Randolph and Kim

Chapter 3

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Randolph runs as fast as his bruised, ageing limbs can manage, nearly tripping more than once on his towelling robe. His mind races with questions, but it already knows the answer to the key one. He didn't fire the transfer-beam at thin air... he fired it directly into the obscenely-shaped body of that slut of a teenaged girl. The same slut of a teenaged girl who had caused him, by her immodest clothing, to misfire the beam in the first place. He thought his life's work had simply vanished into the ionosphere. Now he realises the truth, and it's far, far worse. The idea that no-one would ever reap the benefits of his labour seemed a cruel, bitter blow. But the fact is that someone - someone so repulsive - has profited from all the energy it took him so long to gather... It's too much! He could have almost borne losing the power he has so patiently craved if no-one else would ever gain it. But he cannot accept that he is to get nothing - nothing at all - and that this trollop is to have everything.

How could fate play so cruel a trick on him? To take the fruit of his genius and forty years of waiting and hand it to the least deserving, most ignorant, morally-bankrupt of adolescents! Worse: an undeserving, ignorant, morally-bankrupt adolescent GIRL. A whore of the lowest kind. Who dresses not to hide her shameful allurements but to expose them more temptingly. Who not only flaunts her sexuality but actually enjoys it! Who lures upstanding citizens to surrender to their own basest impulses.

With the power, he would have changed the world. He would have forced all the degenerates like her to accept decency and morality, to show him the respect he deserves as a scientist without equal, a man of values far beyond the lax society in which he's forced to live. He would no longer have been vulnerable to the witch-like tricks of women. He would have been the master, the one to punish their witchcraft with proper justice. The one to make them regret their degenerate displays of so-called feminine power with his own, pure, male authority. He would have risen above the ethical decay to lead by example - once he had taught her and her ilk the consequence of her ways. Now, instead of him being in a position to correct the likes of that slut, it's she who has the power to do as she pleases and he who is powerless to do anything to stop her. She can flaunt her obscene body as much as she wishes, using it to confuse and distract upstanding men like himself to her heart's desire.

Just the thought of her disgusting body and what she can now do with it makes him want to scream. She's lifting a tree with those long, shapely arms! It should be him with that incredible strength. Who knows what else that trollop might do with her powers? Whilst he has nothing to look forward to but the final degeneration of his weakening, frail body, she can now pervert his dream in ways he dare not even imagine. He cannot abide the thought of those obscene, over-sized breasts, which she loves to display so immodestly, now even firmer than before, possessing the strength and power that he had dreamed about for so long. She can probably crush stone with those mounds now. She can flaunt them, destroying the moral fibre of helpless men as she goes about her selfish, ignorant ways. It horrifies him to think about it all. It's the complete opposite of his plans and his hopes. His dream has become a nightmare.

Randolph tears out into the yard. "What are you doing with my power?" he practically screams at the slim big-breasted teenager in the red bikini who's carrying a massive tree like it's a matchstick. "That energy is mine!"

"Hey, what's your problem, old man?" Kim asks from behind the huge tree trunk.

"You've absorbed the energy from my Sherman crystal! My transfer-beam must have hit you as you walked past my garage. It's my power! You stole it!"

"Your power? Transfer beam? You mean, like, you zapped me with something? Dude, is that, like, legal?"

"Yes! No! Who cares?! You took the power of my crystal!"

"So 'cos of your shitty aim I've, like, got superpowers now? That's pretty funny."

"It's not funny! It's a disaster!"

"Seems funny to me. I mean, you build a super-ray and then you can't even shoot it straight ‘cos you're so old and feeble so I get the superpowers!"

"No. That energy is mine! They're MY superpowers!"

Kim tosses the huge tree into the air and catches it once more. She's getting better and better at keeping it balanced. "They don't feel like YOUR powers to me!" she says.

"I've been working on that process for forty years, you ignorant trollop!"

"No wonder you're so pissed off then. Looks like you fucked up big time, pervert." She pauses for a moment, as if considering her final verdict. After about three seconds' thought - which is all he deserves in her opinion - she pronounces: "Bummer for you, funny for me!" A gentle lifting of her arms sends the whole tree spinning into the air. It crashes down just a yard away from Randolph, making the ground shudder and the old man jump back in terror. "Ooops, sorry. That's gonna take you a while to clean up!" Kim says.

Randolph can almost feel his blood boiling inside his brain. "You little whore! You've stolen my life's work!" He screeches. With an arm raised over his head, he charges as best he can at his age, wearing a towelling robe, through the gap in the fence between the two yards.

Kim doesn't move, but she does put her hands cockily on her hips and retort with "Well, you should've thought of that before you zapped me with your transformer-thing."

"Whore!" Randolph yells as he leaps at the girl. She turns her head, closes her eyes and flinches from his first blow. Something isn't right. She can hear slaps - one, two, three, four now - but she can only detect what feels like raindrops on the top of her head. The old man is yelling now. "Ow... Ow... What have you done to my hand, trollop?" Slowly she opens her eyes. She sees her neighbour clutching is right hand with his left. The right is turning purple with bruises. Before she can work out what's going on, he hits her with his left. At least, she thinks he hits her. He definitely strikes at her, but she feels nothing other than another light tap before he screams and pulls his hand away. It takes Kim quite a few moments to work it all out.

"Hey! I'm in venerable!" she announces.

"The word is 'invulnerable' you ignorant, thieving whore!" Randolph hisses between clenched teeth, clearly in pain as he nurses his damaged hands.

"This is so fucking cool!" Kim trills. "I gotta show my friends!"

Before Randolph can even begin to formulate a response, she seems to dissolve into a pink-and-red smear. A rush of displaced wind almost knocks him off his feet.

"Wow!" it's the girl's voice, but it sounds like it's coming from a long way behind him. That can't be - she was standing in front of him a second ago. But when he turns around and looks, it is her. She's at the other end of the yard now, one foot already in her house. "I'm like, ultra-fucking-fast! Awesome!"

"Come back you slut! Those are MY powers!" Randolph yells, the despair evident in his voice. For a second time, the girl becomes a streak of colour. The next thing he knows, he's staggering backwards as a wall of wind briefly hits him from the front. He recovers his balance only to be shocked almost off his feet once more as she seems to materialise just a foot in front of him. She's so close, he cannot help but glare down at her stunning cleavage, so well-displayed by her red bikini. She notices, and smiles, pushing out her large breasts and taking a mini-step towards him.

"You're such a perv, old man." Kim tells him, slowly moving her chest from side to side under his gaze so that his eyeballs oscillate from one side to the other, like a hypnotist's victim staring at a swinging pocket-watch. "Just look at your eyes following my bod! What a joke!"

"How dare you speak to me like that you trollop!" Randolph shouts, but the impact of his chastisement is lost as his eyes remained glued to her breasts. Beneath them, her hand streaks out, but he doesn't have time to react. He feels a tug on his waist and hears a tearing sound. He looks down, beyond the twin mounds that have been filling his vision and realises that she's torn his towelling robe open. The loose material falls around his ankles, leaving him standing naked from the waist down. Now his obvious admiration for her nubile body is clearly on display, his grey-haired, erect penis fully exposed.

Kim looks down at the disgusting sight of the old man's prick. "That'll learn the old pervert," she smiles to herself. Then, she thinks of something really clever to say to him. "No wonder they call you Randy, pervert." she sneers at him, very pleased with her wit.

"Whore!" Randolph explodes. But the girl becomes a blur before the word has even left his lips. She moves too quickly for him to even know in which direction she has gone. “Trollop!” Randolph spits. "Thieving whore!"

She has his power. All of it. It's worse than if he'd fired it into the air. "Now," he thinks to himself, "this disgraceful slut has it all in her disgusting body... Wait a minute! If the transfer-beam filled her body with energy from the Sherman crystal, then maybe I can find a way to reverse the process and draw the energy back into the crystal... Yes, it must be possible... And once I get the energy into the crystal then I can re-transfer it into my body. Into its rightful owner. And then, that whore will pay for her disrespect." He bends low, wincing in pain, as he picks up the torn piece of towelling robe from his feet. He holds it in front of his naked groin as he makes his way back into his house.


Conceptfan, Jul. 2005.