisoners and guards alike - struggling to climb back to their feet. They moved awkwardly and painfully, their bodies covered in bruises. The two men in gray uniforms had hurried to be the first to recover, gripping their weapons in readiness should any of their charges be thinking of taking advantage of the chaos by trying to flee. But it seemed that the metal chains the prisoners wore made escape impossible for even the most adventurous of them.

In all the activity, no-one inside noticed the dull thud of Lyda's delicate bare feet landing gently on the roof. She had effortlessly leapt on top of the vehicle from a standing position, her knees hardly bending to provide sufficient spring. For a while, she had stood on the flat metal panel, her hands resting on her slender, curved hips as she watched the clumsy action taking place beneath her, her enhanced vision piercing the roof of the machine. But soon, she grew bored of merely observing the males. She walked calmly towards the rear end of the vehicle, smiling broadly as she considered her intentions.

Lyda stopped still just a single step from the edge of the roof and gracefully raised her long, shapely right leg. She pointed her toes as if admiring her own beauty for a moment before plunging her pretty naked foot downwards. Her sole ripped through the vehicle's ceiling without slowing, puncturing and tearing the metal as if it were a sheet of paper. The men inside turned as one to look up in shock at her delicate limb. Enjoying their attention, she swung her leg, watching as her calf cut a channel through the roof, enlarging the hole she had punched. There was a crack as one of the men in gray fired his pathetic weapon at her. She barely felt the little metal pellet bouncing off the sole of her foot.

Dropping onto her knees, the dark-haired young woman used both her hands to grip the edge of the tear she had made. Slowly she pulled her arms towards herself, loving the scream of protest given off by the metal as it yielded to her vast strength. It felt more like tearing the weakest cloth than steel. A large section of vehicle roof stretched, tore and wadded up against her knees in moments as she effortlessly created a rough square opening. She crawled backwards, continuing to peel back the screeching metal, the huge strip of removed roof compacting against her infinitely harder thighs and abdomen into a solid, dense lump.

Lyda stopped only when she had opened almost the entire length of the vehicle to the sky. She stood up, tearing off the crushed remains of roof and with one hand, under-arm-tossed the folded up chunk aside. It sailed off maybe sixty paces into the desert darkness. It was clear from the reaction that even the males in the machine heard it crashing down in the distance. They cringed as one when the thud reached their ears. She laughed to see it, making one of the gray-clad pair turn to point his long weapon at her. His colleague kept his own firearm trained on the ten other males but the group in orange appeared too absorbed in the sight of her to notice. She looked down at them all, her hands defiantly and dominantly on her hips. "Who wants to play?" she asked.



It was about that moment that Tara, a couple of thousand paces away from her friend, had freed her current victim's firearm from her cleavage. She looked down at the male still seated in his vehicle, his recently used weapon hanging uselessly from his burnt fingers. She studied him briefly. If the creature's eyes were anything to go on, the pathetic male was absolutely obsessed with her chest. It was as though he'd never seen a woman's bosom before. Or perhaps, she wondered, he had never seen one like hers. Whatever the reason behind his fascination, it had inspired her to be generous. After all, she had the means to fulfill his fantasies.

She had been intending to merely end his life with a casual flick of her fingers - a punishment for attempting to kill her with his noise-maker (even if the pellets had failed to so much as tickle her). But now, she realized she could be kind and kill him in a way he might enjoy. To begin with, anyway. Reaching down for him, her body tingling with an ever increasing sense of power, she took a one-handed hold of the collar of his garment. His unhurt hand came to intercept her, his knuckles turning white as he fought to remove her dainty fingers from his clothes. He might as well have tried to remove the stars from the sky. Tara merely ignored his efforts.

She pulled him clear of the vehicle, his big body hanging from her petite hand. He felt as light the breeze to her as she supported his considerable weight on her long, slim outstretched arm, holding him high so that his feet only just touched the ground. He tried pounding her beautiful face with his unburnt fist, but by the third hit he was crying out in agony, his hand rapidly turning purple while she was still concentrating on trying to feel his blows. With his arms now unusable, he tried kicking her ankles and kneeing her stomach and groin. The effort made him sweat, and the strain on his face revealed that he was holding nothing back. But, of course, his struggles hurt only himself.

Bored with the male's pointless resistance, Tara decided to carry out her plan. She bent her arm, pulling him nearer, and at the same time lowering his head. His knees bent as she forced him downwards, the strength of the slender young woman's single hand effortlessly overcoming the resistance of the big man's two legs. Soon she held him with his nose positioned just a hand span in front of the center of her voluptuous chest. Her sensitive ears detected a dramatic acceleration of his breathing and his heartbeat which amused her. She was a visiting goddess and he was a feeble, helpless Earther. But, at that moment, Tara knew he was just a typical man staring at a pair of tits from close range.

She pulled him hard against herself, forcing his nose into the chasm between her breasts. For the briefest of instants as his cheekbones pressed against her mounds, her delightful womanly flesh yielded to his hard head. But it truly was a short moment. When it passed, it was the male's tough face that gave way to the girl's supposedly soft chest. She was careful not to press him too hard, not wanting to cover herself in his blood. Just enough to hear the increasingly familiar crunching sound. His final scream was cut short as she casually held him more tightly against herself, effortlessly collapsing his skull on the feminine perfection of her beautiful breasts. Then, she dropped his body at her feet.



Li had sat, transfixed with fear, wonder and pain as the girl had ripped off the door on the other side of the car. He'd watched her catch his partner's bullet between her lovely teeth before somehow trapping the poor guy's gun in her incredible cleavage. He was motionless even while she took a shot there without blinking and then pulled Sun out of the vehicle with one hand. But when he saw her killing his colleague by crushing his head with her breasts, he finally gathered the will to move. He opened the door on his side and swung his wounded leg out of the car. Standing unsteadily, he began to limp away from the car.

He had barely managed to struggle ten meters from the road when he heard the girl's voice calling after him. His blood froze as he heard her words. "Hey! You forgot your vehicle!" He spun around as fast as he could which wasn't particularly fast with the bullet in his thigh and half a dozen pieces of smashed window in his face. The sight that greeted him when he did manage to turn shocked him even in the context of the previous minutes. The girl was standing in the middle of the road, lit only by the moon. She was striking a casual, sexy pose. Her long right leg was straight, at a slight angle to her body, her left knee a little bent. Her right hand rested on her hip, its dainty fingers resting on her flat stomach.

Her smooth, bare shoulders were pushed a little forward so that her fabulous chest was thrust out towards him. She was smiling. Her left arm was stretched up over her head, elbow straight, hand held flat, palm towards the sky. And resting precariously on that single, little palm was the car. She was keeping it overhead, holding it there as if were a polystyrene replica rather than a thousand kilos of steel. Somehow, she'd found the balance-point of the chassis so that it wouldn't tip from her small hand and somehow, she was able to keep her arm still enough to prevent it rocking. Li stared at her, in awe of her beauty and her incredible power as she bent her arm and then restraightened it as if trying to gage the car's weight.

She raised and lowered the vehicle three times in that way, grinning all the while. Then she spoke, confusing him with a barrage of mocking questions "You're not very talkative, are you? What's the matter? Are you sad because I've taken your little vehicle away from you?" He wasn't sure if she expected him to answer. "Is that it?" she went on "Do you want your noisy machine back?" Still he said nothing. The girl continued her monologue. "Well, I'm bored with it now, anyway. Here, take it back."

Before he could even open his mouth to protest, the slim young woman had already pushed up her arm, launching the car into the air as if she was releasing a captive bird. The entire vehicle flew upwards for only a moment before it began to descend, its dark underside looming over him and filling his vision. Panic gripped him. He was too injured to run. He dived for the dusty ground, praying for a miracle and throwing up his arms in futile self-protection. Less than a second later the car came down to land squarely on top of him. He never even heard the sound of it crashing to the earth.



Tan had had no idea how the strange dark-haired girl had managed to stop the bus and tear its roof off. He assumed at the time that she had used some amazing foreign gadgets. He felt more certain of her intentions. This was a prison transfer. Why else would anyone - a small army or a single girl - attack it, other than to free one or more of the men being moved? As his sole job at that time was to guard the prisoners - or to put it another way, make sure that none of them escaped - he knew that he had to stop her before she could carry out her plan. His colleague, Zi, was busy watching the men. That was why it had been Tan who fired the first warning shot over the girl's head as she stood on what was left of the roof of the bus.

He saw a blur of movement by the girl's side as he shot. Suddenly, she was holding something in her hand. It looked like a bullet. He knew it couldn't be. She chucked it gently back to land at his feet. He knew it was. She had caught it. What kind of gadget could do that? Nervously, he squeezed the trigger a second time. He wanted this one to go much closer to her and properly scare her. Her arm became a streak once more and a moment later a second slug landed between his heels, actually hitting the one already there.

"Don't you know any other games?" the girl asked, making him look up from his shoes. Her taunt made him angry. He aimed once more, this time, lining up his barrel with the center of her forehead. But he had barely lifted his finger to the trigger when the girl seemed to disappear from the roof of the bus, reappearing immediately inside the bus just half a meter in front of him with a rush of displaced wind that almost knocked him off his feet. How was that possible? He was beginning to wonder if his gadgets theory needed revision. He recovered his balance and enough of his composure to point the rifle at her face once more.

There was barely a five centimeter gap between the end of the barrel and the girl's cute nose. Yet, despite that Tan saw that she was smiling. Her grin unnerved him and he moved to finish her off before she could pull any more tricks. But it was too late. In less than the blink of an eye she had raised her head and leant forward, opening her mouth as she did so. Now the end of his weapon was inside her sexy mouth, her lovely lips wrapped erotically around the barrel in a mock fellatio that sent his pulse racing. The incredible girl winked at him. He panicked and fired the gun.

The kickback was much weaker than he had expected, almost as if something impossibly strong was holding the rifle in place. But there were only his hands and the girl's lips. Even stranger, there was no sign of a bullet emerging from the back of her head. Instead there were a couple of dull thuds and then nothing as if the slug had just bounced around inside her mouth. She parted her lips. Smoke curled from within her and Fan caught a glimpse of something metallic on her tongue. Then she swallowed. When she re-opened her mouth, the lump of metal had vanished. She licked her lips sensuously and took the barrel of the gun deep into her mouth once more.



Although it had been amusing letting the Earther shoot her from close range, Lyda was rapidly tiring of the pastime. Her pretend blow-job on the weapon was also rapidly losing its fun value. She decided to give her audience, which by now was every man in the vehicle, a little demonstration of her intent. If she was pretending that the end of the contraption was a male sex organ, then she would complete her dominance by emasculating it. Before the male could activate his weapon yet again, she slowly closed her jaws, feeling the pleasant sensation of steel yielding to her perfect teeth until she had sliced clean through.

She spat the lump of sawn-off metal from her mouth towards the man holding the other end of it. It passed clean through the center of his face, emerging splattered with blood from the back of his skull an instant before he collapsed to the floor. Red liquid trickled from the two big holes in his head. The other male in gray and the ten in orange who had been watching the scene turned away in horror. The whole group was edging slightly away from her now, towards the back and the sides of the vehicle. Lyda was pleased. They were scared of her. She flashed them a smile that was in no way intended to reassure them.

Her grin provoked the surviving gray-clothed man into action. He raised his rifle to her and, without managing to disguise the terror in his voice, barked "Stay where you are or I'll shoot!"

"Go ahead." Lyda answered, sounding bored. He obliged, sending another little metal pellet flying over her head. She didn't bother to catch it. She was getting really fed up with this Earther weapon ritual. Moving too quickly for her audience to follow, she ran up to the male in gray, snatched the firearm from his grasp and sprinted back to where she had been standing before, holding her captured prize out triumphantly in front of her.



Zi screamed in agony and terror. He looked at his right hand and saw three of his fingers hanging loose from his palm at an unnatural angle. Blood poured from countless wounds until he could no longer see what was torn, exposed flesh and what was still intact skin. It dripped onto his clothes and the floor adding to his feeling of shock. He couldn't understand what had happened. It was as if his rifle had exploded in his grasp, almost destroying his hand. But where was the weapon now? There was no trace of it anywhere. Then he looked up and saw the girl still standing next to Tan's body. She was holding his gun!

How had she done that? Had she magicked the thing into her hand? How had his fingers been almost torn off? He was sobbing now, eyes oscillating between the remains of his hand, the crimson liquid flowing from it and the beautiful young woman examining his rifle as if it was an ancient artifact. She was holding it out in front of her, staring down the barrel, one hand on the butt, near the trigger as if she was about to commit suicide. Then, she fired. Zi flinched at the sound, but the girl was motionless. She didn't even blink. Smoke curled from the end of the gun. Something hit against the back window behind him, cracking it. The bullet! It had ricocheted off her face!

He turned back to stare at the girl, the pain in his hand now a constant agony. She was holding his rifle out before her, one hand gripping each end of it. Slowly she began to bring her little fists together. The rifle moaned and groaned as if it were alive, finally screeching as it started to bend in the center. Inexorably, she continued to force the two ends of the gun towards one another. Zi and the prisoners were motionless, staring in utter amazement as the toughened steel weapon yielded to the slender arms of the beautiful girl until the tip of its barrel was touching the bottom of its butt. Then, the girl examined the now ring-shaped rifle for a second before speaking.

"This toy isn't fun anymore." she declared, sounding like a spoilt child. She tossed the mangled weapon over her shoulder into the nocturnal black where it instantly disappeared from sight. She focused her beautiful eyes on the stunned group of men in front of her. "What can I play with now?"



Tara sprinted down the vehicle track back towards the spot where she'd left her friend. She'd enjoyed herself with the two Earthers she had picked on, but now both of her toys were broken and she was hoping that Lyda would share some of hers. Although she wasn't pushing herself particularly hard, the tall girl's pace was more twice a match for any ground-based local vehicle. In very little time, she spotted the stricken transporter. Using her incredible vision, she was able to see, to her delight, that her companion had badly damaged only a couple of her own collection of males. There were plenty more still in full working order.

"Hey Lyda!" she called out in their language, "Save some for me!"

Her friend and her captives were only about a hundred paces away by this time. Tara launched into a vast, graceful leap that carried her the distance to the front of the big vehicle. The momentum of the incredible long-jump made a light landing impossible. Her pretty feet slammed into the surface of the track, reducing a significant area of it to dust, and smashing a much larger area of surface into large, crooked chunks. She sunk almost knee deep into the ground as a cloud of debris rose up momentarily and the rained down all around. A lot fell through the torn roof into the inside of the vehicle. Then men in there yelled in pain and covered their heads with their hands, but Lyda stood unmoving as bits of rock bounced from her skull.

"Careful!" Lyda called over her shoulder, using the language the Earthers spoke to make sure her audience would understand. "You might damage these poor, fragile men!"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to do that." Tara answered sarcastically in the same tongue as she hopped through the busted ceiling to land immaculately by her friend's side. Both girls laughed. The men, already mostly bundled together in a tight bunch, edged nervously towards the back of the vehicle. The single male in gray stood apart from the others, shooting frantic glances at his orange-clothed charges and the sexy young women, unsure which group he should be more afraid of. Tara looked at her friend, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "Aren't they cute?" she asked. "Where shall we start?"



Zi was terrified. He had never felt so isolated in his life. His colleague Tan was dead. There was no sign of the bus driver or the two policemen who'd been escorting them. He was alone now with the prisoners and these two strange, incredible girls. These beautiful, unbelievable girls! The dark-haired one alone had torn the roof off the bus and killed his fellow guard. Now, there were two of them. He knew by this point that his rifle was useless against them, but he still felt especially vulnerable without it. He looked over at the prisoners. They, too, looked nervous and astonished. If this was an pre-arranged break-out, none of them seemed to have been party to the planning stage.

He looked for likely escapees. One of the convicts, a huge, heavily-muscled bald man whom Zi knew well, was cautiously looking up at the hole in the roof. Din was a failed gangster, serving ten years for his role in an extortion racket. He had been his gang's "enforcer", a vicious, ruthless thug who had continued to use his fists to get what he wanted even after he had been sentenced to prison. But at this moment, the big man's face - maybe for the first time in his life - looked more than a little fearful. Zi realized why when, suddenly, he hauled himself onto the shoulders of the unsuspecting fellow convict in front of him, making a two-handed grab for the bus' torn ceiling.



Din had no idea who the girls were or how the shorter one in particular had done the supposedly impossible things he'd seen her do. But he did know that the confusion and the dead guard, not to mention the missing policemen, provided him with a once-in-a-decade opportunity to make a run for it. He made a split-second decision to get the hell out of there. Being a fit man, he had no trouble springing off one of the other cons up towards the damaged roof, despite the cuffs on his wrists. He imagined himself leaping down to the ground and shuffling off towards the horizon in his leg-irons, hopefully never to be seen again. But it didn't work that way.

He was still pulling himself up onto the roof when he heard a commotion below and then felt something small and incredibly tight gripping his left ankle. He yelled in pain, surprise and frustration, trying in vain to pull or kick his leg free. He looked round over his shoulder and saw the taller of the two girls standing beneath him, smiling up at him, her left hand wrapped around the end of his leg. How was it possible that such a petite hand could achieve such a crushing grip? He saw a couple of men writhing on the ground near her feet as if they'd been knocked over by her when she had rushed to grab hold of him. But a slender girl couldn't just knock over two big men... Could she?

Unable to shake her off, he drew up his other leg as much as his chains would allow and planted the sole of his heavy footwear right in the center of the girl's beautiful face over and over again. There was no change in her grasp of his ankle or even her smile, but his foot was beginning to bruise inside his shoe. He tried to drag himself free by pulling himself along the roof, but his hands slipped and his leg remained completely trapped. Quickly he tired. Then he was being dragged back into the bus again, until she pulled sharply and let go so that he fell in an undignified heap on top of the two guys on the floor. Still sprawled, he tried to ignore his new bruises as he looked up at the beautiful young woman towering over him.

She was so sexy and so.. terrifying. She glared down at him, her hands resting on her hips. "I didn't say you could leave." she said, her voice casual. She bent down towards him, her gorgeous, large breasts seemingly about to fall out of her skimpy top as she did so. One delicate, feminine hand sought out his wrist, grabbing hold of it like a steel vice and making him cry out all over again. "Don't be such a baby." she chided him. She pulled his hand up to her lovely face, studying the steel ring of his handcuff, almost dragging him onto his feet whilst his spare hand was also pulled away from his body by the chain that linked his wrists. Din had never felt so utterly helpless before.



When Tara had seen the biggest male in the group trying to climb out of the vehicle, she had acted immediately. She ran straight into a pair of other men, hardly even noticing as each of her breasts slammed into one of them, bumping them both onto the ground where they squirmed around as if seriously hurt. Such pathetic creatures! It was no challenge for her to recapture the would-be escaper and pull him back into the vehicle. It was then that she encountered the strange metallic devices this male and all the others similarly clad in orange were wearing on their wrists and ankles. As she studied the curious contraption that joined the big man's two arms, her mind raced with ideas.

The rings of steel linked with little chains were obviously supposed to restrict movement and prevent escape. These men in orange were indeed the prisoners of the ones in gray. But the devices looked so feeble, she was amazed that they could be effective. She took hold of the loop of metal around one of the large male's wrists and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. The steel yielded easily to her fingertips, the ring breaking almost instantly. Tara was amused. This ridiculously flimsy thing was more than enough to defeat such a strong-looking Earther!

The man tried to snatch back his freed arm. Tara caught his wrist and held him immovably, watching his pathetic struggles against her for a few moments before she grew bored and turned her attention to the problem of thinking up a game she could play with the little metal contraptions. Almost absent-mindedly, she bent down and grabbed hold of the flailing arm of one of the two men rolling around at her feet. Paying less than no attention his yells of pain, she yanked him in one movement on to his unsteady feet. Then she brought the two wrists she had captured together so that she could hold them both with a single hand. She smiled. She knew exactly what she was going to do.



Zi watched as the taller of the two girls got hold of Din and one of the other prisoners, moving the two big guys around like they weighed the same as empty potato sacks. She seemed to be fascinated with the men's handcuffs. In disbelief, he saw her slice right through the metal restraints with just two fingers, her hands working quickly as she reshaped the solid steel like it was soft butter. A second later, he saw that she had joined the two men's wrists together, molding the cuffs around their forearms in such a way he wondered if the pair would ever be separated again. How could such slender fingers command such awesome strength?

It was all so strange. If this was supposed to be a jail-break, why was she binding prisoners to each other? What the hell was going on? He stared, trying to work it all out. The taller girl had grabbed a third prisoner, breaking his handcuffs with unbelievable ease before equally effortlessly squeezing them back together again once she had joined the wearer to the other two. Even as she was adding this latest link to the chain, she reached for another man. Holding this one by the arm, despite his desperate struggles for freedom, she performed the same remarkable operation on his cuffs so that he, too, was soon joined to the growing string.

The other men began to realize what she was doing. As one they tried to move away from the area, but before they could take more than one-and-a-half steps, the other, shorter girl moved towards them, spreading her arms wide. For a moment, Zi expected to see the brunette shoved aside by the group of fleeing men. But then he remembered the impossible feats he had already seen her and her friend perform. The prisoners slammed into the petite young woman's arms and torso and were driven backwards against the side of the bus as she continued to advance on them, her pace not slacking for an instant.

He could see that the six unattached men were fighting for all they were worth, but it was only a matter of seconds before the shorter beauty had trapped them all between her lovely body and the wall of the bus. She had clearly cottoned on to her friend's handcuff trick because she started doing the same thing with the men she had pinned herself. She quickly got five of them linked together and then released the sixth, giving him a casual shove on the back that sent him flying into the arms of her tall friend who attached him to her own chain. They were like children, making strings from daisies. The only difference was that each girl had constructed a line of men, not flowers.



Lyda liked Tara's idea of using the chains to attach the men to one another. Once she had built her own line of captives, she asked her friend in their own language what she had in mind.

"Watch this." the taller girl answered. She tugged gently on the arm of the last male in the line she had created. He fell towards her. The chains attached to the next man pulled him over too, followed by the third and so on until all five men were rolling about helplessly on the ground, moaning as they nursed yet more wounds. Both girls laughed at the pathetic sight.

"Let me try." Lyda said, stepping towards the male on the end of her chain. She placed her open palm on the center of his broad chest and gave the most subtle of shoves. He fell immediately on to his rear, letting out a gasp of pain as he landed. Of course, Lyda's gentle push carried far too much force for the man attached to him to resist being pulled down too. His fall dragged the next man violently to the floor where he was followed in strict sequence by the two at the end of the line. Now there were ten males thrashing about at their feet, unable, it seemed, to co-ordinate their movements sufficiently to get back onto their feet.

"This is great!" chuckled Lyda. The girls were still conversing in their native language so that only they could understand.

"Wait 'till you play my new game." Tara responded.

"How's it work?"

"Well, first we'll need to get all of these men out of this vehicle."

Lyda smiled. "Oh, I think I know how we can do that." she said.



Din had always been the one who pushed others around. He didn't like being on the receiving end. Especially when the person pushing was nothing but a slim, young girl. And especially when the manner in which she did the pushing was so humiliating. But he had seen these girls survive being shot from point-blank, seen their fingers rip apart steel - even felt their crushing grip on his ankle and his wrist. He may have been a convicted criminal - a thug, even - but he was intelligent enough to realize that these two girls were not ordinary beautiful young women.

He had also come to the conclusion that they had not attacked the prison transfer bus in order to set any of the convicts inside free. It wasn't just the way they had bent and folded the handcuffs so that all of the men were all attached to one another. It was they way they had both laughed when they had forced them all to the floor. It was cruel laughter, rather like he would laugh at a tiny spider's hopeless attempt to scale the side of a bath. With a chill, he realized that the amazing duo were acting purely for the benefit of their own amusement and that he and the others - prisoners and guards alike - were nothing more than sport for them.

He and the other four men he was chained too had finally managed to scramble up to their knees. By checking with each other along the line to get the timing right, they were able to climb, albeit painfully, to their feet once more. As soon as he was upright, he looked to the spot where the two gorgeous youngsters had been standing. There was no-one there. He hadn't noticed them leaving the bus. And yet, when he peered through the barred window at the dark desert he could see them both standing on the road right by the side of the bus. How had they gone there so quickly and without being noticed? All he knew was that the more time he spent in the company of this pair, the more they frightened him.



Zi had seen the girls leave the bus. He'd watched as each had slightly bent her knees to generate more than enough spring for a standing jump that propelled them four meters into the air and three meters to the side. They landed outside on their bare feet like Olympic gold-medal gymnasts and just continued the conversation they'd started moments before. The taller one kept glancing at the bus while her friend just smiled and nodded. He shuddered to think what they were planning. He'd seen enough already to know that there wasn't much they weren't capable of. The sight of the ten prisoners wearing modified handcuffs that bound them in two columns of five was proof enough of that.

Both groups of men had now successfully struggled to their feet. Zi could see dozens of fresh cuts and bruises, especially where the newly-adapted cuffs had pressed into their arms. The prisoners seemed to be looking at him. Maybe they were expecting him to find a way out of their shared nightmare or perhaps they were plotting to murder him and make their escape. Either way, he realized, their attention would be better targeted at the two scantily-clad young "super" women. It was these two - a couple of teenage girls - who were controlling the situation. He was a trained, experienced prison guard. But neither he nor the ten tough convicts with him could do anything to resist.

Zi's eye caught a flicker of movement in the darkness outside. He turned to see the shorter girl walking rapidly up to the side of the bus. She stretched her arms up, leaning forward to plant her palms as high as she could on the side of the people carrier. Between the automatic emergency low-level illumination inside the bus and the moon in the cloudless night sky, there was just enough light to see both the girl's lovely smile and the alluring curve of her chest as she leant against the vehicle. Lost in her beauty, it took him a moment to register the loud creaking sound that suddenly invaded the relative quiet.

The creaking became a groan and the floor began to shift beneath his feet. The side the girl was standing on definitely seemed to be rising. Only then did he realize; this slim young fantasy was attempting to topple the massive bus onto its side! His mind exploded with the concept and he tried to reassure himself by clinging to the belief that the task was beyond her. But floor of the bus continued to tilt and, when he looked, he saw no hint of any strain on the girl's stunning features. It was getting harder to keep his feet; one of the prisoners did slip, and he dragged down the four others he was attached to. With a yell they collapsed and slid down the slope, getting tangled amongst the seats on the far side.

Still the incredible brunette continued to push. Soon enough, the other chain of prisoners lost its collective balance, slipping, tumbling and rolling painfully down the now steep floor to finish on top of the first group. Feeling his own footing becoming increasingly insecure, Zi gripped on to the nearest seat. The chassis of the bus kept moaning in futile protest at the abuse the single, petite girl was subjecting it to. Slowly, but inexorably, she was tilting the bus. Inside, the world was becoming increasingly confused. Gravity was pulling the eleven occupants towards the side windows; what had been the floor was now closer to where a wall should be.



Inevitably, Lyda soon tipped the big vehicle beyond its balance point. The creaking from the underside became a metallic scream for an instant. Then the thing fell quickly onto its side. There was a tremendous crash as the huge machine hit the ground. Impressed with her strength and the chaos she had caused, she used her ability to observe the interior through the metal casing. As the vehicle smashed down, the small transparent viewing panes shattered dramatically, showering the tumbling males inside with sharp little fragments, making countless little cuts in their fragile flesh. A collection of pathetic groans rose from the jumbled bodies, making the dark-haired girl smile with satisfaction.

"I thought you were going to get them out of the vehicle. They look like they're still in to me." Tara commented.

"I haven't finished yet." retorted Lyda.

She studied the now exposed underside of the huge machine, trying to determine the strongest part of its belly. The ability to see through solid objects came into its own as she found a section of the basic steel structure that was solid and well-attached to the rest of the vehicle. Then she walked up to the point she had selected and calmly punched her delicate-looking fist almost up to her elbow into the thick metal. The dense steel yielded instantly to her much harder skin and her impossibly powerful, yet beautifully slender arm. Enjoying the feeling of possessing such awesome strength, she thrust her other fist into the metal so that both her hands were well buried in the base of the primitive Earther people carrier.

Having established a firm anchor, she was ready for the second part of her plan. Tentatively, she began to raise her arms. Embedded deep in the steel base of the huge vehicle, her slim wrists and hands started to battle with the powerful laws of the universe that kept the machine Earthbound. The metal creaked as the petite brunette exerted forces it had never been intended to withstand. Then, suddenly, the entire multi-person transporter rose. A huge smile appeared on Lyda's lovely face as she became aware once more of the phenomenal strength in her lithe body. She went on lifting, the enormous vehicle now completely in her physical power.

"It's not as heavy as I thought it would be!" she declared triumphantly as the gap between machine and ground steadily increased until she was holding her arms straight out in front of her, the shapely limbs comfortably supporting the vast weight. She peered at its interior. She could see the tangled men looking shocked as they lay helpless in there. On the far side from her was the enormous opening she had ripped in what had once been the roof. It was all almost too easy. Still grinning, she shook her arms a little. The minor movement of her body was transferred via her unorthodox grip to the entire vehicle, eliciting an truly impressive and violent result.

She laughed as she saw the males tossed around as though they and their transport were caught up in the most vehement of earthquakes. In no time at all, she had succeeded in shaking one of the strings of five males free, the group tumbling awkwardly through the torn roof out onto the ground. They fell the short distance to land in a heap and then barely moved. Encouraged by the success, Lyda continued to aggressively rattle the huge vehicle. She could see a few of the remaining men inside grabbing on to whatever they could, desperately trying to anchor themselves, to prevent themselves being thrown around like children's toys.

It was a wonderful feeling to observe her strength rendering so many big males so utterly helpless. She shook a little harder and the second group of males came loose. A couple of them cried out as the arms with which they had been clinging on were dislocated from their sockets. Another easy move of her shapely long arms brought about a dramatic shudder of the vehicle. The injured pair and the others they had been linked to were thrown unceremoniously out into the open air. More moans reached the delighted young woman's ears. She loved having the power to hurt men.

Now, there was only a single male left holding on inside - the one wearing gray. Lyda called out to him in his own language, her voice taking on a falsely naive tone. "Don't be shy!" she mocked, "Come on out and play!" She gave the huge machine a couple more jolts. The man was gripping on to the back of one of the seats with two hands. As she shook the vehicle, his body swung around wildly, his legs crashing alternatively into the floor and the seat, making him yell in pain. But still, somehow, he maintained his hold. She was beginning to loose patience with him.

She jolted the thing once more, far more violently than before. There was a scream inside. At last, she had succeeded in dislodging the stubborn creature. Freed at last from his moorings, he bounced around the shuddering vehicle, slamming several times against what used to be the floor and one of the walls. When Lyda stopped shaking, he was no longer screaming. A quick glance told her why. Thick blood was trickling from a wound buried beneath his hair. He wasn't breathing. She'd thrown him about a bit too much for his weak male body to withstand.

"Oops!" Lyda giggled. Turning to her friend she said "Looks like I broke one of them. At least I got the rest of them out."

"Ten out of eleven. Not bad, I guess." considered Tara. Then she added, with a nod to the big vehicle Lyda was still holding at arm's length: "Better get rid of that thing."

"OK." said Lyda. She realized immediately that she wouldn't be able to do much with her hands still buried deep in the steel of the base of the vehicle. Still holding the entire machine well off the ground, she opened and closed her fingers a few times, the supposedly delicate digits easily tearing and compacting the metal that had surrounded them. Then she pressed her arms together a little before spreading them once more, effortlessly widening the twin channels she'd created when she had punched the underside of the machine. Now her hands and arms were free to move comfortably inside the improvised holds.

"Watch this." she said to her friend as she swung her arms a little to the right, carrying the huge vehicle with them as if it were no heavier than the air all around it. She followed this by throwing her arms fiercely back the other way, quickly pulling her hands free of the machine mid-swing and letting them hang by her sides. The enormous people-carrier continued to move in the direction she had pushed it, the power of her feminine limbs sufficient to send it sailing through the air for about thirty paces until, with an almighty crash it finally came down, side-first onto the wide, smooth black track the Earthers had constructed for their transporters.

Even though it wasn't on its wheels, the thing continued to move long after it had come to ground. So great was the momentum of Lyda's toss, it continued to scrape along the surface, millions of sparks flying where the metal of its casing rubbed the track. The screech of grinding steel filled the night as the vehicle traveled on its side for nearly fifty paces. Finally the sapping friction began to slow the machine's incredible movement and the volume of sparks reduced as it came, smoking, to a creaking stop. Everything became calm once more. Extremely pleased with herself, the little brunette allowed a huge grin to spread over her face.

"That takes care of the transport." observed Tara, trying to sound unimpressed with her friend's demonstration of superhuman strength. "Now I'm going to show you something." She began to stride towards the two tangled groups of Earthers still bunched by the side of the now empty vehicle path.

"Be my guest." said Lyda, generously.



Like the others, Din had been pretty badly hurt when the men were shaken out of the bus like dice out of a backgammon shaker. He managed to regain just enough control to be able to watch as the huge vehicle flew off down the highway, revealing the sight of the smaller, dark-haired girl. It didn't take a genius to realize that it was her who had single-handedly rattled the thing so violently and then tossed it fifty meters aside. Now, there was no doubt in his mind: these two beauties were not from this world. So who were they? And what did they want from the men? He had the feeling that he didn't really want to know the answer to this second question.

As if reading his thoughts, the taller girl began to stride towards the prone convicts. Seeing her advance on them, Din noticed for the first time that there was no sign of the guards or the police escort. He could only assume that they'd all been killed by the two superhuman young women. There was nothing to stop all ten prisoners regaining their liberty. Nothing except this pair of gorgeous teenagers. As the lighter-haired one stepped ever nearer, a mischievous smile fixed on her stunning face, fear began to overwhelm him. He wished he was back on the bus, under armed guard, on his way to prison. Five years in a cell would be much preferable to five minutes with one of the two girls.

The other guys were clearly having similar thoughts, because as she got close, they began trying to shuffle away from her. Wounded, lying in the dirt with their limbs tangled and each man with at least one wrist inextricably attached to another's, the men couldn't move quickly. Certainly not quickly enough to evade the beautiful slim girl. Din saw her bending down slowly, showing off her perfect body and reaching with one hand for the panicking mass. He watched as her delicate-looking fingers closed around a flailing wrist and heard a yell of pain as the owner of that wrist became the latest victim of her phenomenal strength.



Tara took her time picking out the end of one of the strings of five males, letting the creatures enjoy the sight of her leaning towards them as she caught hold of an unattached arm. Ten pairs of male eyes, already wide with terror, grew even bigger as she bent and revealed more and more of her inviting cleavage. Seeing them was a pleasant reminder of her incredible power. The cries of agony from the one she was holding only served to reinforce that sense of dominance, both exciting and amusing her as she dragged the creature to his feet. She truly felt a goddess here.

She noticed that the four others her new "friend" was inescapably linked to were struggling to get up one by one before their arms were ripped from their shoulders by the steel she and Lyda had molded around their wrists. The legs of some of the men towards the end of the chain were tangled up with the other group of five. She tugged gently on the arm she was holding, and was pleased to be rewarded for her effortless pull with the sounds of snapping bone and masculine screams. So fragile! So pathetic!

Drawn by that casual yank, the torso of her one in her clasp slammed into her generous, well-rounded chest. She barely felt the impact, but her ears did detect the cracking of his tough masculine ribs against her soft feminine breasts. He suffered more damage as the momentum she had leant him reached the man his wrist was attached to and this second male smacked into his back, pressing him further against her unyielding body. The force generated by Tara's slender arm continued to travel along the line of men. One by one the improvised steel links between then became taut and another creature was tugged violently upwards and forwards.

The third man crashed into the back of the second, pushing the unfortunate male at the head of the line even harder into her flawless front. Then the fourth banged into the third, followed by the last member of the group. There were gasps of pain and shock as the air was squeezed from each pair of lungs in the queue. She observed a thin trickle of blood emerging from the mouth of the one closest too her. The others had obviously caused him to be pressed a little too tightly against her; as the weight of four big men bore down on them, it was his muscular body that had given, not her slender form.

It didn't matter to her that one of the males was already almost dead. Her intended demonstration of power was meant for Lyda's enjoyment, not the Earthers'. She stepped back from the group she had separated from the others, admiring the two big black bruises that marked where the front man's chest had been crushed by her own. The battered creature's legs gave way beneath him and he would have fallen to the ground were it not for the unbreakable grip she kept on his wrist. The others still stood in formation behind him, too shocked and weakened to do anything but try and gulp down enough air to remain conscious.

Without loosening her hold on the dying male's limp arm, Tara walked towards the five men still on the ground. As she moved, she pulled the others along with her, the ten feet dragging through the dust not slowing her confident stride in the slightest. She paid no mind to the second group's pathetic attempts to scuffle away from her and easily caught hold of a free arm. Thinking of the damage she had done pulling the first bunch to their feet - stunning and winding four of them and nearly killing the other against her chest - she grinned in anticipation as she made sure she was standing directly face-on to the second bunch.



Din had stared as amazed and terrified as the men around him when the girl had yanked the other line of five guys on to their feet, pulling so violently that he heard the sound of hips and arms being dislocated all around him. He saw each man slamming into the back of another and found himself marveling yet again at the impossible strength of such a slim young woman. When she moved, he saw the damage her wonderful breasts had caused to the poor guy at the front of the line. That magnificent, sexy chest had to be as hard as steel! The idea confused him. It was terrifying, and yet... so very erotic.

Now she had got a hold of the man he was linked to. Din knew she was about to pull up that guy along with himself and the three others they were joined with. He saw the girl carefully positioning herself in front of them, thrusting out those fabulous breasts and he understood that she was about to repeat the trick she had performed with the first group. Once again, he felt mixed emotions: relief that it was the man next to him who would suffer the agony of being pressed up against her, and, at the same time, jealousy that he would not be the one to feel her chest against his own.

Before he could formulate any further thoughts, his brain exploded with surprise and pain. His arm felt as if it had been ripped from his torso. He was flying upwards and forwards but only for a moment until he hit the guy in front so hard he felt his own ribs crack, but the sound was drowned out by the sickening crunch he heard from the man he crashed into. Then someone smashed into him from behind and he couldn't breathe. Two more, less violent collisions followed, but he barely registered them as he struggled for air. He was aware that the guy in front of him was limp. He dreaded to think if the poor bastard was even still alive.



She made sure she did it properly the second time, pushing out her breasts and pulling the lead male hard towards them. She saw his chest collapsing against her mounds, heard the crunching of bone and observed, delightedly, as his eyes became dim and blood flowed out between his lips. He was dead even before the second man slammed into him. She held fast to the first group and watched as the second lot were quickly pulled to their feet. The knowledge that she had crushed the life from yet another male Earther with nothing more than her firm, round, feminine breasts thrilled her and she moved away a little, maintaining her grip on her latest victim's arm, to better see his destroyed body.

Tara stood out on the moonlit desert plain, proud and upright, a limp male arm clasped in each petite hand, a chained-up line of five big men attached to each of those arms. Two dozen paces away, Lyda stood watching, one arm hanging free by her side, the other resting casually on her shapely hip, her raven-hair-framed face a picture of amused semi-interest. The only sounds were the low groans of those men still able to register their pain as the taller of the two girls continued to admire her handiwork. The trickling blood, bruises and broken bones pleased her greatly.

Her gloating was interrupted by her friend's voice. "C'mon, Tara! Get on with it! We've gotta get back before it's too late."

"Alright, alright!" she answered.



Din was dimly aware of the two young women talking to one another. The pain that seemed to fill every single cubic centimeter of his being was making him ever fainter. He saw the taller girl's arms moving slightly and felt himself being dragged backwards by her. He lost his footing, but it made no difference. His feet just scrapped through the dirt as she maneuvered him - and, he just about noticed, the nine others - according to her whim. With what little strength he could muster, he twisted his head to look at the beautiful slender teenager who was pulling him and his fellow convicts around. It just didn't seem possible, but he knew it was. She had completely overpowered them all. Ten big men. All at the mercy of one girl.

Her long slim arms were both now stretched behind her as she stood in front of and between the two helpless columns of defeated men, her flawless, almost completely bare back to them. The delicate-looking fingers of her hands were still wrapped around the unfettered arm of the lead man of each line. Din caught a glimpse of her arms rising quickly over her head just an instant before his world dissolved in new agonies as his own arm was jerked upwards and something in his shoulder tore loudly. Then his feet were off the ground and air was rushing past all around him. He screamed and was vaguely aware of others screaming around him. Trying to open his eyes, he saw something dark rapidly approaching from below. The road! He was flying and he was about to crash down. "Fuck!" he thought. But he was dead before he could properly feel the impact.



Getting rid of the men turned out to be pretty easy and spectacular. Tara just positioned herself so that the two lines of males were behind her and flung each column forwards over her smooth bare shoulders. As she let go of the two wrists she'd been holding for so long, she let her freed hands fall to rest on her hips. The first man in each column flew over her head, pulling the next one upwards via their linked wrists. She could hear the muscles ripping in the Earthers' shoulders as each was successively yanked off his feet by the sheer power of her twin throws. Soon the whole length of each line was sailing into the night sky.

She was amazed how light each bunch of five Earthers was. Launching them into the air was almost effortless. She tilted her head back to follow the ten males' trajectory across the desert, a smile stamped on her features as she listened to the ever-diminishing screams of terrified, tortured men. She'd thrown the two at the head of each line so strongly that they pulled the others with them in a massive arc, despite the unaerodynamic shape of the two chains of males. The creatures soared away, the yells only stopping - abruptly - when the two columns finally crashed down to the dirt, at least four hundred paces away.

Tara was pleased with herself, not only for having the strength to temporarily free so many big Earthers from the bounds of gravity. And not only for finding a way of throwing so awkward a load so great a distance. It was more than that. It was the ease of it all - the way the creatures had flown so majestically from her grasp even though she'd only casually tossed them over her head.

"I love Earth!" Tara declared, more to herself than to Lyda.

"Me too." answered her friend. "Now, let's get out of here before we get in trouble back home."

"OK. OK." Tara pressed the little button on her wristband.



It was two days before the authorities located the bus, the police car and all their former occupants. At first, they thought a bomb had gone off under the bus, perhaps as part of an escape attempt. But nothing was charred. The more they looked, the more baffling it became. Why was one officer killed under his car while his colleague's skull had been crushed? Why were they two kilometers away from the bus? Why was the big vehicle lying on its side with its roof torn off? Why did one guard have a huge hole through his head? Why were all the prisoners half a kilometer from the road, all dead, limbs battered and dislocated? And most disturbing, how had they remolded their handcuffs so that their arms were linked?

Theories abounded, but hard facts were scarce. There were those who claimed that the bizarre massacre was the work of foreign powers, but no-one could say why, or how. Others suggested the scene resulted from a high-tech escape plot that had gone badly wrong, but again, the evidence did not fit with the story. Tales of ghosts, demons and dragons spread. Of course, no-one suggested the possibility that the death and destruction had been caused by two unarmed semi-naked girls.





"This isn't home."

"I know, Lyda."

"Well, where the fuck are we?"

"I, er... I don't know."

"Oh, shit..."


Conceptfan, Nov. 2002.