Randolph and Kim

Chapter 7

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!

Kim is not at Jessie's house. She's standing in the middle of the highway near her school, up to her waist in station wagon remains. She reaches down into the wreckage with her right hand, her dainty fingers brushing aside steel and chrome as through they are nothing more substantial than two different types of paper, until she feels she had a good grip of something more solid in there. Her digits are sinking into what's left of the car's engine. She raises her hand, lifting the entire vehicle off her legs with that single, slender arm, making the feat look as taxing as removing a stray page of a newspaper.

A flick of Kim's wrist sends the ex-station wagon spinning in an arc narrowly over the heads of Carly and Alex who both duck. "Fuck! Watch out, Kim!" Alex says, clearly scared by the near collision. The car crashes down exactly on the spot where Veronica and Sky were standing until two seconds ago, when they dived out of the way, screaming in panic. They only just make it to safety. "Jesus! You could have killed me!" Veronica screeches.

"And me!" Skye adds. "Watch out - we're not all invil... invel... we're not all like you! Getting hit by a car could be, you know, tragic."

Kim rolls her eyes. She's about to say something when Stephanie calls from down the road where she's crouched over the unmoving form of the station wagon's driver. "Hey! Hey guys! I... I... think this guy's, like, dead!"

"Oh, shit not again!" says Kim. But it's soon clear that she's not talking about her role in the premature conclusion of yet another life. Her fingers are inside the waist band of her bikini, poking through a large burn hole in the material. It does not require any great intellect to work out that the damage must have occurred when the car crashed into her groin. She pulls her hand out and lets what's left of the panties snap back into position. "Three bikinis fucked in one day." Kim curses. A small area of pubic hair is now visible through the rough appiture. The other girls stare at it in amazement.

"Fuck, Kim." says Carly. "Does that mean that you, like, can't be hurt?"

"Uh-huh." Kim acknowledges. "That what it looks like," she adds with a bit of a giggle.

"Even... like, even... there?" Carly asks, pointing at the flesh revealed by the missing bit of bikini.

"That's nothing." Kim says by way of an answer, walking over towards the resting place of the station wagon. "Wait till you see what I can do with my tits!"

"How did I know THEY'd come into it sooner or later." Veronica mutters, still picking herself up. Kim shoots her an angry glance, but decides to let the comment go for now. She's having a good time, and she's feeling generous.

"Hey, guys?" Stephanie calls up to them. "Did you hear me? I think this guy here is dead!"

"Oh, god. We are in so much trouble..." Veronica begins.

"No-one saw anything!" Alex reminds her. "Leave him, Steph." she yells. Stephanie does not move. Meanwhile Kim has, with great care, removed the top portion of her bikini. Her large breasts stand just as high and proud on her slim body without the bikini's help. A couple of the girls cannot help but gasp at the sight of their perfection.

"Jeez, Kim... you are so STACKED!" Carly observes.

"Don't you think they look TOO big for her body?" Veronica asks no-one in particular, icy jealousy coating her words.

Once again, Kim does not react to Veronica's provocation. "You wanna see what I can do with these beauties?" she asks her audience. No-one says "yes", but no-one says "no" either. No-one says anything at all, in fact. They are all lost for words as Kim sways over to the discarded remains of the station wagon. She moves her upper torso as she walks, making her breasts move as much as possible with every step, showing them off. Kim's chest is so firm that her breasts jiggle only slightly as she walks but it is enough for her purposes. She can tell that Veronica is nearly overcome with nausea from envy.

She reaches the trunk of the vehicle. The undamaged portion of the wreck. She bends over it, letting her magnificent breasts hang over the back of the car and slowly leans forward. There's a groan when her big nipples begin to press down on the metal panel. The steel starts to stretch and bend beneath her, her feminine flesh effortlessly reshaping it. Her breasts buckle the trunk, putting greater and greater strain on the tough metal until eventually, it has to surrender to her superior firmness and her big chest tears right through the steel. She shakes her shoulders, letting her breasts bounce about and widen the hole they have punched. Then she stands up and allows her classmates to inspect the damage.

"Wow." breathes Carly.

"Jesus." Alex says.

"Fuck." mutters Skye.

Even Stephanie has looked up for the driver's corpse. She swallows hard.

"Show-off." Veronica comments. Kim is halfway through the precariously difficult task of putting her bikini back on. If she wasn't concerned that a single false move could leave the garment ruined, she would make Veronica apologise for that remark.

"What else can you do?" Carly enquires, excited.

"Loads of stuff." answers Kim. "I can see and hear stuff a long way away, and I can blow really hard and I can run fast and-"

"-How hard can you blow?" interrupts Carly.

Kim needs no second invitation to show off. She turns her head to the side, pushes out her thick lips and blows a long, steady stream of her warm breath at the stricken station wagon. The air races from her goddess-like lungs and is steered by those lovely lips into a loud hurricane jet that blasts the car with enough force to lift it briefly from the ground and throw it fifteen yards backwards. "Wow!" "Awesome!" "Shit!" "Fuck!" "Jesus..." her classmate's exclamations make Kim proud. She has already stopped blowing, her mouth reshaping into a smug grin by the time the unfortunate vehicle crashes back down. But her exhalation has leant it more than enough momentum to keep it rolling, side-on, right back onto the highway.

There a few seconds' silence, broken by the sound of an approaching car. Its headlamps light up the remains of the station wagon, blocking the highway. A screech of brakes fills the night. The oncoming car spins as it slows, its tyres leaving thick black residue on the road surface. It comes to a halt a matter of inches away from the stricken station wagon. Barely is that drama concluded, when another car comes into view. Again, there's the same high-pitched cry of desperate deceleration. But this time, the driver is not skilled enough to avoid collision. The car smashes into the side of the first vehicle, shunting it into the wrecked station-wagon. Broken glass tinkles as the three cars come to rest.

A huge truck appears in the horizon. The air-horn blasts as it approaches the pile-up and the air-brakes hiss like a thousand furious snakes. Fortunately, the driver was not speeding, and through a combination of his skill and prudence he is able to bring his massive vehicle to a halt without hitting anything. A huge sigh of relief is his only comment. He doesn't want to be crashing his truck. Not with several thousand gallons of gasoline in the giant tank he's hauling...

"Shit, be careful Kim!" Skye says

"You're gonna get us all into trouble" says Stephanie, nervously

"Yeah, leave us out of this." chimes Veronica.

Alex says nothing.

"Wow! Can you blow cold like that?" asks Carly.

"Don't know." Kim answers truthfully. She knows the only way she can find out is by trying. She tilts her head towards the station wagon once again. Taking a deep breath which makes her amazing breasts rise and threaten to burst out of her bikini, she imagines she's blowing on a fresh-from-the-fryer french fry to cool it and begins to exhale. Her breath is immediately visible as a cloud of semi-opaque condensation as it leaves her sexy mouth. The cloud becomes a column that shoots through the air like a laser beam until it reaches the station wagon. Instantly, the whole vehicle turns white. Icicles form on every overhanging surface. Even the air all around it begins to freeze. Kim stretches her lips into a smile. She knows now.

"Cool. Really REALLY cool!" Alex jokes.

"Hey don't do that near me.." Veronica says.

"Maybe we should, like, stop now..." Skye ventures.

"I wanna see more." Carly practically pleads. "How strong are you Kim? Could you, like, pick up that truck."

The girls all look towards the massive machine. It's cab alone is twice as tall as Kim. The long cylindrical body is huge. Each letter of the word "TEXACO" painted on the side of it is as big as she is. Just one of the machine's twelve tyres alone looks far, far too heavy to lift. Even Kim hesitates for a moment. The vast imbalance between her petite - if curvy - form and the enormous tanker lorry makes her doubt her potency. How could she, with her slender arms, overpower something so mighty?

Kim's brief moment of doubt does not pass unobserved. "She can't." says Alex.

"Er.. maybe it's for the best," Skye opines.

Kim is still unsure if she should approach the truck. Then Veronica leaps at the opportunity to make a negative comment. "I knew she couldn't do it. She's NOWHERE NEAR as super as she's telling us!" she proclaims.

"Oh yeah?" Kim challenges. "Oh fucking YEAH?" She marches purposefully towards the tanker. A wave of nervousness washes over her as she comes close to the behemoth. It's so huge. But she has to do this. She has to show that skinny bitch Veronica just how powerful she now is. She looks at the truck and steels herself. She feels the strength in her stunning body. As she girds her spectacular loins she cannot sense any limits. She can do this... she knows she can.

But how to lift something so large? From her considerable experience moving piles of dirty clothes around her bedroom, Kim knows enough of the laws of physics to realise that she needs to seek out the centre of it. She picks a spot one third of the way down the length of the tank, which is just about the middle of the vehicle including the cab. She approaches from the side. There's only going to be one way to set about this task. She must crouch underneath the truck and push upwards. She ducks beneath the mammoth fuel container. With her body folded so that her breasts are resting on her knees, she places her upturned palms flat against the underneath of the vehicle.

She doesn't know what to expect as she experimentally presses her hands upwards. A loud, menacing groan tells her that the truck's frame is being tested by forces neither its designers nor its constructors had ever anticipated. She tries to raise her hands. The groan becomes a brief squeal. Something to her left hisses wildly. The entire gas truck lifts from the road. Smoothly and steadily it rises, like an alien craft. She can feel the liquid sloshing about in the vast tank over her head. She can sense the mass balancing on her relatively tiny palms and yet it doesn't feel heavy. Substantial, yes. Bulky, too. But not heavy.

She continues to push her arms up until they are straight. The wheels of the lorry are now about three feet from the highway. Kim starts the process of unbending her knees. There's a loud clank from roughly the area where the steam sounded a moment ago. Kim tuns to look and sees that the cab of the truck is bent downwards at an angle to the huge tank she is lifting. It seems it wasn't supposed to be picked up in the middle after all. "Too late now" she thinks, continuing to stand ever more upright. After a few seconds, she is completely vertical, the weight of the massive vehicle held comfortably over her head. The cab section is bent at a forty-five degree angle now. It almost looks as if the petrol tanker is bowing its head in shame. Perhaps it’s the shame of being publicly dominated by a sixteen year old girl.

She feels wonderful. She turns her head to see her classmates and sees them all staring at her, amazed. She cannot resist the temptation to emphasise the ease with which she is accomplishing the feat. Slowly, she removes her right hand from the base of the truck overhead. The huge thing pivots slightly now that it is being supported only by her small left palm but Kim manages to keep it balanced. For maximum effect, she places her now spare right hand on her shapely hip. Her keen ears detect the sound of her friends' gasps so she completes the routine by bending her left arm and straightening it out again several times, making the entire truck bounce wildly up and down.

The door to the driver's cab opens and a middle aged man with an ashen face carefully drops out onto the road. He immediately turns, spots the beautiful teenager holding his rig in the air with a single hand and begins to mumble "oh fuck oh god oh fuck oh..."

Kim thinks it might be fun to walk over to her classmates now, holding the truck out on her palm like a waiter bringing a tray to a table in a restaurant. She's quite keen to know what Veronica might want to say to her after she's performed that particular trick. She takes a cautious step, then another before feeling comfortable walking with such an unlikely cargo. By then she's strolling confidently down the road. The stunned truck driver finds himself calling out "Hey! Be careful! That's full of gasoline!"

"Whatever, dude." Kim answers without bothering to look round. She sees her friends whispering to each other, believing that she's out of earshot. She tunes her super-hearing into their conversations.

Stephanie is whispering to Skye "Do you realise, that little slut could do anything? Nobody'll be able to stop her."

"I'm kind of scared of her." Skye admits.

"She, like, has NO regard for OUR safety. Doesn't she realise we're not super?" wonders Stephanie.

Meanwhile, Veronica hisses into Alex's ear "What's so special about her that she gets super-powers?"

"Yeah," agrees Alex, "I wonder who she slept with."

"Such a show off." Veronica criticises. "Doesn't she know it's totally unfeminine to be so strong. Guys won't like it at all. At least, cute guys won't."

"Hey, Veronica!" Kim calls over. "Didn't you think I'd have, like, super-hearing too?" She draws her arm back as if she's preparing to toss the massive gas tanker at Veronica.

"Oh fuck, no!" Veronica cries. Skye screams. Even Carly looks scared.

Kim bursts out laughing. "Made you piss yourselves!" she declares, delightedly.

"I'm out of here." Stephanie announces.

"Me too." says Skye. The two girls take a couple of steps away and then break into a run down the side of the highway.

"Chickenshits!" Kim shouts after them. The remaining three girls stare at Kim as she ambles right over to them, the truck suspended above her head as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Kim, I.. I didn't mean what I said before..." Veronica hurries to greet Kim with words of reconciliation.

"Whatever" says Kim with a shrug that makes her breasts and the gas tanker bounce dramatically.

"Hey!" Carly yells, delighted. "I've just had a totally cool idea. Kim why don't you, like, totally block up the school doors with that thing?"

"Yeah!" agrees Alex. "It might even get us a couple of days off while they pull it out and fix everything up. That'd be so cool!"

"I... I'm not sure you should do that, Kim." Veronica says.

"Oh yeah? Why not? Don't think I can, Ver?" challenges Kim.

"No, no, Kim. I bet you can. I just think it might be dange-"

"-Then shut up." Kim interrupts. No-one is going to spoil her party. Kim fixes her superhuman eyes on the huge double doors of the school entrance. Instantly, the scene becomes as clear to her as if she were standing just ten yards away, instead of her real distance of a hundred yards. She could walk the truck up to the school and carefully wedge it in the doorway. It's not that far away and it's not as though her arm is tiring at all holding dozens of tons of lorry overhead. But, it seems such a chore to walk all the way over there. Especially when there's a quicker way.

Kim has very little experience of using her new strength. But confidence has never been a commodity she has lacked. And now that she can feel so much power surging through her body, her self-assurance has reached an even higher plane. It's as though there's a network of raging rivers of seemingly limitless energy running through her very existence. She is pure power, incarnated in the very human form of a voluptuous sixteen year old brat.

She does not doubt at all now. Does not question her abilities. She knows she has the strength - the power - in her comparatively tiny frame to throw the massive truck as far as the school doors. She does not concern herself with any attempt at gauging the correct amount of force she needs to apply to precisely wedge the tanker in the doorway as Carly originally suggested. Her cursory analysis of the situation leads her to the conclusion that no matter how hard she launches the lorry, it's bound to end up stuck in the entrance. She decides the best course of action will be to throw the truck as hard as she can at the double doors and hope for the best.

"Hey guys!" she calls over to her classmates. "Check this out!".

Kim has to adjust her hands slightly underneath the enormous tank. She wants to release it front-on to the school with the bowing cab leading the way, so she must turn her fantastic body to face her target, with one arm in front of her face and the other behind her head. This does not allow her quite as much purchase as she previously enjoyed, but it is still enough. She draws her arms back, bending her elbows. The entire massive vehicle lurches backwards above her, in direct response to the all-conquering demands of her barely visible but insanely potent muscles. She can feel the terrible potentiality of her slender limbs as they prepare to shoot forwards and launch their cargo. It's awesome!

She straightens her arms and flings them forwards, letting the vast metal tank slip from her palms and then using her fingertips to impart a final massive boost to its already missile-like flight. The truck's trajectory bares more in common with that of a bullet leaving a gun than the traditional arc normally associated with a human being throwing an object. Dozens of tons of steel and fuel in the form of the petrol lorry rocket away from Kim. The tanker neither gains nor loses height as it shoots towards the school entrance. She's put too much into the throw. Even she can see that. Her classmates notice it, but have less than a second to react. It's just enough time for their jaws to flop open. With the benefit of super-speed, Kim can get so much more done. Instead she chooses to bite her bottom lip as if to say "Ooops! Oh well."

Her aim is impeccable. The front of the driver's cab hits the big doors dead centre. The big wooden panels dissolve into a billion matchsticks in an instant, without slowing the vehicle. The tank is slightly larger than the door frame. It knocks concrete and plaster out of its way as the huge metal cylinder follows the cab through the entrance. The floor above, suddenly lacking the support of the load-bearing doorway below, sags. Bricks and stone cascade down onto the top of the passing tank. Meanwhile, debris is starting to build up in the foyer all around the onrushing truck. It crashes through a second wall, setting off an even greater avalanche of concrete from on high. A steel girder snaps and bends downwards, puncturing the roof of the gasoline container and the rough edges of the gash scrape on fallen masonry, creating sparks.

To Veronica, Alex, Carly and Kim it appears as if every light in every room in the building is simultaneously switched on. A split-second later, most of the glass in the building bursts outwards. Then vast, furious tongues of yellow flame spit out of the empty window frames. A Boom! that hurts the ears of everyone except Kim is accompanied by a seismic shaking of the ground. The whole school appears to transform into a dancing, terrifying ball of orange and red flame. The ground shakes for a second time, but this time the noise that goes with it is a more protracted, rumbling sound. Alex screams.

Slowly, the fireball dissipates and retreats downwards into something resembling a more conventional blaze. But there's something wrong. They can all see it through the flickering of flames. The school building has just... gone.

"Shit! I'm out of here!" Alex mutters. She turns and runs. Kim glances at her angrily. She seems to dematerialise into a streak that stretches all the way from where she was standing to a point about a yard in front of Alex. An instant later, the streak is gone and Kim is now standing right in Alex's path. The runner notices the new bikini-clad obstacle just in time and stops, startled.

"Hey!" Kim chastises, while Alex tries to recover herself. "Where d'ya think you're going? Throwing that truck was YOUR idea."

"No way..." puffs Alex, "You threw it, you freak."

"WHAT did you call me?" Kim is genuinely upset.

Alex is genuinely out of her mind. She's seen too much. There are too many extreme emotions pinging around inside her brain. Excitement at the thought of the door that's just been opened to a whole universe of new possibilities conflicts with terror of being implicated in death and destruction or worse, becoming a victim of them. Also present in the mix: jealousy that it should be someone else - someone she knows - who has become the special one. The final ingredient in her volatile mental cocktail is lust. No matter how much Alex tries to repress her inner thoughts, no matter how much effort she usually spends denying them to the outside world, right now she cannot escape the vision of Kim's breasts. She makes one last ditch effort to make the world believe that she does not have any such feelings for Kim. She shouts at her: "I called you a freak, you freaking freak!"

Kim's right hand flashes out. There's a splash of crimson and Alex slumps to the ground. When Veronica and Carly look, there's no sign of Alex's head anywhere. Kim is bending over Alex's decapitated corpse, casually wiping blood off her forearm on her ex-friend's designer jeans.

Veronica glances at her then at Carly who is visibly trembling. Then she runs. Kim looks up at catches Carly's eye. Carly is too scared to run. "You...you killed Alex." she says in a quiet, quivering voice.

"What are you going to do about it?" Kim asks, menacingly. She abandons her cleaning, and stands up, taking a step towards Carly.

"P.. Please, don't hurt me, Kim." Carly whimpers.


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