Lorren's Playthings

Chapter 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!

Lorren was still feeling the glow from her encounter with the two young males as she walked along the highway that she hoped would lead her to the nearest population centre. Where better to find some new "toys" to play with. True, so far she had found Terran men to be both weak and incredibly fragile, but she had realised that, given a little encouragement and coercion (two things she was uniquely qualified to supply), they could provide her with some amusement and a fair amount of sexual pleasure too. It was just that they didn't seem to last very long. Too often some bit of them just "broke" - usually when things were beginning to get interesting.

Even as she thought of the problems involved in coupling with the natives of her new home, Lorren was aware that, as the sole member of her species on the planet, she found herself in an extraordinary position. To begin with, her shapely, slender, youthful body concealed sufficient strength to overpower the combined force of thousands of Earthmen. Then, there was the fact that her genetics had been specifically developed to ensure her invulnerability to their weapons. In addition, by Earth standards, her appearance and her natural, genetically tuned scent seemed to give her automatic sexual control over most males.

She had been bred to conquer the planet as part of an army. That army had been destroyed in a terrible accident which had left her as the sole survivor. Alone. Unknown in the world she had been designed to vanquish. She could take whatever she wanted. She was free of the restrictions laid down by the rulers of her home-world. She was free of her obligations and responsibilities to the grand, disastrous plan for the invasion of Earth. She was free of the possibility of defeat, free of the threat of harm. She could take whatever she wanted. And what she wanted was men. To please her. Whether or not they were ready or willing.

She quickened her pace, the thought of sexual adventure multiplying her desire to reach the nearest town. She paid no attention to the continuous wire mesh barrier that seemed to run parallel with the road she was following about twenty paces to her left. Then, her enhanced eyes spotted a distant wide bend in the highway. The road seemed to have been built so that it circumvented the area of land behind the fence. Lorren wasted no thoughts on the significance of this piece of Terran planning. All that concerned her was that the quickest route between two points is a straight line. If the highway wasn't following a straight line, then she wouldn't follow the highway.

It never occurred to her that the barrier had been constructed for a specific purpose or that major roads don't usually take detours around such large areas of seemingly barren semi-desert land. Neither did she think of applying her training and following the wire mesh for a few hundred paces to where she would have been able to read the sign that read "Danger. U.S. Army Firing Range. Keep Out." In fact, Lorren had already forgotten most of what she had been taught prior to the doomed attack on Earth. She only wanted to get to the nearest town as soon as possible. And she only wanted to do that so that she could get her hands - and a few other bits of her anatomy - on some men.

She strolled up to the wire fence, placing her hands on her hips and thrusting out her impressive chest in the manner of her species. Her long, shapely legs quickly covered the short distance to the barrier until her perfect naked foot carved though a small portion of the fence, her delicate-looking, feminine toes effortlessly tearing through the metal. Then, for a brief moment, her body was pressed up against the mesh. The galvanised steel moaned in protest as it was stretched to its limit by her thighs, her head and, most of all, by her big, round breasts.

At that instant, there was an almost human scream to her right as an iron post designed to support the fence was torn from its concrete foundations. Unsupported, the heavy cylinder toppled to the ground, carrying a huge section of misshapen mesh with it. Lorren continued to walk as the barrier tumbled before her, her stride not even interrupted as the soles of her feet bent the fallen metal with every step. She didn't even pay the collapsed fence the courtesy of a backwards glance as she left it, battered, behind her to stride confidently into the unknown.

After a short while, her superhuman hearing picked up the sound of distant, sharp explosions mingled in with some sort of fast, repetitive, clapping-like noise. This time, she did recall her training, recognising the sound of Terran military weaponry. She tensed for an instant but not because she feared for her safety. She had received a limited exposure to some Earth weapons and they certainly hadn't harmed her. In fact, although she hadn't been able to confess it at the time, she had, in a strange way, actually enjoyed the experience. No, Lorren was not concerned about the ammunition. She was far more interested in who might be using it. She knew that the Terran military, unlike her world's armies, was dominated by males.

If there were soldiers nearby, chances were that they would be men. Young, fit men. Just what she was looking for. Perhaps she would be able to make a small detour herself to have a little fun before she finally got to a population centre. She could play around a while here first. She cocked her head, carefully identifying the direction the sounds were coming from. With her enhanced senses, it didn't take her long to pinpoint the source. There was nothing more to do now but see if there were any toys worth playing with. Turning slightly, she headed off that way at a casual jog, travelling no faster than an average Terran land vehicle.

The test target was a tiny, solitary brick building located right in the middle of the firing range. It was supposed to represent an enemy command centre, or safe-house or whatever. It didn't matter: they were supposed to blow it up and that was that. Private Gene Smith squinted into his binoculars. At this range, it was almost impossible to see the target, even with the high-powered lenses. Nonetheless, he called out some figures to his colleague beside him who made corresponding adjustments on the instrumentation panel in front of him. After a while, Smith concluded "That should be it. Sarge."

Sergeant Thomasson studied the controls. He knew that he and his men had been given a rare honour when they had been asked to test out the device, the latest word in armour-piercing long-range artillery. It was supposed to be more accurate, powerful and far-reaching than anything that had preceded it, as well as being much easier to operate in the field. For this last reason alone, Thomasson was eager not to screw up. He checked his calibrations for a final time, marvelling at the incredible new weapon, its specifications and the way it had been mounted on a small truck leaving room for him and Smith to stand by its side. Then, he pressed the two big red buttons in front of him.

Lorren soon spotted the little building as she jogged. Her alien eyes allowed her to see that it was devoid of life inside. Not only that, but it contained none of the usual Terran paraphernalia within - no furniture, wall or floor coverings. Unable to fathom the purpose of the tiny edifice, she was intrigued enough to alter her course and start sprinting towards it. The speed of her run matched that of the vehicles Earthmen used for sport, the friction of the wind heating her skin to near-lethal temperatures for a Terran, but she hardly noticed as her long legs effortlessly ate up the ground beneath her. Seconds later, she was standing by the strange structure, her silky flesh now cooled, not a trace of perspiration anywhere on her body. She wasn't even breathing hard.

It was then that she noticed something approaching through the air. It was small, cylindrical and moving at speed. Once more, some scrap of training made its way to the front of her mind: it was a weapon! Some sort of missile. With eyesight and judgement far superior to any Earthling, she quickly calculated its flight path. The thing was going to come down only a few paces away from her. Had someone spotted her and launched the weapon so quickly? Surely that was beyond Terran ability and technology... Then, she realised. She had not been the intended target.

Whoever had fired the missile had wanted to destroy the little building beside her. That was why it was unoccupied and undecorated. Its entire purpose was to be destroyed. She understood what was happening. The military on her planet often tested their equipment on specially constructed targets. It seemed that the same type of thing was going on here. She was standing right in the hot zone of a weapons testing area! Nonchalantly, she glanced skyward to observe the powerful-looking missile as it shot towards her.

An Earthling in her position would have been terrified for his life. Lorren, however, was merely mildly curious. She was confident in her belief that no Terran weapon could harm her, but she wanted to know who had fired this particular one. She hoped it was a man. She stared at the main part of the thing. The shape of the long, straight, metal cylinder stirred something deep within her. She watched it dip in its flight, heading ground-wards. If it had been aimed at the little building, it hadn't been fired accurately. A lousy shot. How typical of this planet. She strode the dozen paces away from the concrete target to stand directly in the missile's path and waited.

Private Smith followed the shell until it was too distant to see even with his field glasses. Then he moved his gaze on to the concrete construction that was serving as their target. He had to adjust his position slightly to see the explosion when the shot finally hit. He was surprised by the size of the fireball that rose up from the dusty ground about fifteen yards from the target. This new toy certainly packed a punch. Although the little building was still standing, by squinting through the powerful lenses, he was pretty sure he could see quite a bit of damage to the exterior wall nearest the point of impact.

The force of the blast must've been incredible. They'd missed by quite a bit, yet they'd still knocked a hole in a thick concrete wall. The entire area was cloaked in dust now. Smith watched through his binoculars, waiting for the powder to descend so that he could get a clear view of whatever damage they had caused. By his side his sergeant had grabbed another set of field glasses and was also studying the target area. "That's some bang we made..." he observed. "...but we missed badly. About thirty-five feet to the left should do it." He made some adjustments on the control panel in front of him, then leant over the side of the truck, calling to the three men standing on the ground below.

"Better get ready to do some major cleaning-up, boys." Thomasson told the trio of low-ranking men. "We're gonna reduce that target to dirt." He straightened up again, preparing to fire the second shell.

Lorren stood in the rapidly growing shadow of the missile as it whooshed ever closer. She made no attempt to avoid the incoming weapon, holding herself perfectly still as she had been taught to do many years before. She let it land right at her bare feet. Instantly, she was enveloped in a ball of fire. Huge, white-hot chunks of metal torn from the rocket by the powerful blast smashed into her naked legs and her exposed belly, bouncing harmlessly away from her flawless, invulnerable body. One particularly sharp piece of shrapnel struck her thin, brief battle uniform right between her thighs. The impact bent the lump of steel over on itself. There was no mark on her or her uniform, but the intimate contact sent a tidal wave of excitement through her whole being.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. When she had faced Terran weapons in training, she'd never been able to admit to these forbidden sensations. And, furthermore, she'd never been hit in such a delightful way. The piece of jagged metal had felt even better to her than any of the weak Terran phalluses that had touched her there. She wanted another. Badly. Looking to the side, she noticed that the strange little target building had barely been touched by the explosion, partly because of the inaccuracy of the strike, but mostly because much of the blast had been expended - futilely - on her lower body.

She smiled. Something told her that whoever had fired the weapon would keep firing until the target had been destroyed. That suited her. She knew the exploding metal projectiles could not hurt her - they could only give her pleasure. She only had to ensure that the missiles failed to destroy the concrete building and surely the mysterious weapon operator would keep sending his little gifts her way. The very thought of more explosions thrilled her. The way the hard metal smacked against her skin was almost like a lover's touch. The heat of the boom was a passionate embrace. The sensation in her body afterwards was... Her train of thought derailed as she spotted a second rocket heading her way. A new grin stretched over her beautiful face. She was learning to love this planet.

Missile number two had been much better aligned than its predecessor. Whilst it wasn't on course to actually strike the concrete target, she calculated that it would hit the ground only a few paces short. Close enough, she figured, to do significant damage. That was not what she wanted. Target destruction would mean end of weapons testing. She had to figure out a way she could protect the little building whilst making sure that she derived maximum pleasure from the impending bang. There was only one thing she could do. She bent her knees slightly beneath her, her eyes locked on the approaching projectile. Absent-mindedly, she licked her lips in anticipation of the next few moments.

Thomasson stared at the isolated target through his binoculars. The shell he had just fired was now too small, too distant and too rapid for his eyes to follow. Instead, he just watched the little building, expecting to see it engulfed in flames at any moment. What he saw was something else entirely. He couldn't be sure, but he thought that he had spotted something moving incredibly quickly away from the target in the instant before the shell exploded. Far stranger than that, though, was the nature of the blast itself. After the first, huge explosion, he was surprised to see a far smaller fireball second time around. Not only that, but the shell seemed to detonate before it hit the ground.

There was much less of a dust-cloud this time, too. It cleared quickly, letting the Sergeant and the Private see that the target remained intact. Somehow, the shell had exploded too soon. The thing was supposed to go boom only on impact. Something had gone badly wrong. As the smoke and debris dissipated, Thomasson scoured the area through his high-powered lenses. Suddenly, his jaw fell open. "What the fuck?!" he exclaimed.

"What is it Sarge?" Smith inquired, taken aback by the other man's obvious shock. Thomasson stood silently for a moment before he turned to the Private. The two men on top of the truck faced each other in silence for a second. Ten feet below and to their left, two more low-ranking men craned their necks to look at their commander, waiting to hear whatever he had to say. Finally, the Sergeant spoke.

"There's... there's someone out there." he said.

Lorren was lying on her back on the dusty ground, her eyes closed. She was panting. So intense was the thrill she had just experienced that it actually took her a few heartbeats to recover from it. All around her lay tiny pieces of the second projectile's metal casing. Her exposed belly revealed a slight red glow which rapidly faded as she climbed gracefully back to her feet. She brushed a few strands of long raven-black hair away from her gorgeous face. Fully upright now, she faced the direction from which the two weapons had come. There wasn't a scratch anywhere on her, neither on her skin or her skimpy outfit. She tilted her head skyward, hoping for a third present from her unknown benefactor. If it came, she'd deal with it as she had the last one. That had been terrific.

She'd just followed the thing's path as it came at her, straightening her knees to spring towards it at the last moment. The superhuman muscles in her long, shapely legs propelled her to about four times her height. As she reached the apex of her leap, she opened her arms, welcoming the incoming weapon as if it was a long, lost friend. She had judged her jump to perfection. The missile struck her in the dead centre of her chest, right between her big, round breasts. The remarkable superficial softness of her bosom absorbed some of the force of the impact, delaying the rocket's detonation by a fraction of a second.

A fraction of a second was an aeon for Lorren. In that tiny space of time between the first touch of metal against her chest and the moment there was no more yield in her breasts and the steel met the infinitely harder underlying muscles, she wrapped her arms around the bulk of the missile. She hugged it tight against her body, letting it explode right there in her cleavage. The huge blast was contained by the slim girl's perfect flesh. Shards of while-hot steel moving faster than the speed of sound smashed into the inside of her feminine mounds, rebounding from breast to breast. Some bits were still pinballing around inside her cleavage as she came back down to the ground, her feminine feet gracefully absorbing the shock of descent from such great height.

The pleasure of finally feeling her breasts properly "caressed" by the exploding steel (as opposed to the feathery touches of Terran flesh) was matched and surpassed by the wonderful sensation generated by the phenomenal heat of the blast. Sufficient to melt portions of the metal casing of the weapon, the momentarily astronomical temperatures of the explosion warmed her perfect, invulnerable skin to incandescence and felt to her like the fiercest, most passionate embrace. She fell to earth with her arms still in position to enfold the weapon even though it had already ceased to exist.

When the heat faded and her flesh regained its usual tone there was not even so much as a tiny bruise anywhere on her remarkable body to show that she had just hugged a detonating powerful weapon. Her slim, sexy body simply absorbed the vast energy of the missile. It had not hurt her. It had not marked her. It had merely given her a sexual thrill. Seconds later, she was back on her feet, unaffected in every way bar one: her normally unquenchable libido had been stirred into a ravenous hunger. She'd had her foreplay. It was time for the main event. Her superhuman eyes scanned the direction from which the two rockets had come. There was definitely something out here, but even she was too distant to see details. She would have to get closer.

Thomasson stared in utter disbelief at the definitely human-shaped form standing in front of their target. How the hell had anyone got in there? One thing was for certain, if that second shell hadn't been faulty, whoever it was would be dead by now. He squinted into his binoculars, trying to make out some detail of the mystery person. Suddenly, the figure began to move. With the distance involved, it took a few seconds for him to realise that it was walking towards him. Something wasn't right. He quickly realised what it was. Someone who'd just found themselves in the middle of a weapons test and had just survived a shell exploding right near them wouldn't just pick themselves up and walk calmly towards where the thing had come from.

Whoever this joker was, Thomasson had a bad feeling about it. He leant forward over the side of the launch-truck and addressed the three men standing on the ground below. "Thomas and Davis! Go and get whoever the hell that is out there and bring 'em back here. Double quick! Fernandes, you stay here and keep a look out for any trouble. I got a feeling something weird is going on here." Two of the men headed off marching with purpose to intercept the stranger. The other perked up, looking around, scanning for anything out of the ordinary. The sergeant returned to his prior position next to the control panel, watching the approaching intruder through his lenses. Private Smith stood at his side similarly holding binoculars to his eyes.

Things became much clearer for Lorren as she walked. First, she soon was able to discern that the mystery object in the distance was some kind of vehicle. She presumed that the two missiles she had enjoyed had been launched from the platform attached to it. Almost immediately after that, she became aware of two figures approaching her from that direction. A hundred paces later, she was close enough to them to make out their uniforms. Fifty more steps, and she could see their faces. They were men! Young, fit-looking males. The yearning bubbling inside her reached fever pitch as a broad grin of anticipation spread across her stunning visage. She quickened her walk towards them.

It was quite some time later before Thomas and Davis began to realise that the stranger was mostly naked. Soon, they saw that it was a female. As the space between the two soldiers and the intruder decreased, they became aware of her youth and then her beauty. "Jesus fucking Christ!" Davis murmured to his colleague. "She's a babe."

"You're right there." Thomas concurred. "That's gotta be the hottest looking chick ever. It's gonna be a real pleasure to accompany her back to base."

"I'd rather accompany her to bed."

"I'd fuck her right here if the Sarge wasn't watching."

"Yeah. Man, just look at those tits." The two men fell silent, staring at the girl and in particular, the area where her briefest of outfits left much of each of her breasts and all of her wonderful cleavage visible. They hardly even noticed her beautiful face as they got to within twenty yards of her. Thomas was practically drooling. Davis was the most professional of the two, but even as he addressed her, his eyes never left her chest.

"This is a restricted area, Ma'am. It's extremely dangerous for you to be here. If you could please come with us, we'll escort you to safety." There was no need to get heavy, he figured. There was nowhere she could be concealing any kind of weapon on her fabulous body, and besides she was just a slender, young girl and they were two big, fit soldiers. He and Thomas stood still and waited for the angel to reach them.

From this distance, she didn't need superhuman vision to see the two males' erections. She was pleased that they were ready for her and unsurprised that her physical appearance had inspired such a reaction. She was getting used to Terran men getting hard the moment they saw her. It was just another wonderful thing about being stranded on their planet. She could hear their increased heartbeats and their quickened respiration. She could even smell their arousal. These two, she was happy to note as she walked up to them, were already under her power. Two new toys. She stood dead still, her long arms hanging by her sides. "Come here." she instructed.

"Ma'am it's dangerous here. Please come with me." the taller one replied, his gaze resting unmovingly on the deep, inviting valley between her mounds.

"Come here." she repeated.

"I have orders to escort you out of this area, ma'am. We don't want to have to use force."

She scoffed. "Force? You barely have enough strength to breathe!"

Private Thomas had done nothing throughout this exchange but stare at the girl's glorious chest. But her taunt sparked him into life. He was not accustomed to being ridiculed by women. Certainly not by a girl so young. He unfastened his pistol holder and ostentatiously withdrew his army-issue special. Waving it vaguely in her direction, he said "OK. Enough joking. Come with us." He was startled by her reply.

"No." she said. She was not about to take orders from a Terran male. "You come here." The one with the tiny weapon seemed to become angered by this. He fired his noisemaker at the air. She assumed it was supposed to be some kind of warning. The short man confirmed this immediately afterwards by saying "Now, come with us or I'll shoot a bit lower next time."

"I wish you would." she taunted. He obliged by using his weapon again, showing surprising skill for a Terran as he steered his little metal pellet only the width of a couple of fingers above her head.

"Don't make me put a hole in your pretty face, lady.", the shooter threatened. She just smiled. But, he didn't aim for her face. His next shot was at her shins. She barely felt the gentle tap against her bare leg as the tiny missile bounced off her. She showed no reaction to it. Her assailant was clearly shocked. "What the...?" he exclaimed. Then he raised his aim, his jaw dropping open as another projectile failed to do anything to her, this one pinging from her hip to land fifteen paces away on the dusty ground. Again, she did nothing.

Thomas couldn't believe it. He'd shot her twice. Had heard the impact of his bullets on her lovely skin. She hadn't even blinked. What the hell was she? He was beginning to get nervous now. He only had two slugs left in his chamber and he wasn't going to let this girl humiliate him. He was going to hurt her. He was going to make her do as he told her. He would hit her somewhere painful. Like.. like right there. In the middle of one of her great big round, fabulous tits. Surely she couldn't be bullet proof there as well. He took aim, trying to disguise the involuntary shaking of his hands. At the last moment, he relented, resolving to give the girl one final chance to co-operate. After all, he considered, her breasts were too lovely to get all shot up.

"This is your last warning." he said, squinting along the barrel of his pistol. "Come with us now or I'll shoot".

"You've already shot me twice." the girl replied matter-of-factly. Thomas was stunned to silence by the truth of it. He glanced nervously at the intruder, hoping against hope now that she would obey his instructions.

"I'm gonna count to three." the Private threatened. "One, Two..." She did not move. "Three!" Still she remained immobile. "OK, bitch. You asked for it." and he carefully squeezed the trigger.

She watched the little piece of lead come flying out of the soldier's weapon. She followed its path as it travelled towards her, noting that she would only have to dip her shoulder very slightly to ensure it would meet her right breast which was still tingling with the after-effects of the exploding missile. She knew there was no way such a pathetic weapon could reproduce the sheer thrill she had felt earlier, but she adjusted her stance nonetheless, eager to squeeze maximum enjoyment from the situation. Carefully, she aligned the exposed inside curve of her bosom with the onrushing bullet. Lorren's reactions were so fast, she found herself waiting impatiently for the impact.

When it came, it was lovely. The lump of lead struck about two finger-widths from her nipple. For an instant, it indented her womanly flesh very slightly until it pressed up against underlying tissue and muscle that was far too resistant to be affected by a mere Terran pocket weapon. Her seemingly soft breast reassumed its perfect roundness as the bullet bounced off this unworldly firm barrier at a right-angle, immediately smacking into her other mound. With most of its energy spent in the initial impact, the projectile failed to even momentarily dent her second breast. Misshapen, it just fell down her cleavage to land at her pretty feet.

She barely registered the chunk of lead hitting the ground as she lost herself in the warm feeling that spread through her chest and then over her whole body. It felt so good to have her breasts stimulated and fondled properly instead of by the feathery, weak touches of Earthmen's hands. Beneath her invulnerable one-piece invasion uniform, her nipples began to visibly engorge, stretching the incredible extraterrestrial fabric as they seemed to reach outward as though they were pleading for more attention. Distractedly, she freed her arms from her garment, pulling it down to expose her tingling chest and the upper portion of her belly, letting her brief costume hang around her hips.

"Oh fuck!" was Private Thomas' only reaction on hearing his shot ricochet off the stunning girl's breast to land by her toes. He was certain he had seen her fabulous flesh rippling for a moment as if she'd been hit by a table-tennis ball launched by a child, rather than a bullet from a gun. Could it be that even her magnificent tits were bullet-proof? Before he could wonder any further, he saw her starting to remove her strange swimsuit. He stared in awe as she bared her upper body, as if she was making a point of demonstrating how effectless his shot had been. And as he examined her with his eyes, he realised that there wasn't even a bruise or a tiny scratch anywhere on her big, round impossibly firm mounds. He swallowed hard.

Next to him, Davis stood open-mouthed, stunned first by the stranger's invulnerability to his colleague's bullets and then by the sheer perfection she revealed as she began undressing. It was as if her breasts were being supported by an invisible bra! They were so large and yet they sat so high on her chest, so proud - almost arrogant - and each one was a model of immaculate roundness topped off by a huge, rose-coloured nipple. And it wasn't as if the rest of her wasn't perfect as well. This girl could grace any glamour magazine or upstage any porn star. And she appeared to be bullet-proof too. Who was she? Why was she here? His thoughts were interrupted by her confident but melodic and feminine voice:

"Don't stop now, boys. Either come here or shoot me again!"

They were both stunned by her words. Here she was, naked from the waist up and from the hips down, supremely gorgeous in every way, and giving them instructions. Telling them to approach her when it was they who were supposed to be bringing her with them. Even more astonishing, asking them to shoot her. Nothing they had ever experienced before could have prepared them for this. There was no standard procedure for dealing with beautiful, invulnerable and naked girls who refused to co-operate. Overcome with conflicting emotions and thoughts, Thomas decided to improvise.

"Right bitch," he muttered, "you asked for it." Taking careful aim at her head, he tried to align the barrel of his pistol with a point exactly between her clear, bright eyes. His hands were trembling now, making accuracy even more of a challenge then usual. Despite that, he fired off a shot that he was convinced would normally be fatal. Normally.

She was disappointed that the male had chosen not to shoot at her chest, but rather her head. It wasn't that bullets pinging off her skull hurt her, it was just that they didn't turn her on the way that they did when they smacked against her breasts. She resolved to rectify the situation. After all, it was only a Terran weapon. It wasn't as if it moved with any great speed. So, she held herself perfectly still, waiting for the pathetically slow projectile to reach her. Then, at the last moment she carefully sprung off her toes, a little up and to her right. It was a tiny jump by her standards, but she judged it to perfection.

The bullet would have hit her right eye had she not moved. Instead, it struck her exactly on her enlarged left nipple, point-to-point. Unlike the rest of her breast, there was very little give in her excited nipple. The little piece of lead deformed as its momentum squashed it up against her harder-than-diamond flesh, the impact sounding almost like metal striking metal. The sensation of hot lead "kissing" her most erotically sensitive skin filled her mind with a blinding flash of pure pleasure. A fraction of an instant later, the deformed slug rebounded back towards where it had come from, still carrying enough energy to smack against the stomach of the soldier who had originally fired it, making him cry out in surprise and discomfort.

Lorren didn't notice his discomfort. Her eyes were closed while she continued to enjoy the little echoes of excitement that spread outwards from her nipple like ripples on a pond. Her entire being was being consumed with growing sexual longing. For her, being shot had turned out to be the most stimulating kind of foreplay imaginable. Her normally rampant libido was now reaching a level previously unknown on Earth. She felt as if she had been touched, stroked, caressed, even worshipped by the strong hands of a master lover. Now she was ready for more.

Private Davis stared at the girl. His gaze had flicked briefly to his colleague when Thomas had been struck by the ricocheting bullet, but as soon as he saw that no serious damage had been done, he turned back to her. He was in a state of utter confusion. There was something inside of him. Something he hadn't realised existed. It was the sight - even the mere idea - of this girl remaining unaffected as bullets bounced off her wonderful body... It was so - so... sexy - yes, that was the word - sexy. It made him horny just thinking about it. She was so beautiful, so invulnerable, like an ancient goddess or something. Christ, the sight of bullets hitting her fabulous tits, only making them ripple a little, not even hurting her! He had to see it again.

Without even thinking, Davis drew his pistol from its holster. With quivering hands, he fired at her chest, burning with desire as his bullet made her huge naked tit jiggle for a moment. She should have been killed, but the girl actually seemed to enjoy it. Davis just stared, ignoring his colleague who was still bent over, clutching his stomach. He squeezed his trigger for a second time, listening to the incredible sound of hot lead striking flesh that seemed so very soft and yet had to be harder than steel. He was fascinated by that flesh. Some deep fantasy in him was stirring. What would those so-soft-but-so-firm breasts be like to touch? To cup? To squeeze? How would they feel pressed against him? He stared at them like a famished man at a juicy steak.

This was wonderful! Now the other male was firing his weapon at her chest. Each hit felt better than the last. She looked at this second man. There was something peculiar in his eyes. It wasn't the anger and confusion of his colleague. This was another emotion. Part wonder, part lust - a sexual fascination of some kind. The way he was staring at her breasts said something too, like he was obsessed by them. She smiled, placing her hands on her hips and slightly leaning forward to thrust her chest towards him. His eyes grew large. "Shoot me again." she said, seductively. He obeyed, repeatedly firing off his lovely little pellets.

Four times he shot. Four times his bullets deliciously stroked her mounds before bouncing away. Then, when she was looking forward to the fifth, his weapon clicked and nothing happened. His useless Terran weapon had run out of ammunition. Disappointed, she looked to the other male. "Come on," she urged, "Shoot me!".

Thomas was loosing control. The pain caused by the ricocheting bullet had filled his bloodstream with adrenaline. Now he looked up to see this young girl standing defiantly before them, her fantastic tits pushed out towards them, telling them to shoot her. They'd both emptied their clips on her mounds and she was still asking them to shoot her! What did she want? Suddenly, he was angry. Ignoring the discomfort in his belly, he charged at the girl, fist flailing, eyes wild, a roar in his throat. He would show her. Once and for all.

Incredibly, she didn't move at all. She didn't even remove her hands from her hips as he reached her. In a fit of madness he pounded his fists against her face, but she didn't even blink. Still enraged, not even aware of the dark bruises forming on his fists, he began to punch her exposed breasts over and over. He saw that his hardest blows were barely even indenting her soft feminine flesh, but continued his frenzied attack regardless. Still, she showed no response. Gradually, he became conscious of a new pain, this one in his hands. Looking down, he realised that his knuckles were bleeding. His fingers were covered in dark bruises. Yet there was not a scratch on her.

Lorren let the male attack her chest. If he wasn't going to use his weapon, then his hands would have to do. But it was a poor substitute. She could barely feel his pathetic touches. She saw that his hands were wounded from his efforts and was reminded of the fragility of Terrans. She merely smiled. He became furious. "You bitch!" he yelled. "What the fuck are you?" When she didn't reply, he balled up his injured right fist and punched her in her exposed stomach with all his force. She hardly noticed the blow, but she did hear the crunching sound as his bones shattered. Meanwhile, the male screamed in agony, falling to his knees at her feet. The other man just continued to stare at her in awe.

Her breasts were still tingling delightfully. She ignored the two males as her hands left her hips, rising up to her chest. Slowly, she cupped her full, round mounds, softly caressing herself. Even though she was being gentle with herself, her slim, feminine fingers made far deeper indents in her womanly flesh than the soldiers' bullets had managed. She let out a low moan of pleasure as she increased the pressure slightly. She was about to take things to another level when she became aware of a repetitive tapping against her leg. Looking down, she saw the male at her feet was pounding his useless empty weapon against her shin, holding it in his good hand. Was he trying to hurt her? She could think of a better use for his energy.

Private Thomas couldn't believe it. He was hitting her hard enough with the butt of his pistol to break her ankle, but she didn't even seem to notice as she played with herself. Then, finally, he saw her looking down at him. But there was no pain, no anger on her beautiful face. Only a wicked grin. Before he knew what was happening, she had bent over him, her wonderful breasts hanging above his head. Suddenly, she had a long, slender arm around him. He tried to brush her off, and was shocked to discover that even his mightiest efforts failed to dislodge her hold. He couldn't even budge her a hairsbreadth. Her slim, feminine arm was like a steel band around him.

He was still trying to come to terms with the impossible security of her hold when she started to stand up straight again. Her arm remained firm. Stunned, he found himself being lifted up off the ground. Frantically, he struggled to break her grip, to kick her, to make himself heavier, but his efforts were futile. She was fully upright now, holding him tucked under her arm so that his head and legs hung down as if he were a floppy child's doll, not a fit, strong, soldier. His middle was pressed on one side by her slim side and on the other by her arm. He thrashed about, trying in vain to free himself. What the hell was this girl? Why wasn't Davis helping him?

Davis was watching in disbelief. He stood and stared at the scene unfolding in front of him. He was ashamed. He had found the girl's invulnerability to bullets - particularly the invulnerability of her magnificent chest - sexually exciting. But the sight of her so easily overpowering his colleague and handling him as though he were weightless.... That was something else. It touched upon his deepest fantasies. Fantasies which he had hidden even from himself. Now they were coming true. Right in front of his eyes. His eyes, wide open like his mouth, just stared. His heart throbbed. He knew his duty lay with his colleague, but it was as if he had been paralysed. Filled with confusion and desire, he remained rooted to the spot.

The male under her arm began to yell once more. She placed her free hand under his hanging head, lifting it up to her chest. She paused for a moment until he resumed his cries and then, when his mouth was open, she pushed it over her right breast, stifling his shouts. As she had hoped, he responded by biting down on her soft, smooth flesh with all his strength. She shut her eyes, concentrating on feeling his weak efforts. It felt nice alright, it was just not quite enough. She needed more. "Harder!" she instructed the man trapped under her arm.

There was no noticeable change in the pressure being exerted on her mound through his teeth. She squeezed him carefully with her arm until he desperately pounded against her stomach. "Harder!" she repeated. Still there was no change. She was about to give him another warning squeeze when she saw a trickle of red liquid on her stomach. Immediately, she realised that the male had lost a couple of teeth. Her soft, feminine breast had knocked them out of his gums. No wonder he wasn't able to increase the strength of his bite.

When he suddenly found his mouth filled with her big, creamy breast, Thomas had been confused. The utter eroticism of her flesh touching his lips and his tongue overwhelmed him. The taste of her and the smell of her were irresistible. It took him a few moments to remember that he had orders to arrest her and that she was resisting. By then, he was unable to move his head away from her chest, so strong was her hold. He locked his jaws on her warm flesh, intending to wound her any way he could. Instead, she called for more.

When he couldn't deliver - he was simply physically incapable of biting down any harder on her - she almost crushed him between her arm and her side. In his panic, he tried to pull his face away from her. He was able to move his head just enough to scrape his teeth on her mound. He might have expected her soft breast to yield to the hard enamel of his teeth, but instead it was his teeth that were ripped out of his gums by her breast. He was rewarded for this new pain by her ordering him to bite her harder. What the hell was she? And why wasn't Davis doing anything?

Lorren knew that the man at her breast wasn't able to please her alone. Certainly not with his fragile Terran teeth. She looked up at his comrade who seemed to be transfixed as he stared at her. She held little hope of him being able to do any more for her than the other. But she needed something. Her breasts were on fire with desire. "You." she addressed him flatly. "Come here." He hesitated for only a instant before approaching her, coming to a stop a few paces in front of her. His eyes did not leave her exposed breast for an instant, his head bowing as he came close because he was quite a bit taller than her and clearly did not want to loose eye-contact with her chest. She placed her petite, feminine hand on his shoulder and he immediately thudded to his knees, wincing as he hit the ground.

Davis' heart skipped a beat when he saw the girl summoning him. She fascinated him. Her angelic face, her beautiful, big, bullet-proof breasts, her incredible long legs - she was irresistable. But it was more than that; it was the way she didn't seem capable of being hurt and the unbelievable way she was handling Thomas as though he were weightless. She had to be so, so... strong. But her body was slim and lithe, so very feminine. It didn't seem possible. And yet he couldn't ignore what his own eyes told him. She was remarkable. Invulnerable and strong. They couldn't hurt her, but she seemed more than able to hurt them. So incredibly powerful. So beautiful. Like a goddess.

His mind struggled to absorb the situation. He forgot his orders. Forgot the army. Forgot his dignity. What was he compared to her? That was why he had to obey when she called him over. That was why he wasn't surprised when she forced him off his feet. Of course, it was easy for her to push him down - she was so much more powerful than he was. And it was only right that he should be on his knees before a being so.. so.. superior. He had to serve her. That was his place. He belonged to her. She was a goddess and he a mortal. He could do nothing but worship.

The second male was so tall that, even kneeling, his face was level with her chest. He looked up at her, his face showing fear, awe and lust. She heard his heart-rate accelerate, felt his hot shallow breaths against her breast, even as his companion continued to work over her other mound with what teeth he had left, his blood smearing on her flesh. She looked down at the taller man, cupping her free breast as if offering it to him. His eyes grew even huger as he beheld its sheer size and perfection. "Pleasure me." she commanded him. He needed no second invitation, raising himself a little off his knees and attacking her mound with both hands, his lips, his tongue and his teeth.

His strong-looking hands barely dented her womanly flesh. His lips and tongue felt so feathery to her that she wasn't sure if he was trying to please her or tickle her. Even his teeth proved as ineffective as his colleague's. Frustrated, she sighed. The slight up and down movement of her chest caused by her sigh caught both males unaware. Twin yelps of pain rose up from her "lovers" as each lost teeth to her breasts. Now there was blood on both sides of her upper body. More significantly for her, she found the men's gums even less effective than their teeth had been. It wasn't that they weren't doing anything for her, it was just that they weren't doing enough. Sure, she knew from experience that two Earth males - under the right circumstances - could provide her with pleasure, but not, she realised, when she was this horny.

She needed more than just a pair of puny Terrans. Surely there had to be others where these two had come from. It shouldn't be hard to find out. Keeping the shorter male tucked under her arm, her breast still wedged in his bleeding mouth, she turned her attention to his comrade. She could see from the earnestness of his movements that he was really trying his utmost to satisfy her as he stroked, squeezed, sucked, licked and bit down on her mound. He was the one most likely to co-operate. There was something in his eyes that suggested submission - even obiedience. Sexually, she wanted a real man, not this supplicating pathetic creature. But he was only an Earthman. What more could she expect? And, being so compliant, she knew that he could be of use to her in other ways.

Private Davis was lost. Lost in an act of worship. Worshipping a beautiful, young, superhuman girl. Or rather worshipping one of her breasts. He wanted nothing else in the world at that moment than to give his goddess pleasure. Suddenly, he found himself being pulled away from the object of his adoration. He quickly realised that it was the girl herself who was doing the pulling and he made no effort to resist. Besides, somewhere, in the depths of his mind, he knew that it wouldn't have made a jot of difference if he had decided to resist. She was lifting him up, off her breast and up on to his feet by the back of his collar and no force in the world (he thought) could stop her.

She kept pulling him up until their eyes were level. Now his knees were bent at an uncomfortable angle, but he made no complaint. To be able to stare into his goddess' beautiful eyes; to see up close her flawless skin, to know that her exquisite lips and her perfect mouth were so near to his own - that was enough for him. He hardly even noticed Thomas' head by his belly or the way that head was trapped between the girl's slender arm and her magnificent full breast. He merely hung from her effortless yet unbreakable three-fingered grip, waiting to see what she wanted of him, his eyes trying to absorb just some small measure of her beauty.

Finally she spoke. As she formed her words, her mouth moved so sexily; her luscious lips reshaping, offering him glimpses of her inviting tongue and her perfect straight, white teeth. She held his face so near hers that her sweet warm breath filled his senses with each syllable. He felt sure that she truly was a deity.

"I want more males." she said, without emotion. "Tell me where I will find them."

Imprisoned at her side, Thomas shivered as he heard her. This girl - whatever she was - was clearly hostile. With her invulnerability to gunfire and her impossible strength, she also represented a serious threat. As soldiers, they had a duty to protect Sergeant Thomasson and the other men. They had to do everything in their power to prevent her capturing those men that way she seemed to have captured him and Davis. They might not be able to fight her physically, but they could resist her demand for imformation. It was imperative that they told her nothing.

With his mouth crammed with her huge, super-erotic breast, Thomas wasn't actually in a position to tell anybody anything, but he was worried about Davis. The guy seemed to have been acting strangely ever since they discovered that the girl was bulletproof. Although it was hard for him to follow what was going on with his face full of tit, he knew that his colleague was not behaving like an army Private. It almost appeared as if he'd started to take orders from the girl, as though he'd fallen under some sort of magic spell. Surely, he wouldn't be so stupid as to tell her where the rest of the men were. Invulnerable, super-strong and beautiful though she might be, she definitely didn't seem to be on their side.

Davis looked into his goddess' angelic face. In that instant, he knew there was nothing he wouldn't do to please her. He ignored the discomfort of his predicament, his entire weight supported by a few of her dainty fingers, his feet on the ground seemingly only for balance, his knees bent so he could be face-to-face with her. His only purpose at that moment was to obey her. "They're over there." he said, pointing with his arm to indicate where the rocket launch truck, the Sergeant and the other three Privates were positioned.

With his gums bleeding where his front teeth had been knocked out by the girl's deliciously soft yet inhumanly firm mound, it had caused him considerable pain to speak. No matter. He had been able to give her the information she wanted. He had served his goddess. He was rewarded for his co-operation as the girl's lovely lips curled and parted to show her sexy teeth in a dazzling smile. Thomas meanwhile let out a groan of disgust that was almost entirely muffled by her breast. Davis couldn't understand why his colleague wasn't happy. Wasn't their purpose to please her? To provide whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, to the very best of their ability - even if they were so unworthy of her?

She had the inormation she wanted. Now all that remained was for her to act on it. There was no sense delaying - she wan't sure she could anyway. She moved her hand from the back of her informant's collar, encircling her arm around his waist before he could fall to the ground. Then, in one swift movement, she hoisted him off his feet, tucking him by her side as though he were weightless. Unlike his colleague, he made no effort to resist her. She thought nothing of it as she placed her hand on the back of his head, pushing his face towards her free breast. He immediately began working on her mound wih his lips, tongue and teeth, putting all his efforts into pleasing her, ignoring the fact that his legs were dangling free behind her back.

Now that she had the two males tucked under her long, slender arms, their combined weight as nothing to her, and their faces pressed against each of her hungry breasts, she was reminded of her yearnings. With long strides, she set off towards where she had been told she would find more men. Her two prisoners bounced around with every step, but her arms held them as tightly as steel bands and her hands ensured their mouths were stuck unmovingly against her chest. One of them - the one on her left, the one she had first picked up - was hammering away at her side with his damaged hands, his blows feeling to her like nothing more than caresses. She paid no attention.

A short while later, Lorren noticed what she assumed was some kind of specialised Terran military vehicle atop a slight ridge on the horizon. A couple of dozen more strides and her remarkable eyes were able to make out a number of forms around it - two on top of the machine and one beside it. She had been well informed. She wonderd if these creatures had been responsible for the delicious missiles she had encountered earlier. No matter - there were three more males for her to play with, bringing her collection to five. That surely had to be enough, even in her current mood. She quickened her pace, eager to start the real fun.

Even with the binoculars, it had been hard to see what was going on down there. Private Smith had watched carefully as Thomas and Davis were dispatched to remove the intruder from the firing range. At first he had been confused. He couldn't make out exactly what happened as there seemed to be some kind of stand-off between the Privates and the stranger. Then first one then the other man had approached whoever it was. Now they were on their way back up the hill towards him. For a while it looked like the mystery person was extremely tall; the two soldiers' heads seemed level with the intruder's shoulders as they marched on either side. They were going very quickly. Smith wondered if anything was wrong.

It wasn't until the trio were much closer that he began to see what was going on. It wasn't that the central figure was so tall - it was tall, and slim, but not that tall. Smith couldn't believe his eyes. He refocussed his lenses and looked again, thinking he was hallucinating, but no, he had been right. There were three people down there alright, but only one set of legs on the ground! The middle figure - the mysterious intruder - was carrying the two others - Davis and Thomas. Smith passed the field glasses to his Sergeant and waited for his superior's reaction. A few seconds later, Thomasson dropped the binoculars, his jaw hanging open in shock.

"Fernandes!" the Sergeant yelled to the Private standing below him at the foot of the truck, "Get up here now!"




Lorren stood about a dozen paces in front of the vehicle, a male tucked under each of her arms, looking up at the three men on top of the military machine. She enjoyed the confused expressions on the trio of faces above her. They seemed amazed by the way she was carrying two of their colleagues with such ease, angered by the way she had captured the pair and fascinated by her physical appearence. Although she was getting accustomed to seeing such extreme emotions on Terran faces, she loved the remarkable effect she seemed to have on the creatures. She smiled, calling up to her audience in a mocking tone:

"Come down and join the fun!"

"Put my men down and raise your hands!" responded the one who was clearly supposed to be in charge. To give weight to his words (or so he probably thought) he raised his weapon, pointing its long barrel at her head. She merely laughed.

Thomasson decided to change tactics. He had no idea how to deal with this kind of situation. This incredible, beautiful girl who was carrying two of his men as though they were feather-pillows, who was pressing their faces against her magnificent tits, seemingly for no reason other than her enjoyment. Now she was laughing at his threat, at his rifle. He didn't want to shoot for fear of hitting Thomas or Davis. He didn't want to issue any more instructions that she would ignore, humiliating him in front of his men. Instead, he turned to Fernandes and Smith who were standing by his side, their eyes bulging as they tried to see the stranger's chest around the trapped heads of their colleagues.

The Sergeant spoke to his men in a whisper, eager to keep his words between them. His plan depended on the girl being unaware of what Smith and Fernandes were up to. The idea was that Smith would engage her directly, partly in an attempt to force her to release Thomas and Davis, and partly to keep her occupied so that she wouldn't notice Fernandes sneaking behind her to strike her on the back of her head with the butt of his rifle. It wasn't a brilliant scheme, but sometimes, thought Thomasson, the old ones were the best. Besides, he couldn't think of anything better under the circumstances.

Lorren pretended not to hear the mumbled conversation taking place on top of the vehicle, although her superhuman ears were able to make out every syllable without difficulty. She didn't really care what the Terrans were planning anyway; it wouldn't make any difference to her. So she waited patiently for the first male to descend and approach her, ignoring the man trying to manoeuvre behind her undetected. As he crept, she could hear his breathing, his heartbeat and his footsteps. She could even smell him. Did these pathetic creatures really think they could surprise her? She hoped they would prove to be better lovers than soldiers.

She stood dead still as the first man reached her and tried to pull her arms from her sides. She let him struggle for a while, yanking first one then her other forearm with all his strength without, of course, managing to move her slender limbs at all. He tried hanging off her arm with all his weight, his feet coming off the ground, but she stayed motionless. In frustration, he punched her angelic face, the loud crunch of his shattering knuckles drowned only by the sound of his scream of pain. He clutched his ruined hand to his stomach, tears in his eyes. Lorren watched his discomfort in mild amusement.

A few moments later, he had recovered sufficiently to launch an acrobatic karate-style kick at her bare stomach. Her perfect flesh didn't even flinch as his heavy army boot crashed against her harder-than-steel abdominal muscles. The impact - more than enough to knock a big, heavy Earthman to the ground - failed to even make her blink. As the soldier fell to the dust, yelling anew with the pain of a severe contusion throbbing in his foot, he looked up through watery eyes to see that there wasn't so much as a red mark on her belly. He rolled around in the dirt alternatively clutching his busted hand and his damaged foot. He looked so ridiculous, wounded by his pathetic attempts to hurt her. She had to laugh.

Private Fernandes couldn't believe what was happening to Smith. It was as if the beautiful girl was made of iron or something. First, he couldn't move her arm even when he hung off it with all his weight. Then he broke his hand punching her lovely mouth. By the time Smith finally injured his foot on her flat stomach, Fernandes had almost forgotten his orders. He was standing behind the breath-taking intruder, staring at her magnificent pert backside. He saw Smith in agony on the ground and heard the girl's sexy laugh. At the last moment, he remembered his instructions. Raising his rifle butt high in the air, he brought it crashing down with all his strength on the back of her head.

There was an almighty crack as the metallic rifle butt smacked against the girl's head. Fernandes expected her skull to absorb the force of the impact, but instead the shock travelled up the gun-barrel, violently jarring his hands and making him drop the weapon in surprise. He rubbed his painful palms against each other whilst the girl - who should have been unconscious - slowly turned around to face him, a soldier still imprisoned under each of her arms. She smiled warmly. "That was nice." she said. Fernandes swallowed hard. He saw the heads of Thomas and Davis pressed by the girl's dainty hands against her huge, round breasts and began to realise the superhuman nature of the attractive stranger. She spoke again.

"Sit down." she said. Suddenly overcome by awe and not a little fear, Fernandes immediately obeyed.

So much for the plan to take her by surprise. Lorren took her hands off the back of the two soldiers' heads, lifting her arms to drop her double cargo. The two men fell awkwardly at her feet, leaving her breasts once again fully exposed, the dried blood from the pair's mouths clearly visible. Exhausted from their efforts and their wounds and half-starved of air by her wonderful mounds, neither man tried to stand up. Lorren substitued the attention she had enjoyed from their mouths by cupping herself. Her slim fingers made far deeper indents in her breasts than either man's teeth. In fact, her hands were able to press much further into her flesh than the bullets or even the exploding missiles had done earlier. She closed her eyes for a moment, letting a fresh wave of sexual desire wash over her being.

When she re-opened them, she saw the man who had tried to sneak behind her still sitting motionless on the ground and the two she had first encountered, who she had carried with her pressed to her chest, lying by her feet, gasping for air. Turning around, she saw another rolling in the dirt in obvious pain. There was only one male who hadn't yet joined her little party. The one still up on top of the vehicle. The one who seemed to be in charge. She smiled as she looked up at him. She knew the only being truly in charge at that point was her. "Come down and play with us!" she called up in a mocking tone. He made no attempt to move or reply, merely staring down at her proud breasts, a look of astonishment fixed on his face.

Seeing that this last male wasn't about to join her voluntarily, Lorren decided to give him a little encouragement. A couple of confident strides took her right up to the front of his huge vehicle. Its wheels alone came up as far as her hips. The top of it, on which her reluctant "guest" was standing, was about twice as high as the top of her head. As she lifted her head towards him, his eyes grew huge. She realised he was enjoying a bird's eye view of her chest. Lorren smiled, not caring that he wasn't looking at her face at that moment.

Slowly, she flexed her knees beneath her, her long legs gracefully bending as she crouched by the base of the vehicle. She reached out a slender arm, her delicate upturned palm sliding smoothly beneath the front of the huge machine. Above her, her unwilling male company was frozen to the spot, watching her movements, his face betraying an inner mixture of wonder and confusion. Smiling up at him once more, Lorren began to deliberately raise her outstretched hand. She felt her palm pushing against the underside of the vehicle, her silky soft hand momentarily deforming the metal it touched until she reached a point of maximum tension. There was a loud creaking sound from the steel underneath the big transporter.

Thomasson's features screwed into a frown of concern. What the fuck was going on? He had just stared at the beatiful girl as she crouched and seemed to shove her arm under the front fender. Then suddenly he heard a strange noise from beneath his feet. It was as if the truck itself were groaning - as if some enormous force was affecting the chassis. The sound grew in volume until it became a metallic yell of protest. He stared down at the girl. Her arm was still under the driver's cab, but she had changed her stance, rising up slightly from her haunches. Suddenly, he realised what was happening. This stunningly attractive topless young girl was trying to lift the entire launch truck (with him standing on top of it) off the ground! With a single hand!

The noises of complaint coming from the chassis below told him that - incredibly - she was overcoming the tremendous force exerted by gravity on the truck. Carefully, but smoothly, she was beginning to straighten her legs. To his utter shock, he felt the roof of the vehicle moving beneath his feet. He looked down at the girl and saw the undeniable truth. The two front wheels of the truck were no longer touching the ground. The girl had succeeded! This slim, unbelievably beautiful girl had managed to lift the front of a fifteen ton army vehicle completely off the ground using only one hand. And the phenonemal effort was clearly not making any troublesome demands on her - she was able to flash him her stunning smile as she did it!

The metallic creaking sounds continued as, slack-jawed, Thomasson watched the girl's magnificent legs continuing to straighten out. Her arm rose higher and higher, lifting the truck with it, seemingly with the same ease with which he would lift the hood of a car. The roof he was standing on began to incline; slightly at first and then, steadily, it became ever steeper. Soon, he had to grab on to the missile launch tube by his side to prevent himself falling backwards. He had to strain to look over the side of the truck now. When he did, he saw the girl standing fully erect now, her arm at right-angles, the dainty hand supporting the incredible weight of the truck hidden from his view.

Lorren had lifted weights ten times heavier than this Terran contraption in her training. Still, she still enjoyed the sensation of so easily performing the feat of strength, knowing that it would challenge a hundred fit Earthmen. She looked at the huge vehicle as it balanced on her small palm, her smile broadening as she planned her next move. Slowly, carefully, she bent her elbow beneath the underside of the truck, lowering the front of the vehicle from level with her chest to level with her belly. Tilting her head, her gaze met the atonished eyes of the lone male clinging on to the top of the vehicle. "Come on down!" she called casually, a teasing note obvious in her voice.

Scattered around the ground in various states of pain, injury, shock and weariness, the four Privates stared at the sight before them. In disbelief, they saw the girl hoist the missile launch truck as if it were weightless. They registered her mocking invitation to their Sergeant, but barely noticed that she did not wait for his reply. However, they all noticed what she did next. In a sudden, violent gesture, she straightened out her arm, raising it above her head like an over-eager schoolchild trying to attract his teacher's attention, or an incompetent shot-putter launching his stone straight up into the air. Only it hadn't been a shot she had been holding in her palm...

Thomasson felt the world crazily lurch around him. Suddenly, he was thrown upwards. In surprise, he instantly lost his hold on the missile launch tube and immediately felt his feet break contact with the truck. He heard himself screaming and realised that he was flying through the air. As he tumbled helpless he caught fleeting glimpses of the truck spinning in the sky getting ever smaller. Panic gripped him. He had to be fifty feet above the ground. He felt himself decelerate and knew his upward momentum was spent and that gravity was now in charge. His arms flailed franticly in a vain attempt to slow his fall. His vision filled alternatively with sky and ground as he descended. He closed his eyes.

Lorren had impressed herself. The thrust of her slender arm had lifted the Terran vehicle right in the air. As she had hoped, the male seeking refuge on its roof was quickly seperated from it. She watched, satisfied, as the big truck turned end over end as it flew away from her and her little collection of men while the latest addition to that collection summersaulted through the air almost directly above her. The force of her one-armed shove had launched the vehicle on a spinning arc that would see it crashing down to earth over a hundred paces away. Before that, though, it seemed that the male's life would end with a thump by her feet.

But what would be the point of so carefully separating the man from the machine if it was only to watch him die? She couldn't just stand by as he fell to his death. She couldn't let him die. Not until he given her the pleasure she so desperately craved. She took two quick steps forward so that she was standing right in the path of his decent. Then she thrust her arms out in front of her, palms to the sky and waited to recieve her gift from above. Only at the last moment did she remember the fragility of Terrans. She relaxed her arms, judging to perfection the correct subtle downward movement neccessary to absorb most of the force of the male's landing, bringing the bundle gently to rest in her arms.

Something was wrong. Thomasson had been expecting a violent crash followed by... Followed by what? Nothing? Choirs of angels? But it had felt as if his fall had been broken, like he'd made some miraculously soft landing. Maybe he was actually dead, was already in the afterlife having been spared the pain of his impact with the ground. Scared, but overwhelmingly curious, he blinked his eyes open. What he saw wasn't heaven. But it was the next most wonderful sight. His vision was almost completely filled by the incredible girl's looming, beautiful face. She was leaning over him, her large clear eyes amusedly studying his features.

It took him a few moments to understand what had happened. He was lying in her arms. She had caught him, like a fireman catching a baby thrown from a burning building. Somehow, she'd managed to absorb most of the force of the impact, cushioning him in her wonderful embrace. His thoughts were interrupted by a distant explosion. Turning his head, he saw a ball of fire over a hundred yards away and realised that it had been caused by the launch truck finally coming to earth. She'd tossed the whole thing a hundred yards away with one hand! And now she had two hands on him, cradling his upper body in her arms. Suddenly, he felt very scared. "Wh.. What do you want?" he croaked.

The girl merely smiled and lifted his face towards her own. He tried to free his arms from his sides to push himself away from her, but she was holding him firm. Thinking of the ease with which she had disposed of a truck moments before, he was not all that surprised to find her grip unbreakable. He knew he was helpless against her in a physical contest. He shuddered to think what she had in store for him as he found his head being raised ever nearer her perfect, grinning visage. He saw her smile fade slightly as her luscious lips slowly and oh-so-sexily parted, her immaculate teeth now taking on an inexplicably erotic beauty. Somehow, despite his shock and his growing fear, he found himself growing hard between his legs.

Her lovely mouth was so close to his now. Were it not for her face being tilted at a different angle from his own, their noses would have been touching. Even at this tiny distance, her complexion was uttely flawless. He would never have believed that such beauty was possible. One small part of his brain panicked at the thought of his helplessness in her arms, but the rest of his mind was rapidly filling with a burning sexual desire for her. She was so incredible. So powerful, yet so lovely. His organ throbbed with excitement as it reached maximum readiness. The girl seemed to notice his condition. She pulled his mouth even closer to her lips and breathed into his face as she triumphantly declared, "At last, you're ready to play!"

Without warning, she released her hold on him, pulling her arms away from under him. He fell dramatically to the ground, landing with a dull thud on his back by her pretty bare feet. The impact knocked the air from his body, reducing his instinctive cry of pain to little more than a wheeze. Before he could even recover his breath, Lorren was standing astride him, towering above his prone, bruised body as he stared up in surprise. She slowly raised a delicate foot and positioned it above his groin. The male reacted to this by shivering in fear. He scrambled to move away from her, ungainly thrashing his legs and arms. She smiled at his discomfort and gently brought her sole to rest on the belt of his trousers, pinning him immobile to the ground with her smooth, shapely leg.

Lorren reveled in the dominance she held over the man on the ground. Deliberately, she curled her feminine toes around the top of his belt, tucking them inside the lip of his trousers. Then, making sure he was watching, she gently pulled her foot back, her dainty toes effortlessly tearing the thick leather of his belt and the tough material of his trousers. She continued to ostentasiouly shred his lower garments with her foot until he was naked from the waist down, his now exposed erection rising up towards her loveliness. Briefly, she brushed her sole against his manhood before gripping his shirt and vest between her toes.

She was less cautious tearing these last garments off his body, enjoying the sight of his muscular, broad chest. Even if those muscles were only for show. Even if she possed more strength in one of her toes than he did in his entire body. That thought amused her as she made a show of removing the lower half of her combat uniform, dropping it casually to one side. She delightened in the sounds of quickening pulses all around as she revealed herself in all her naked glory, standing goddess-like astride the man prostrate on the ground. She let her foot rest on his stomach once more so that he couldn't move. Then she looked around, examining the four other males.

She pointed in succession first to the one who had injured his hand and foot attacking her and then to the one who had tried to sneak up behind her at the same time.

"You and you." she said cooly. "Approach me." They both hesistated for a moment, until she added a firm "Now." This was obviously enough to remind them of her charge of the situation. They rose to their feet one walking slowly towards her, the other painfully limping. They stopped well out of her reach, clearly frightened to get any nearer. "Closer." Lorren commanded. She heard both men swallowing as they edged nervously towards her. As soon as they were close enough, she flashed out her arms, her slender fingers rapidly shredding their garments, pulling the fragments off their bodies and scattering them all around.

She worked too fast for either man to react, stripping them both naked but managing not to tear their fragile Earth bodies in the process. Once she had removed the last fragments of clothing, she stretched her arms wide again, wrapping each one around one of the men's waists and hoisting them both clear of the ground in one graceful, fluid movement. One of them began to feebly pound at her side, his blows barely registering. The other seemed resigned to her overwhelming superiority.

It was only the pain still throbbing in his hand and foot from his confrontation with the girl and the fact that she seemed to be threatening the life of his sergeant that convinved Private Smith to obey her instruction and limp to her side. Once there, he wasn't shocked to find himself being lifted into the air by her arm that encircled him like an curved iron girder. He hammered only briefly on her flawless torso as, by now, he was certain that resistance was pointless. Pain washed over him. Yet, as she pressed him so tightly against her side, he couldn't help but marvel at her physical perfection; the smoothness of her skin, the stunning outline of her figure. From somewhere - could it be from between her legs? - a delicious perfume assaulted his nostrils and made him burn with lust.

Fernandes found himself equally aroused by the girl's remarkable natural scent. At that moment, she seemed to him to be the distilled essence of woman; the very definition of sexual desirability. He shivered with yearning as he felt her flawless flesh brushing against his own, more mortal body. She was shifting him about, adjusting her hold on him. He caught a glimpse of Smith also being manoevred under her other arm. He could do nothing but wait and see what she had in mind for them. In the meantime he savoured the delicious contact of his body against hers.

Lorren shifted her arms so that she held the back each man's head wedged inside her elbow joints and then inexorably pulled them down towards her chest. She stopped when she felt the two sets of hot rapid breathing against her tingling breasts. She noticed the usual signs of Terran male excitement - the quickened heartbeats and respiration, the glistening sweat, the smell of penile arousal. She knew that her breasts, so large and impossibly firm by Earth standards, were irresistible to the men. She knew that each mound would be filling one male's field of vision and overpowering his senses.

She looked down at the two naked men. Pulling their heads against her chest, she pressed their faces into her breasts until they both let out muffled yells of agony. She relaxed the pressure only slightly and began to rub each man's rough skin against her smooth feminine curves, remembering to be careful not to crush their hard male skulls to powder on her soft, womanly breasts. She had to concentrate to feel the two sets of stubble scraping across her nipples. It felt pleasant enough, but she wanted much, much more. Still stroking her breasts with the two men, she began to crouch over the man between her legs, slowly lowering herself towards his waiting, pulsating organ.

Sergeant Thomasson found himself incredibly turned on by the sight of the girl standing over him, stroking her fabulous, big, round mounds with the rough faces of two of his men. He became aware of her bending her legs, her feet planted like steel pillars either side of him. With a thrill of excitement and no little fear for his life, he realised she was preparing to mount him. He saw Fernandes and Smith being dragged down with her, her upper arms pinning them inescapably to her chest, their torsos and legs hanging loosely behind her back until they eventually trailed on the dusty ground.

By then, the girl was crouched over him, her inviting sex hovering inches over his over-inflated manhood. He looked up at her, catching glimpses of her wonderful breasts behind the heads of his two men as she continued to rub them against herself. He saw her stunning face, her lips slightly parted to afford him a peek of her perfect teeth. He noticed a glint in her eye, a sort of mischevious excitement, like a teenager about to get to second base for the first time. She seemed to be preparing for the ride of her life. With a curious mix of both horror and exhilaration, he realised that he was about to become the vehicle for that ride.

Lorren was getting really excited now. She had nearly all the toys in place to begin her long-anticipated game. She looked back over her shoulder at the two remaining pieces. These were the two she had first encountered. She studied their faces. Remembering how subservient the taller man had proven, she decided to leave him until last. The other one, she recalled, had refused to freely co-operate with her. He would need some sort of incentive to be persuaded to play his part properly. Luckily for her, she had more than enough to work with already.

Her arms were busy so she couldn't point at him when she called "You!" so she indicated him with a nod of her head. He looked at her with an expression dominated by fear and anger. "Come here and kneel in front of me." she commanded him. When he seemed reluctant to move, she threatened. "Kneel in front of me now, or I'll crush your three friends here to paste." Muffled groans of panic rose from each of her breasts and from the ground under her, but she ignored them. The object of her instruction, understanding the hopelessness of the situation, rose to his feet and walked gingerly around her. He fell clumsily to his knees facing her, his head a little lower than hers, his folded legs running parallel to the trapped body of his Sergeant.

Making sure she had the two men at her breasts well trapped by her upper arms, she leant forward, reaching out with her hands as best she could without crushing the heads pressed against her chest. There were moans of discomfort as her big breasts pushed even harder into the faces of the two men, but she ignored him as she placed her fingertips on the kneeling man's cheeks and pulled his face up towards her own, stretching his spine in the process, and almost pulling him off his knees. All the while, she gently moved her elbows, stroking her mounds with the ever more bruised faces of two of her toys.

Private Thomas was shaking with fear. He had experienced enough of this unbelievable girl to want to be as far away from her as possible - like somewhere in China. Or the moon. The last things he had wanted to do were kneel before her or put his face within reach of her delicate-looking, but clearly deadly fingers. But he had no choice but to take her threat against his colleagues seriously. He was too loyal to let his Sergeant and two fellow Privates get killed. So, reluctantly, he had obeyed her order.

As he kneeled beside his prone officer, he breathed in the girl's indescribable scent and wondered anew at her remarkable beauty. He found himself getting hard despite his anger and his terror. By the time she was drawing his face towards hers, the strength of her pull almost threatening to tear him in half, he was drowning in a sea of yearning. Her seemingly limitless power terrified him, but her sexuality overwhelmed even that extreme emotion. He stared at her inviting mouth, almost orgasming as she licked her generous red lips and exhaled her sweet warm breath into his face. Only then did he understand the unopposable power that she possessed.

Watching the terrified expression on the male she was holding in front of herself change into a look of desire, Lorren realised she was impressing even herself. By the simple act of running her tongue invitingly around her outside of her mouth and breathing very gently on his face, she had gained control over his mind as well as his body. This man who had been so eager to resist her was now hers to play with as she wanted. Her domination over him was complete in every way; physical, mental and sexual. The thought carried her arousal to new, incredible heights. Holding the face of her newest captive between her palms, she twisted her neck to look over her smooth shoulder at the one male not yet involved.

The tall man, sitting up on the ground, was turned in her direction, his eyes wide in adoration like an obidient dog beholding its master. She wondered if she wanted such a man to try and pleasure her. The bruises on his cheeks, caused when she had held his face against her breast earlier, were now becoming dark. Dried blood lined his mouth, reminding her of how that same breast had knocked most of his front teeth from his gums. Everything about his appearence - the battered look, over-eager-to-please expression and damaged clothes suggested a man who had abandoned his dignity. He looked utterly pathetic. A weak, fragile, puny Terran. Less a man than an earthworm. Lorren couldn't help but let her disgust show on her face.

Davis had waited patiently while the girl had manoeuvred his four colleagues around her glorious body. He longed to know what she had planned for him. He vowed to himself that whatever she wanted, he would fulfill her wish with every drop of his being. He longed to touch her, to feel her perfection. To worship her physically. He saw the others being forced to serve her and wondered why she didn't choose him. After all, he wouldn't resist her or try to fight against her. Finally, she looked back at him, honouring him by turning her devine face his way. He felt a thrill pass through him in wild anticipation. He returned her gaze, his eyes betraying his supplication and his desire to please.

But her expression wasn't what he had expected. She seemed to be scowling, as if repulsed by the very sight of him. What was wrong? Had he shown himself to be unworthy of her in some way? But what about the others? Surely she couldn't reject him for them. He couldn't bear the idea. Surely his goddess, whom he worshipped and adored, wouldn't reject him? He had to know. In a trembling, pitiful voice he addressed her:

"And me?"

Lorren was sickened by the pathetic creature. "You?!" she snapped back. "You are not fit to approach me. You shall never touch me. You will remain there and watch me playing with your friends but you will never touch me. Do you understand?"

She couldn't believe it. The male was crying! Tears were streaming down his bruised cheeks into his bloody mouth. He was heartbroken. His monosyllablic answer - "Yes." - was sobbed as if by a child. She had been right. Such a deplorable specimen did not deserve to touch her wonderful body. Making sure that he was actually watching her through his tears, she turned her face away from him and back towards the face of the man she was still gripping in her hands.

"Now this," she thought, "is more of a man. Look at the anger in his eyes. His lust for me is overpowering, but his eyes show that, in his heart, he still wants to fight me. If only he wasn't a puny Terran. He can never oppose me, but at least he can amuse me. For a while, anyway..." And she pulled his face aggressively to hers, tilting his head slightly at the last moment so their noses didn't meet but their lips did. She could feel him tensing, trying to resist her. She revelled in the knowledge that nothing he could do could even slow her down for an instant, let alone prevent her from doing as she pleased with him. She kissed him hard, full on the lips, ignoring his squirms of discomfort.

He had tried to pull his lips into his mouth. She merely drew them outwards with the faintest of touches from each of her own luscious deep red lips. Then she ran the tip of her tongue very gently on them and found he was clamping them shut, perhaps because he was no longer in possesion of front teeth to bar entry into his mouth. She just pushed her tongue between his lips, parting them and exploring his mouth at will, effortlessly pushing his protesting tounge aside with her own. She pressed against the roof of his mouth, making his head spasm between her hands, and continued her wanderings, knocking a few of his remaining teeth free, enjoying the taste of his blood.

As she let her tongue continue its destructive, but most enjoyable (for her anyway) roaming, she began to move her elbows around, rubbing herself with the faces of the two men trapped between her upper arms and her breasts. Their hands and fists, slapping and pounding at her sides, told her that she was hurting them, damaging their tough, masculine faces with her soft, feminine breasts. But their strongest efforts barely carried the weight of gentle caresses to her and she paid no attention to their protestations as she continued to pleasure herself with them, massaging her chest with their chins, jaws, cheeks and noses. The contact spread a pleasant glow through her body - nothing compared to the delights of the missiles earlier - but just enough to whet her appetite.

With her lips, tongue and breasts now being enjoyably stimulated, she turned her attention to the core of her sexual being. She was more than ready now. The prostrate male trapped between her feet was clearly also ready. Perhaps it was the sight of her using three of his colleagues as sex-toys. Perhaps it was the overpowering scent she exuded at times like this. Perhaps it was the proximity to her beauty; the sight of her flawlessness, the contact between his bare skin and her perfect, desirable naked flesh. Lorren wasn't sure, and she didn't care. All that concerned her was that he was erect. Not that he was a particularily impressive specimen - even by Terran standards - but at least he was ready.

Slowly, carefully, she lowered herself towards the waiting phallus. She did not want to break off the violent kiss she was enjoying with the one trapped in her hands, nor did she want to pull his head from his shoulders either. She did not want to stop her stroking of her breasts with the two trapped by her arms, nor did she want to reduce their faces to sticky pulp. She did not want to crush the penis of the one below her, nor ground his pelvis to powder. So she manoeuvred herself with caution over the tip of his throbbing organ until finally her sex met his. The feathery contact set off an electric charge in her brain. So weak, these Terrans. They teased her, made her desire grow.

Lorren relaxed herself within and began to impale herself on her new toy. A scream from the ground let her know she had not relaxed enough. Disappointed, she eased up, pressing herself down to ensure that his full length entered her. Once more, a yell of agony told her she would have to make further adjustments. How pathetic these creatures were. She could hardly feel him inside. What she did sense was a spasm, almost as if he were about to orgasm. Already! She tightened herself to prevent his release, ignoring his grunts of discomfort. Slowly, she raised herself up a little and then came down again, stroking herself inside with what little he had to offer her. The sensation was so delicate, she had to concentrate to feel it.

The male moaned in pain and his eyes watered as she started to ride him as gently as she could. Alone, he probably wouldn't have been able to please her. But with another male forced to yield to the demands of her lips and tongue and two more pressed against her breasts, Lorren was starting to enjoy herself. She had been right to think that a group of Earthmen would be able to provide her with much more entertainment than just a pair could manage. They were so fragile, so pathetic, but if used correctly, they could be fun for a while. She was mindful that she had to be careful, though. It would be a shame if any - or all - of these toys broke before she was done playing.

Sergeant Thomasson was in agony. She was crushing his organ inside her, as if her vagina contained a steel clamp. She was gripping him so tight, he couldn't cum. He wanted to cum, despite the pain she caused him, despite his fear of her unstoppable power, because she was so incomparably sexy. She was riding him, carrying three other men up and down with her, oblivious to their discomfort, their rights and duties. She was screwing him painfully and yet a hundred times more erotically than any other woman he'd ever slept with. She defied belief. She was taking him, using him, holding off his orgasm until she was ready and he could do nothing in response but become lost in her sexuality.

Kneeling alongside Thomasson, the girl's strong hands repeatedly pulling him up off his knees and pushing him back down on to them, Private Thomas was crying. He was crying because the pain of her lips crushing his, of her tongue severely battering the inside of his mouth, of her palms pressing his cheeks and of her powerful lungs sucking the air from his body. He was crying because for the first time in his life, he had been defeated and now humiliated, by a woman. He was crying because her physical superiority was so great, he feared she would kill him any instant. And he was crying, because despite all that, he found himself burning with passion for her, his oppressor, his tormentor. He cried because he had no more control over himself. She had taken it all.

But if the girl was inspiring lust in Private Thomas, it was a fraction of the effect she was exerting on Smith and Fernandes. Both men's faces were now dark. It had long since become impossible to see where one bruise ended and the next began. If anything, she was pressing them harder than ever against her superhumanly firm mounds. Stiffiled by her warm, silky skin, her big, round mounds filling their faces, neither could cry out. Their eyes were barely able to see because the skin all around them had swollen under the constant barrage of feminine flesh, but what little they could see was all exquisite breast. Their noses, in the rare moments they could draw in air, drew in air saturated with the scent of breast. And, apart from traces of their own blood, each man's lips and tongues tasted nothing but breast.

It was too much for Fernandes. The pain was overruled in his mind by the supreme eroticism of such intimate, continuous contact with so perfect and so feminine a part of her anatomy. His erection, untouched by either her body or his any part of his own, throbbed dramatically. He could no longer contain himself. He felt his muscles contracting as wave after wave of orgasm shot through his body, and out of it. His fluid arched through the air, a tiny amount touching the girl's flawless back. Some landed on his sergeant's feet, but of course, he couldn't see. The girl herself showed no reaction, merely continuing to bouce up and down, still caressing her glorious mound with his face, prolonging his orgasm until he had a new set of pains. The constant action kept him agonisingly erect even once he had stopped cuming.

Private Smith, meanwhile, did not orgasm. For a moment, he was convinced he would, but somehow at that point, the girl's huge breast had jammed in his mouth, the delicious flesh simulatoneously sealing his nostrils. He had struggled desperately to free himself just enough to take in some air, but her arm holding him against her was immovable. He tried to bite her nipple, but the few teeth he had left broke off against her impossibly hard skin. His feet flapped about wildly behind her back, but it was useless. Within a few moments, he felt himself slipping out of consciousness. A final, desperate, attempt to breathe proved futile and his world faded to black. The girl seemed unaware, merely rubbng herself with his face as aggressively as before.

The only one who appeared to notice Smith's body go limp under her arm was Private Davis. Drawn towards the girl like a moth to a flame, he had crept closer to her. He knew he was forbidden to touch her. But he hadn't been told he couldn't see her from closer, or watch her perfection as she used his colleagues, or even stare in fierce envy as she rode his Sergeant. Then, he came closer. Close enough to distinguish her scent from the sweat of the men. Close enough to see every detail of her goddess' body. Close enough to see that Smith was being smothered. Close enough to warn her if he hadn't feared further displeasing her. Close enough to maybe save his colleague if he hadn't been worried about revealing to her how close he was and fearing she would banish him once more. Close enough, almost, to touch her.

But, she had forbidden it. It was just that she was so beautiful, so perfect, so sexy. He longed to place his hand on her immaculate skin, to taste her femininity, to worship her body. He burned to give her pleasure, to please her, make her appreciate him, her insignificant worshipper. He was so close to her now. As she moved up and down on the sergeant, Smith's unconscious body, flapping freely under her arm while she continued to massage her magnificent breast with his wounded face, knocked against him time and again. He longed to take the comatose man's place, to be himself pressed against the chest of his goddess. He inched closer still, ignoring the blows from Smith's limp legs, helplessly drawn towards her.

Lorren couldn't help but notice that the male she had forbidden to touch her had crept nearer. She could even smell him, distinguish the tone of his sweat from those of the four others around her. She choose to ignore him for now. Just as she had noticed one of the men she was rubbing herself with orgasm. And chosen to ignore it. Or like the way she'd realised that the other one had passed out moments before he, too, would have ejaculated and she had merely continued to press his face to her breast. She didn't care. She was enjoying the most gratifying sex since she had arrived on Earth.

So what if the male beneath her was desperate for his own release? So what if she was preventing it with her unearthly inner muscles? He was just another toy. The only thing that mattered was her pleasure. Which was why, despite the damage she was inflicting on her latest playthings, she greedily began to take steps to increase that pleasure. Her hands clamped roughly on the face of the male on kissing duty, her lips pressing even more firmly against his, turning them blue, whilst her tongue bullied his, removed his few remaining teeth and bruised his exposed gums. His mouth filled with blood. She found the taste exciting.

Meanwhile, Lorren used her upper arm to jam the unconscious male hard against her tingling breast, unpurturbed by the dull crunching sound of his fragile lower jaw being pulverised by her soft femininity. The increased pressure on her mound, although a thousand times weaker than she could produce with her own fingers, thrilled her nonetheless. She decided to try the same with with her other breast. Not caring that the man trapped against that breast was still conscious and therefore quite capable of feeling pain, she pushed his head into her bosom, turning his face a little from side to side as she pressed. This time there was a loud crack and a cry of shocked agony from under her arm. Blood poured down her front.

She hadn't merely broken his nose. She'd ground it to paste against her big, impossibly firm breast. A few moments later, he became as limp as his fellow unwilling chest-massager. But Lorren was so close now to what she could tell would be an enormous orgasm. She was not about to stop merely because another male had proven too fragile for her body. Besides, awake or not, it felt good to have the two men's battered faces pressed hard up against her mounds. Very good in fact. She increased the speed of her up and down movements, riding the fourth male far faster than any Terran girl could. Of course he, too, gave a yell of discomfort, but she was no more interested in his well-being than she was in that of his colleagues.

Thomasson's mind was at meltdown. For starters, there was the pain. Terrible, unending pain. Pain from his bruised hips which were constantly being pounded by the girl's own steel-hard body. Pain from his burning organ desperate to spasm in orgasm but clamped tighter than was believable by her superhuman sex. His growing state of sexual excitement and the unfulfilled yearning to bring it to a climax added to his confusion. Then there was the fact that he was being raped. He, a commander of men. A strong, fit, soldier. And he was being raped by a slim young woman. A young woman who had overpowered five trained and armed fighting men. The most beautiful young woman he had ever seen.

She was moving up and down at incredible speed now, her long, smooth legs pumping like pistons. He saw blood on her belly from the faces of the three men she was pressing to her lips and breasts, but she showed no intention of slowing. He cried out again as she crashed down on his pelvis. He found his vision clouded by tears. He was ashamed. Military men shouldn't cry. They shouldn't be used - humiliated - by horny young girls. He longed for it to be over, for her to release the pressure on his organ and allow him to orgasm and for her to stop her painful bouncing on him. As if she had read his mind and wanted to show her scorn for him, she sped up her riding still further. His tears began to flow freely.

Private Thomas was also crying. He was almost choking on his own blood too. The inside of his mouth was rapidly becoming one big wound. The weapon of distruction, the girl's seemingly soft, sexy pink tongue was unstoppable. It went wherever it wanted, flicking or merely pressing to inflict damage at will. His lips were numb, the colour and life crushed out of them by the impossible pressure of her passionate kiss. He would have screamed but her lips sealed his mouth shut. Furthermore, she seemed to be sucking every last drop of air from his body, his lungs nowhere near the equal of hers. Every sound he tried to make and every weak exhalation he managed to produce was lost in her warm, perfect mouth.

As he struggled to breathe, her tongue suddenly darted to the bottom of his mouth, slamming into his wounded gum, the blow cracking his lower jaw bone. A new spurt of blood filled his gullet. She lapped it up with her tongue, repeatedly bashing his new wound. He had never experience such pain. Nor had he ever encountered hands, or lips or a tongue as erotic as hers. He was torn between an agony so great he feared for his life and a degree of sexual excitement so intense he thought he might explode. Still, he fought for air. The girl responded to his predicament by kissing him even harder, almost pulverising his bloodless lips. He felt himself shaking as he orgasmed in huge spasms, his penis not needing to be touched, so overwhelming was the stimulation of his mouth. Moments later, everything went black.

From his vantage point on his knees, so very, very close to the girl, Davis watched Thomas loosing his fluid and then passing out. The sight of his goddess bringing a man to orgasm by merely kissing him against his will heightened his own yearning for her. He felt jealous of his colleague's damaged face. He wished it had been him wounded by her luscious lips and her lovely tongue. She was so magnificent. So powerful. So perfect. Suddenly, he realised that he had raised his hand towards her and that his fingertips were almost touching her. He stopped himself. It was forbidden for him. But that was so injust. She was so perfect. Why couldn't he worship her with his hands?

She was almost there now. She felt her orgasm building deep inside. She was aware that only the male beneath her was conscious now, but she pressed the others against her, one to her lips, two others to her breasts. She heard the cracking of bones, the squelching of flesh and muscles and felt blood dripping onto herself, but paid it no mind. Without giving any warning, she relaxed her inner grip on the phallus of the remaining conscious male. He shook beneath her, jet after jet of cum shooting upwards into her from his relieved manhood. To her, it was a miserable trickle. But it was enough. Just enough.

At last! At last she had released that incredible grip on his shaft. Finally, he could cum. His body could express its natural reaction to her unbelieveable beauty. And it expressed and expressed and expressed. His groin was so painful, he barely noticed the additional discomfort of his seemingly endless orgasm. He felt as if his internal organs were being sucked out of his body through his throbbing penis. Subconsciously, he tried to yell, but his throat was too dry and hardly a sound left his lips. He felt as if his heart would give out or his organ would fall off or perhaps his eyes pop out of his face. He thought he saw the girl rising upwards as if preparing for one more huge downward thrust. A moment later, all his thoughts ceased.

Lorren threw her head back, flinging her arms wide as she did so. The three males who had been trapped in her embrace, all long since unconscious, fell like dead weights to the dusty ground. She cupped herself, her dainty fingertips making far greater impressions in her big round breasts than two men's entire heads had managed. With a enormous sigh, she surrendered to her own body, wave after wave of pure joy washing through her being. She shuddered as though in an earthquake as the unbounded pleasure poured into every part of her. She had never known such delight in her life, never felt so much physical pleasure. She was amazed that four puny Terran males could have provided her with such fun.

Private Davis could resist no longer. Seeing the girl lost in her orgasm, his longing to feel her immaculate skin became too great to fight. He knew he was disobeying her, but he acted because he wanted to worship, not disrespect her. Before he properly knew what he was doing, his fingers brushed against her side as it shuddered. Confident she hadn't noticed, and lost in the delicious feel of her, he began to stroke her smooth, immaculate flesh. Her skin felt so wonderful. So perfect. He felt himself ejaculating in his shorts, driven to a state well beyond self control by the mere act of touching his goddess. Regaining some of his senses, he pulled his hand away, hoping she hadn't realised his disobedience.

Slowly, the incredible feeling began to fade. She became aware of two other sensations. Firstly, an Earthman's feathery fingertips stroking her side and secondly something particularly wet and sticky beneath her. She knew immediately that the fingertips belonged to the fifth man. The disgusting, worm-like one she had forbidden to touch her. She would deal with him shortly. As to the mess below her, she could have guessed what that was before she opened her eyes. In her final thrusts of delight, she had completely crushed the hips of the male beneath her. She had, in fact, pounded his groin to nothingness, his pelvic bones now unrecognisable in the gory mass. To all extents and purposes, his body had been cut in half.

She smiled at the irony. His puny Earthman's body had lasted just long enough to bring her pleasure and not a second longer. These Terran toys weren't built to last, but at least they were just about sufficient. If a bit messy. It amused her to think that she had killed him as he orgasmed inside her. Her sexual and physical power over the males of this planet was fantastic. Standing up athletically, as brim-full of energy as ever, she looked down at the three other men who had contributed to her little game. Two of them were just about moving, their chests rising and falling although their facial features were barely recognisable amongst the bruises and the blood and the curious deformations. But her sensitive ears detected their uneven, rasping breathing.

The third man was quite still. He had been the first to black out. Starved of air for too long when his face had been pushed against her breast, his fate had been sealed long before his hard chin had been crushed beyond recognition by her softest flesh. In truth, he looked far less damaged than the two luckly ones. The other victim of her chest had nothing but a lump of bloody pulp where his nose had once been. His eye sockets, cheekbones and jawline were bruised black. His gums bled profusely and only a few teeth remained in place. What little she knew of Terran medical technology told her that he stood a good chance of remaining alive, albeit as a permanently disfigured wreck.

She wasn't so sure about the other survivor of the game. His lips appeared to have been squashed out of existance by her over-eager kisses. His lower jaw hung crookedly and his toothless gums were little more than bloody strips of flesh. Her soft wandering tongue had inflicted horrendous damage to his mouth. If he was to live, he would need a lot of doctors very soon. Of course, they probably wouldn't be able to rebuild his face, but they might just be able to keep him alive. It was quite thrilling to think that she had hurt a big man so badly with nothing more than her lips and tongue. It made her feel incredibly powerful. An audiable laugh rose from her throat. She wondered what she would have done to him if he had actually been a decent kisser...

Lorren turned her back on the battered males lying in the dirt. She'd enjoyed the little game she'd played with them, but she didn't feel the need to thank them. Besides, two of them were too dead to appreciate her gratitude. And she wasn't that grateful. It wasn't as if the planet wasn't full of other males who would have been just as much fun to play with - and probably just as fragile too. It was time for her to move on. The promise of finding a population settlement and the thousands of potential playthings within it was too tempting. But before she could leave, there was one last thing she had to take care of.

Picking up a discarded strip of torn Terran military clothing, she made quick work of wiping the blood and gore from her body. Then, she located her uniform, an incredibly brief outfit by Earth standards, and quickly slipped into it. She knew she was being watched all the while. Once she was ready, she turned on her heels to face the final, fifth male. The most pathetic one. The one who had dared to touch her against her instructions. Standing at her full height, her feet slightly apart, she placed her hands on her hips, striking a pose that reflected her superiority. Then she addressed her inferior:

"Male! You touched me. I told you not to."

Davis had watched her cleaning herself and dressing in her skimpy one-piece in awe at her gracefulness. He stared as she faced him, striking a dominant pose, still overwhelmed by her beauty. He wondered what she wanted of him. He hoped she had changed her mind, that she now wanted him to touch her, to worship her glory. But instead, she revealed that she had noticed his indescretion. She was angry. His goddess was displeased with him. He began to tremble. His voice betrayed his proximity to tears "I... I'm s..s... sorry. Pl..please don't..."

"Come here." she interrupted him firmly. She'd had enough of his pathetic nature. The male shuffled forward, moving more like an old man than a soldier in the prime of his life. He sickened her. She no longer wished to look at his miserable face. "On your knees!" she commanded. He immediately obeyed, craning his neck to look up at her, eyes like a faithful hound. His face disgusted her. "Kiss the ground." He puckered his lips and embraced the dirt. A wide, cruel smile stretched across Lorren's face. "Don't move until I give you permission." she said. Then, without looking back, she turned and noiselessly jogged her way back to the highway to continue her search for the nearest town.

It was more than four hours before the men were discovered. Two of them were long dead, two others were rushed away for extensive emergency surgery. A fifth man was found kneeling with his mouth touching the ground. When the medics tried to pull him up, he resisted, hysterically screaming something about disobeying his goddess. It took three men to restrain him enough for him to be sedated and carried into the truck that would take him to the psychiatric unit. When he came to, he refused to stand or walk. He told his carers he had to be on his knees forever more, so as not to displease his "goddess".

Fourty miles away, a lone young woman dressed in an unusual and revealing sheer swimsuit strolled confidently by the side of a highway. As she passed a sign reading "Crampton 15 miles", her exquisite face lit up in a huge, mischievous grin.


Conceptfan, Mar. 2002.