Empress Ria

Chapter 4

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!

Hovering motionless in the strange planet's atmosphere, Ria found herself faced with a decision. A large part of her wanted to speed off in the direction that Corporaljones had indicated for Burpford and the "commander". Having experienced the thrill of overpowering ordinary males, she was excited by the prospect of similarly dominating their leaders like this "commander". Ria felt that if she could force her new home-world's existing governors to yield to her power, their populations would follow and her destiny to become a supreme ruler would be fulfilled. The very thought of it thrilled her. Just contemplating herself as a subjugator of men, let alone as a leader of an entire planet, excited every fibre of her being.

But the Prytkonian girl did not immediately head off towards Burpford. Something on the ground directly below her had caught her attention and awoken her curiosity. It was one of the planet's vehicles. This one was as long as the one she had torn apart when she had first walked on the world's surface. Unlike that machine, however, the one she now watched was completely enclosed and it roof was far lower. Her vision pierced the shiny black exterior, revealing three males seated within. She realised quickly that this trio was some sort of official group, probably on its way to investigate what had happened to the four soldiers. Then, she remembered the communicator conversation between the "commander" and Corporaljones that she had overheard.

She had not comprehended it fully at the time, but now she understood. The "commander" had told Corporaljones to hold her in place until these three men in the black vehicle arrived. Ria laughed. She was certain that a hundred Corporaljoneses could not have detained her against her will, so overwhelming was the sensation of power now coursing through her veins. She wondered what the significance of the three new arrivals might be. Were they stronger, faster and tougher then the others she had met? If so, why did they still need to use one of those primitive vehicles? She was curious. Burpford and the "commander" could wait. Ria decided to observe the trio for a while.

The three agents were just receiving their final briefing from the Pentagon. Their official car was travelling the night roads at nearly double the speed limit and they expected to arrive at the sight of impact in a few minutes. The latest developments - the confirmed description of a possibly flying female humanoid, her exchange with military staff and the loss of radio contact with that staff - had given a new urgency to their journey. The President had been disturbed in his sleep and briefed. As far as the authorities were concerned - flying alien, foreign genetic mutation or complex conjuring trick - whichever of the theories was true, she or it represented a national security risk.

Back on the ground, the government agents received their orders and then contacted the commander of the base whose troops were unaccounted for, informing him that there were approaching the spot where the pickup and its driver had been discovered. Half-a-mile short of the sight, the driver cut his headlights and slowed his engine to a crawl. They didn't want to attract any undue attention from whatever might be lurking there. They walked the final hundred yards in a tight group, wearing night-vision goggles. They were professionals, but they could not hide their shock as the horrific scene came into view.

The most obvious discovery was the horribly mutilated bodies of three of the soldiers from Burpford Base. Soon, the government trio had found the smashed military radio and four chunks of metal - two machine guns that had been inexplicably melted or torn in half. Nearby, there were two concentrations of spent bullets - enough ammo to stop a small army. Many of the bullet-tips were dramatically flattened or otherwise mangled as if they'd been fired against a block of solid steel. A little further away was the body of the civilian pick-up driver, lying next to what was left of his vehicle. In the distance they could see the compressed lump of abused metal than had once been the front section of the truck.

The fourth Burpford man appeared to be intact. The name-tag said Corporal Jones. He looked as if his clothes had been torn from him. His body was caked in dirt. He'd spilt an abnormally large amount of semen onto the dry ground where he lay and a fair quantity over himself as well. Even in the dim light his face betrayed recent tears. Closer examination revealed that he was still breathing. He showed no sign of any injuries other than a broken hand, a bleeding palm and extensive bruising of his sexual organ. It took a while to revive him. Even longer to calm him and reassure him enough to question him, but eventually they extracted the whole story from him.

The question was: should they believe him? But a variety of checks showed he was depicting what he believed to be the truth. One of the agents reported the witness testimony back to the Pentagon whilst another informed Commander Mathers of the fate of his men. He also told the Base Commander that, according to Corporal Jones, the alien appeared to be seeking him out in person. And that the tortured soldier had pointed her in his direction. The government man told Mathers to remain in his office in Burpford, assuring the commander that the situation was under control. This was greeted by the sound of whisky being poured into a glass.

The agents then started running tests on the entire area, examining every object - and corpse - that might have come into contact with the alleged alien girl. They found nothing that could disprove the corporal's story - every piece of evidence seemed to be consistent with his incredible explanation. Could it really be that the earth was under hostile extraterrestrial attack? By a single humanoid invader - a humanoid who could fly and crush trucks and could not be harmed by machine gun fire? A stunningly beautiful, completely naked 17 year old girl?

Ria soon grew bored with the activity taking place on the ground. She heard them speaking with Corporaljones, learning a phenomenal amount of vocabulary in the process. She quickly realised that they hadn't believed his story. She listened to the men speaking on their communicators to other men who must have been their superiors and she heard more when one of them contacted the "commander" at Burpford. The three males down there looked as pathetic and helpless as the others she had met so far. She listened in to their conversation, but they were far less communicative than the soldiers had been earlier, only occasionally exchanging a few brief remarks with each other. She was rapidly loosing interest in them. She decided that they had spent long enough looking for evidence of her existence.

Five seconds later, at the Pentagon, a communication was received from the investigation team at the sight of the alleged alien attack. It was in a frantic, panicked voice: "Something's coming from above! She's...oh my God! Sh-" and there the signal went dead. Subsequent attempts to contact the investigation team failed. The President ordered the nearest jet fighter squadron to be launched immediately to patrol the skies between the site of the alien's attacks and Burpford Military Base, which was deemed to be the most likely location for the next confrontation. The commander-in-chief then spoke in person to Commander Mathers at Burpford, instructing him to put his base on full alert.

There was nothing else D.C. could do now, but await further news. Some uttered prayers for the wellbeing of the three agents on the scene who had suddenly broken contact. Those prayers were timely. One of the agents - the one whose desperate message had been cut off - was already dead. The alien had only intended to destroy his communicator as she swooped down from the sky, but she had underestimated her speed, smashing the device with such velocity that little pieces of it pierced through its operator's flesh and travelled deep into his organs, killing him instantly.

Of the remaining two males, one was lying on the ground, moaning softly, his previously white shirt soaked in his own crimson blood. He had been wounded in the belly by a ricocheting projectile when he had drawn his weapon and used it against her smooth, flat stomach from close range. Ria had to laugh as she watched the little bit of metal deform against her invulnerable flesh before rebounding and penetrating the male's skin, despite the fact that most of its momentum had been lost during its first, futile contact with her body.

She had left that man to bleed while she floated after the one male left standing. Seeing the fate of his two colleagues, not to mention the four soldiers from Burpford, he had turned to run. Ria floated leisurely after him. Catching him with her left hand under his arm, she lifted him effortlessly off the ground. She was delighted as he began to struggle, repeatedly punching and kicking her body. He didn't even tickle her with his hardest blows. She held him one-handedly with his feet dangling in air while she used her other hand to slowly peel off his clothes, revelling in her feeling of ultimate power over the male. She could see the effect on him of her body and its actions. She knew she could do with him whatever she pleased.

Ria ran her finger tips lightly over the bulge in the man's clothes that betrayed his reaction to her. She could tell he was trying to pull his groin away from her reach, but her other hand under his arm held him fast. She continued to remove strips of clothing from his body, occasionally letting her fingers brush gently across his growing erection until he was naked apart from his shoes and socks. She stared at his exposed arousal with a childish grin on her face. Suddenly, the male seemed to become embarrassed by his predicament. "Put me down!" he said, angrily.

Ria understood perfectly well what the male was asking her to do; she just didn't want to do it. She felt confident enough using her newly-acquired language to indulge herself in a little bit of teasing. "The big man will not play with the little girl?" she asked, her voice laden with mock condolence, his large frame still suspended for from her delicate-looking left hand.

"Put me down!" he said again, this time revealing a hint of nervousness.

"Why I put down big man?" she inquired, sounding disappointed. She pouted her luscious lips, and gently stroked his shaft, repeating the words "Big man" as she did. He moved to slap her cheek, and Ria ignored his pathetically slow effort. She was rewarded by the sound of him yelling in pain as his palm hit her invulnerable face. She smiled at him. Relaxing her grip on his arm, she sharply withdrew her hand, letting the male fall the short distance to the ground. His legs tangled underneath him and he collapsed in a heap on the dirt. She looked down at him, stunned by his pitiful state as he tried to gather himself again.

As soon as he had recovered his bearings, the naked male stood up and ran. Ria floated casually over his head, hardly tensing her muscles at all to generate sufficient propulsion to overtake him. A graceful somersault above his head allowed her to drop towards the ground immediately in front of him. He stopped running and stared in shock. She descended slowly, deliberately allowing him to view her whole body close-up as she lowered herself towards the dirt. Her feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, sex, stomach, ribs, breasts, neck, mouth and nose passed like a glorious procession of perfection in front of his shocked eyes. She stopped her descent when their pupils were level, keeping her feet quite a distance above the ground.

The girl from Prytkon glanced down at the terrified male's impressive erection, pleased with the way she had inspired both his fear and his arousal. She floated a little closer to him so that their noses and chests were just a hand's width apart and reached down to take his shaft in her soft hand. She was extremely careful as she handled him, not wanting to neuter him. He, meanwhile was too sacred for the safety of his manhood to offer her further resistance. His whole body shuddered in fear and sexual excitement as she continued to stroke his rigid organ, taking supreme care not to damage him - yet. "Wh.. What do you want from me?" he asked her, sounding more afraid than anything else. She smiled at him.

"The big man has fear of the little girl?" she taunted.

"Tell me what you want!" the male spluttered. Ria could tell he was getting desperate. She felt the increasingly familiar sensation of power welling within her. She continued to caress his manhood.

"I am commander of you now." she told him, matter-of-factly. "The little girl is commander of the big man." The finality of her words seemed to stun him and he made no attempt to reply.

Glancing down at the formidable organ which dwarfed her petite, feminine hand, she returned her gaze to his eyes, repeating the phrase "Big man." She was still hovering well above the ground, her feet more or less level with his trembling knees. She let go of his penis and so very carefully tensed a few of her smaller muscles so that she floated closer to him, his fully ready organ almost brushing against her smooth round thigh. The extreme proximity finally woke something with him, his mind at last challenging her claim to be his superior. His eyes fired with anger, sending a thrill through the alien girl. She had already discovered that overpowering a man was far more enjoyable if her victim put up a fight. She smiled at him.

He put his hands on her shoulders and tried to push her away. Ria laughed as his desperate effort had absolutely no effect on her. He punched her in the stomach, screaming as the bones in his hand shattered against her smooth, warm skin. She realised that he probably wasn't a particularly intelligent example of his species when he punched her again with his other hand a few moments later. This time, he aimed a little higher, catching her on the inside of her right breast. Unlike her stomach, the unearthly flesh of her chest yielded a little to the male's fist. The former Princess heard far fewer bones snapping this time, but her victim appeared to be in just as much pain.

She floated upwards and a little to the side so that the breast he had just struck was right in front of his eyes. "Look," she teased, "the big man cannot harm the little girl." To emphasise her point, she let her upper body sway slightly, his eyes following her unblemished mound from side to side as if it were a hypnotist's pocket-watch. Her hand sought out his penis once again, stroking it ever so gently while continuing the erotic movement of her chest. She felt his shaft throbbing, ready to erupt at any moment. Frightened by the knowledge that he had lost all control over the situation, the male turned his head away from her body, closing his eyes. He placed his least damaged hand on hers, trying to stop her insistent stroking.

The pain of manipulating his broken fingers was emblazoned across his face. Ria ignored his efforts, continuing to stroke the engorged organ. Reaching down, she used her free hand to turn his head back towards her chest. The muscles standing out in his neck told her that he was using all his strength to oppose her, but it was no effort for her to hold his chin in place. His eyes were still tightly shut. To compensate for that, she lent her upper body forward until her nipples brushed his cheeks. Instantly, she felt his shaft spasm slightly in her hand. Ria laughed out loud, letting the points of her breasts repeatedly touch the male's face.

She continued the gentle stroking of his penis as she lent into him, pushing her nipples against his cheekbones and using the hand on his chin to prevent him backing away from her. He was trembling violently now. "Stop it!" he spluttered. "Let me go!" The Prytkonian girl did not let the male go, but she did acknowledge his plea by laughing once more. He pounded her shoulders with his broken hands, wailing with pain as each utterly futile blow landed. Over and over, through clenched teeth, between his howls of agony, he gasped the word "No." His desperation delighted the exiled Princess. It gave her a tremendous thrill to know that she was on the point of bringing a man to orgasm, despite his terror, despite his pain, despite his every physical and mental effort to resist her.

He was still fighting, but in reality there was no doubt; Ria was in total command. As if to prove that point, the Prytkonian girl removed her hands from the male's sexual organ and his chin, and, still hovering in the air, casually draped her arms over his shoulders. She used those arms to gently pull the man's upper body towards her own. He stopped struggling against her, clearly exhausted. She turned her entire upper body so that her nipples rubbed across the male's cheeks and the bridge of his nose. He tried weakly to push her away, but her arms lying lightly across his shoulders held him immovably in place.

She pulled him closer still, rubbing her chest lightly across his face one more. "No, please!" he begged. He was no longer proudly battling her. Now, he was helplessly appealing to her for mercy. She turned a little more, leaning towards him until his nose was wedged between her breasts. "Please!" he repeated, pathetically. His voice was muffled as she pulled him nearer still, trapping his entire face in her cleavage. "Oh! God! No! No!" he cried. Ria merely held the shuddering male fast as he began to ejaculate in huge spasms. She felt his hot fluid splashing against her stomach as he continued to sob quietly into her chest. "Oh christ, oh no, oh god..."

The girl from Prytkon decided she had had enough of this male. If he was not going to entertain her with his hopeless struggling, then she was not prepared to let him live. Not now he had spilt his fluid on her. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the back of his neck, letting her other arm hang free by her side. Then she pulled his head out of her cleavage, repositioning his nose against her left nipple. She pushed his head against her breast.

The tough flesh, muscle and bone of his face instantly succumbed to the soft femininity of her bosom. He died immediately as her mound pressed into him proving infinitely firmer than he was. Her large flawless breast collapsed the front of his head, covering her chest in gore. Relentlessly, she ground him to oblivion, smashing his skull and squashing his brain against her breast. Then, Ria pulled the lifeless corpse off her body and dropped it on to the dusty ground. She smiled as she looked down at his remains. Her feminine curve had left a large bloody concave indent where his face had once been. As she tensed her legs, propelling herself straight up towards the clouds, she amused herself with the thought that there seemed no limit to her power over the individuals of this world.

It had taken the alien girl barely two minutes to have her sport with her latest group of victims and leave the ground to hover in the atmosphere once again. Meanwhile the squadron of jets that had been hastily scrambled on the highest orders when contact with the trio of investigating agents was broken, had only just taken off. Flying at supersonic speed, it took the first pilot only a few minutes to travel the relatively short distance to his allotted patrol zone, almost directly above the scene of the alleged alien attack. His orders were to observe the skies carefully and to report anything out of the ordinary, no matter how trivial or bizarre it might seem.

Ria spotted the approaching machine long before the sensitive electronic devices it housed detected her presence. Her ultra-sensitive ears picked up the roar of its crude engines even before her powerful eyes registered the craft. She realised immediately that it was an airborne version of the land-vehicles she had already encountered. The former princess used her remarkable new vision abilities to examine the machine. She saw the single male occupant and tuned out the noise of the craft's primitive propulsion system to listen to his radio conversation. Although he was shouting over the background sounds, his voice had a matter-of-fact tone until, quite suddenly, his language became frantic.

Ria figured that he had only just noticed her. She was delighted to note that although she had been able to see the individual stitches of the fabric the male in the air-vehicle was wearing for quite awhile already, he hadn't even glimpsed her at all. As he shouted into his radio, she recognised the word "girl". The craft approached her as she held herself motionless in the sky. To her surprise, it passed by her, buffeting her perfect body with wind turbulence without even slowing down. She watched it move some distance away before executing a clumsy circular movement and returning in her direction.

This manoeuvre was performed several times. Each time the male controlling the thing was near, he passed more information through his radio. This pattern of behaviour puzzled the Prytkonian girl. She understood that the man needed to get his vehicle close to her because his eyes were ineffective from distance. But why did he keep passing her at speed? Why the huge circular movements? Then she understood. The machine was incapable of slowing and incapable of turning around in a small space. The device was as pathetic as the creatures that had built it!

Ria decided to examine it more closely. Tensing her muscles, she was travelling alongside the craft within seconds. The solitary crewman stared at her, his face revealing a significant degree of shock. From his urgent radio communications, she picked up words like "flying" and "alongside". She tensed very slightly and comfortably accelerated past the vehicle. All the while, the man in the craft watched her, reporting to whoever was on the other end of his radio. In a fluid movement, she turned to face the on-coming machine. The male's eyes grew huge when he saw her and he began to wave his arms about frantically. He was clearly afraid of a collision, so at the last moment she dropped down, letting him fly above her.

Ria was pleased, but no longer surprised to find herself vastly quicker and infinitely more manoeuvrable than the complex machine. She flew beneath its underbelly, easily overtaking it before positioning herself directly in its path again. Once more, the crewman reacted with panicked arm movements. This time, she moved ever so slightly upwards as the craft approached, watching it pass by below her. But the Prytkonian was already tiring of this game. If the male was unable to make his machine stop, then she would have to do it for him.

She flew underneath the thing one more time, matching its speed to hold herself below the centre of its belly. Reaching upwards, she casually punched a hole in the metal with a single, delicate-looking fist. She hoped this would create a handle for her to use to bring the thing to a halt. Still being careful to match the craft's velocity, she took a one-handed grip on the hand-hold she'd made. Then, she began to slow her own flight. For half a second, the former Princess' plan seemed to be working and the jet appeared to slow. Then the metal around her hand began to tear. Worried that she would loose her grip, she decided to make the craft stop there and then.

She relaxed her forward movement and re-tensed her muscles to hold herself in place as she had done when she faced the huge meteorite when she was first exploring her new abilities. Both she and the jet came to a sudden, dramatic stop. A fraction of a second later, the jet was an enormous ball of fire. She realised only then that the primitive engines had exploded, igniting the entire craft. Hot, torn chunks of metal cannoned against her bare skin, an experience which she found far from unpleasant. Gallons of burning fuel rained down upon her, again without causing her any discomfort.

She watched the smoking debris falling to the ground, trying but failing to see even a trace of the crewman. The explosion that she had barely felt, that had not left a single tiny mark on her body, had meanwhile utterly destroyed the male without leaving a trace. She couldn't believe how feeble these creatures were compared with the new her. Ria was full of a sense of disappointment. The jet had disintegrated before she'd had a proper chance to have any fun with the male controlling it. Her superiority on this new planet almost defied belief. Not even machines could resist her for an instant here.

Meanwhile the rest of the squadron had heard every one of the downed pilot's last words. As had their commanders. There could be no doubting now. There was a hostile extraterrestrial on the loose. And she happened to be a naked, apparently beautiful, teenaged girl. When the jet whose pilot had reported the sighting disappeared from the radar screens, the next course of action was clear. The radioed order that crackled through the five remaining cockpits was unambiguous: "Intercept and destroy."

Ria heard the second craft nearing moments before she saw it. A gentle tightening of her calves carried her towards it. She spent a few moments lazily "flying" circles around the machine, experimenting with her self-propulsion abilities and confirming that she could move so much faster and with much greater control under her own power than a complex device that had been developed for that very purpose. Amusedly, she listened to the male controlling the machine as he urgently shouted into his communicator, clearly deeply shocked by her presence, her appearance and her actions. She found herself studying his words and adding to her vocabulary even as she danced in the air, making the supersonic vehicle look static by comparison.

She became aware that the man inside was trying to pass a physical description of her over his radio. She recognised the words for some of the parts of the body like "arms", "head" and "legs", and learnt new ones like "tits". In fact, he seemed to be using a lot of language to portray that particular area of her anatomy. She decided to help him in his task, flexing her legs to propel herself up to the front of the craft. "Fly". That was the word these creatures used for self-propulsion in the air. She liked the sound of it, she thought, as she steered herself carefully into position so that she was sitting on the tapered tip of the noisy machine, facing the male behind his transparent screen, her long legs hanging in the air.

"I don't believe it!" the pilot's frantic voice carried over the radio. "She's sitting on my nose-cone! There's a naked babe straddling my plane looking totally unfazed at Mach 3! I'm gonna try a roll to shake her off." He turned his controller, sending his craft into a violent turn. A second later, he was flying upside down. "I'm upside down," he reported, "but she's not budging. Christ she's so beautiful. She's smiling at me! I'm going into a dive to see if I can't loose her."

Ria calmly observed the male as he controlled the vehicle. She almost yawned when he predictably inverted the craft, trying to make her fall off. As if she was subject to the laws of gravity. She merely held her thigh muscles a little tighter than usual to generate enough power to keep her body in place on the end of the front of the machine. She heard the word "dive" and wondered what it meant. When the craft pointed downwards and accelerated towards the ground, she understood. She didn't budge a hairsbreadth, despite the wind rushing past her, the friction pleasantly warming her back.

The pilot pulled out of his dive as quickly as he dared, coming within a whisker of loosing consciousness. When he refocused his eyes, he saw that his aerobatics had failed to dislodge his unwelcome passenger. It didn't appear as if he'd even so much as caused her mild discomfort. The only effect of the unbelievable forces she had endured was that a few strands of her lovely dark hair had fallen over her eye. She brushed them distractedly behind her ear, smiling at the incredulous pilot, who stared back at her open mouthed. Responding to a question on his radio, he replied "Negative. She's still sitting on my nose-cone like it's the star attraction at a theme-park."

Ria was beginning to tire of the male and his ridiculous, raucous machine when she became aware of the presence of other similar vehicles in the sky nearby. They were obviously operating in a group. She resolved to show the leaders of her new home her overwhelming superiority. What better way than by destroying their "flying" devices one by one so that the creatures in each one could report her actions over their communicators? Attacking the machines wouldn't present her with any challenge but it would send a clear message to the "commander" and his colleagues. She smiled at the thought of what she was about to do.

No amount of training could have prepared the pilot for what was going on. He stared in utter disbelief at the stunningly beautiful alien girl sitting astride the front of his jet fighter. His mind was struggling with it all, trying to remember that she was already responsible for the death of one member of his squadron, trying to remember his orders to stop her by all means possible, trying to forget her angelic face, her nakedness, her big round breasts, flawless flat stomach, curvaceous hips and long, shapely legs. Suddenly, some motion caught his eye. He thought he saw those legs moving. Half a second later, he knew he had.

"Oh my God!" he screamed into his radio. "She's.. she's started to crush the front of my plane between her thighs. She's smiling at me and she's crumpling up the nose cone like aluminium foil. Christ, she's digging her fingers into the fuselage.. she's tearing it apart in her hands! Fuck! She's ripping up the whole fucking thing like old newspaper. She's reaching forward.. oh fuck! I'm out of here! Ejecting n...." He had already punched the emergency release button, bracing himself just in time as his seat was propelled out of his craft, sending him dozens of feet up, above the jet and the girl who was turning it into confetti. He had ejected only instants before her delicate hand shattered his cockpit windshield and tore into its metal casing.

Ria was delighted to discover how easy it was to squash the front of the machine between her bare silky thighs. The sight of the metal yielding to her gave her a thrill. She began to attack the rest of the vehicle, her delicate fingers gleefully tearing chunks off it. She'd almost reached the little cabin where the controlling man was seated, when, suddenly, the top of the vehicle opened and he shot upwards out of the machine. She watched him separate from his seat, letting go of the partly-destroyed craft which immediately began tumbling towards the ground.

The former princess stared confused at the male who had become isolated from his vehicle. Did he possess flying abilities? Could he survive a fall and impact with the surface? She was still wondering when she saw the large container strapped to the man's back open and an enormous sheet of fabric open out, attached to him by a series of threads. It was some kind of primitive contraption to slow his fall. Ingenious in a way, she thought. Obviously, this creature had no flying capability without machinery. He was even more at her mercy now.

As his jet hit the ground and exploded with a huge fireball a long way below them, the ejected pilot said a quick prayer of thanks for his fully-functioning parachute. Then he spotted the alien girl heading his way, moving in the air with unbelievable ease. She pulled herself up right next to him, her beautiful naked body so close to his as she matched his gentle descent. His eyes grew huge. He had seen her destroy two planes. Now, she was within reach of him as his life hung by the threads of his 'chute. "Please. Don't kill me." he pleaded, not attempting to hide either his terror or the helplessness of his situation.

Ria suddenly found herself sickened. Why were all the males on this planet so pathetic? Still keeping herself face-to-face with him, she sighed angrily. She was as stunned as her unwilling companion by the effect. She realised that it was the first time she'd exhaled so deliberately since her incredible transformation. She had been utterly unaware all that time that she had also acquired yet another remarkable new ability. For whilst she had soon found that she was now invulnerable, that her strength had hugely increased and that her senses had been infinitely improved, she had not discovered that her lungs had been similarly enhanced.

The revelation of her latest new capability was amazing. Her over-dramatised (but not forced) exhalation created a brief gust of wind as violent as any extreme natural phenomenon. The parachuting pilot, his terrified face so close to hers, never stood a chance. The alien girl's remarkably powerful lungs generated a breath of such size and speed that it knocked his head backwards with more than enough force to snap his spine like a twig. Only then did the puff of wind reach the rest of his body, hurling it sideways in the air, dragging the parachute behind it for a while before it resumed it previous sedate descent, helping the pilot's corpse gently down to the ground.

She was astonished with what she had just done. With nothing but a theatrical sigh she had killed a man. The possibilities of her new discovery began to dawn on her, filling her with the increasingly familiar excited tingle of power. This world was magnificent. She could do anything. And she could not be opposed. It seemed that she had been given yet another tool to express her dominance on this planet - yet another weapon she could use against its population. Against its males. Against... She smiled, tensing herself to set off rapidly in pursuit of one of the four remaining air-vehicles.

The alien moved across the sky at an unbelievable speed. It was a tribute to the reactions of two of the four surviving pilots that they were able to spot her flight and accurately launch air-to-air missiles at her. They had been forced to hold fire while she had been so close to the second jet and its pilot, but at that moment she presented a clear target. Although she was flying at an unbelievable rate, the four pilots were surprised when the girl stopped in midflight, holding herself perfectly still as the pair of rockets headed her way.

One of the pilots reported his observations: "Two missiles fired. Locked on target. Target has stopped moving. Repeat: target is stationary. Looks like she's waiting for the rockets to come to her. It's going to be a double hit. Hit! Missiles exploding right on target! Wait a se.... Oh my God! She's still there... Did you get that people? Target is still intact. She let the fucking rockets explode right against her and they didn't do a fucking thing to her! She's just standing in the air looking as fuckable as before. She's not even scratched. She's... smiling. Oh fuck, people. This girl is rocket-proof."

At that point, a new voice came over the airwaves. The pilots' radioed report was making for uncomfortable listening in Washington. Whoever was in immediate command of the jet squadron was not showing enough leadership. Someone had to take charge. "Men, this is the President. Keep firing. Do you hear? Hit the target with everything you've got." There was a chorus of "Yes, sir, Mr. President" in reply.

Ria did not hear this last order. She had, however, heard one of the males in the air-vehicles reporting the ineffectiveness of his weapons. She learnt that the two long tubes that had exploded uselessly against her body were called "missiles". She also learnt that the warmth of the blast coupled with the force of the impact of the missiles on her skin felt quite good. Not as good, however, as the knowledge that her invulnerability to the weapons shocked her audience. They had thought that their exploding tubes would kill her, but they hadn't even caused her a moment's discomfort! She truly was all powerful.

The thought was still dancing in her mind when she became aware of the next wave of missiles. This time, there were four, approaching from different angles - one from each of the craft that were now flying in clumsy circles around her. She knew she was being observed and that some of the planet's authorities were being made aware of the events taking place. She would give them a demonstration of her superiority. She remained motionless as she hung in the air, waiting patiently for the pathetically slow weapons to reach her. Then, she let them smash into her body. Then, she watched them explode.

The first strike of the second wave hit her lower back. The explosion momentarily heated her skin to incandescence. Countless bits of sharp metal shrapnel bounced off her back leaving not a scratch on her perfect skin. Missile two impacted with the side of her face, pinning her beautiful ear for a split second before the seemingly delicate flap of flesh proved itself far tougher than the powerful supersonic weapon. Even the chunks of rocket that struck her serene features with enormous force failed to hurt her. She barely noticed them as the third missile crashed into the back of her knees, the blast not even causing her to move even an exquisite eyelash.

That left Ria looking on with only vague interest as the last of the quartet of rockets reached her. It hit directly straight-on against her left breast. The generous mound of flesh dimpled barely perceptively as the missile pressed into it. Within a fraction of a second, it had recovered its normal perfect roundness as the weapon dissolved into dozens of red-hot fragments which ploughed into her chest and ricocheted harmlessly off her seemingly soft, supremely erotic, yet completely invulnerable breasts before tumbling to earth. The girl from Prytkon merely laughed.

"That last one hit her right in the ti- er, chest! It's had no effect on her. I repeat: our missiles are having no effect on the target. Target appears invulnerable." one of the pilots reported."

The President's voice was angry "Keep firing!"

"Sir," replied the voice of another pilot, "we only have 2 more air-to-air strikes between us."

"Then use them. NOW!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Firing now, sir.... Target locked on... Impact 1... Hit! Impact 2...Direct hit again!"

"Confirm two direct hits. Target remains unaffected, sir. That's eight missiles I've seen exploding right on her and nothing seems to touch her, sir."

"Alright." The President sounded calm. "You did well. Thank you men. Return to your base." He put down the radio mike and made a signal with his hand, indicating he wanted the transmitter switched off. Then he turned to the handful of military representatives who had so far been roused and summoned. "Gentlemen," he said, "this is going to be a long night. Any suggestions as to our next course of action?"

Hundreds of miles away, a naked young girl hung perfectly still in the lower reaches of the atmosphere. She had completely ignored the last two missiles, letting them explode against her belly and thigh respectively as she wondered what she was going to do with the four vehicles that were still airborn. Having demonstrated how ineffective their weapons were against her, she was keen to show that the reverse would be far from the same. The problem was that she possessed so much power and so many fantastic abilities that she found it hard to decide how she would destroy the four craft.

Tensing her muscles, she set off in pursuit of the nearest machine. She followed it for a while, enjoying herself as she thought of all the different ways she could wreck it. The former Princess decided to try out her latest discovery. Flying above the plane, she pushed out her lips and blew as hard as she could. The jet of air she created forced the craft violently downwards, disrupting the flow of fuel to its engines which soon cut out. Ria's puff continued to push down on the machine, knocking it off balance and sending it into a ever-accelerating spin. The male inside lost consciousness long before his craft became a ball of fire on the dusty ground.

She was delighted. The fact that she had so easily annihilated the big craft using nothing but her breath seemed to symbolise her unlimited power. She could hardly contain her glee as she turned gracefully in mid-air to head after another of the air-vehicles. She listened to the man inside reporting her latest triumph. "Dankworth's down! Spun out of control. She was right above him at the time, but I never saw her touch him. How the fuck did she do that?".

The alien girl did not hear the reply from one of the two other pilots. "I think I saw it over here. I think she just blew him out of the sky. Y'know, like he was a fucking candle or something. Jesus Christ, I think she just took him out with her fucking breath.... Watch out, man! She's on your tail now. Get out of there man! Get the fuck out of... Oh, Jesus, no!"

Ria had flown right behind the craft. She'd let her head, arms and upper body disappear inside one of the jets of fire that shot out of the metal tubes at the back of the vehicles. The sensation of burning fuel surrounding her was pleasant, particularly against her chest. She watched as the incredible heat made her invulnerable skin glow, remembering how it had felt when she had played in the gases of the planet's little yellow star. She smiled, knowing exactly how she was going to bring down this particular vehicle. This one was going to be particularly enjoyable.

She spread her arms wide - much, much wider than the mouth of the metal cylinder that was spewing flames. Then she tensed her ankles slightly, just enough to provide her with sufficient acceleration to fly faster than the vehicle. In less than a heart-beat her head was right inside the fire-breathing tube. An instant later, her outstretched arms were tearing through the metal, the toughened material bending, yielding, folding and ripping under the phenomenal force of her slender limbs. She continued to fly faster than the machine, her body penetrating into the main body of the craft, destroying everything in its path.

It took no effort on her part and caused her no discomfort, but she was rapidly destroying the big air-vehicle from the inside. The former princess looked about her at the vast amounts of shattered material spreading away from her flawless skin. Leisurely, she spun in the air, watching with delight as her summersault tore huge chunks of metal from the machine. Suddenly, she was enveloped in billowing flames and the vehicle was no longer surrounding her. Burning fuel rained down on her as pieces of hot, sharp metal bounced uselessly off her invulnerable body. The entire thing had exploded! Ria laughed. She had destroyed it simply by flying through it. It was almost too easy.

The radio waves crackled. "Fuck, man! Gudnisson gone! Total explosion - no sign of his parachute... Christ! She went right through his jet like a hot knife through butter. It exploded right on her and there's not a scratch on her! I don't believe this chick. She's just picking us off one by one. Nothing seems to hurt her. She's quicker than us, more agile than us... We're just sitting targets here. What the fuck are we supposed to do?"

It was a question meant for someone in authority. The President, however, was no longer listening. Instead, the reply came from Base Commander Mathers at Burpford. Horrified, he had heard everything that had transpired. He had counted the four downed craft, and felt the loss of his men. He had to try and save the last two. He yelled his instructions into their headphones "Get out now! Bail out, bail out, bail out!". He waited for the double acknowledgement of his command and began muttering a silent prayer, all to aware that the fate of the two remaining pilots was completely out of his hands.

In fact, their destinies were to be very much in the alien girl's hands. As Mathers sat helplessly in the command centre of his base, the surviving airmen followed his order, ejecting from their jets before the flying naked teenager could destroy them and their machines as she had done to their colleagues. Instead, the planes were obliterated as they crashed pilot-less to the ground, momentarily lighting up the night-time desert. High above, the two crewmen, having abandoned their craft, floated gently earthwards beneath their parachutes, stunned by the shocking scenes they had witnessed and both saddened and angered by the deaths of their colleagues.

Ria's bright eyes pierced the dark as she followed the two slowly descending males. Casually, she steered herself on an interception course with one of them. Seconds later, she was hovering in the air next to the terrified creature, matching the gentle speed of his fall. She let her gaze travel the length of his body, using her remarkable ability to see his flesh beneath his many layers of clothes. Then she reached for him, ignoring his panicked facial expression and the frantic, if pathetic, attempts he made to swat her hands away. Then he grabbed hold of her tiny wrist, straining as he put all his effort into stopping the advance of her hand. Despite his tears of exertion, she merely smiled and continued to extend her arm.

The pilot knew what she was doing, but he was powerless to stop her. With horror, he watched her slender, feminine fingers snapping the strong cords connecting his harness to his parachute one by one. Terrified of the prospect of plunging the remaining hundreds of feet to Earth, he threw his arms around her neck, clinging to her. Suddenly, this incredible alien girl, this cold-blooded super-human killer of his comrades, was his only hope for survival. He locked his hands behind her head, his body now as close to hers as a lover's in embrace.

Regardless of his fearful predicament, he felt himself responding to her magnificent nakedness; her smooth, flawless skin, the feeling of her wonderful chest touching his own. Even her smell stirred his loins. She was incredible. She was moving through the air now, remaining vertical as she carried him with her. They were travelling so fast, the wind blasted against him and he clung even tighter to her as he was buffeted by G-forces as great as any he had faced in Air Force training. Unable to fight the air resistance and turn his face away from hers, his mind filled with questions. Where was she taking him? Why hadn't she killed him? Fuck, she was so.. so.. beautiful. So powerful. What did she want with him?

The former princess found her patience severely tested as she flew so slowly with the male clinging to her. Aware that if she used even a tiny fraction of her maximum speed he would instantly be killed. She didn't want him dead. Not yet. So she forced herself to be careful with her delicate cargo as she steered herself towards his comrade who was still floating downwards beneath another huge sheet of fabric. She drew to a halt as she approached this second male. Meanwhile her passenger still clung to her, his arms locked around her neck. With one hand she effortlessly prised open his fingers, catching him before he fell, putting her slim arm around his middle so that she held him fast against her side.

From his vantage point trapped under the girl's arm, the pilot watched as she ripped his comrade's parachute harness from his back paying no attention to his struggles and then tucking him under her other arm as if the two of them were nothing more than a pair of rolled-up newspapers. He found himself looking into the eyes of his fellow prisoner across the beautiful plain of the alien's perfect flat stomach. The face he starred at reflected the helpless expression of his own. There was nothing either of them could do. With their hands pinned to their sides by the unmoveable shackles of her long thin arms, they couldn't even offer a token resistance.

With extreme care, a fragile, captured male under each arm, Ria descended to the planet's surface. Just before her beautiful feet touched the ground, she released her prisoners, dropping them to the dust. They fell in two clumsy bundles either side of her as she, by contrast, came gracefully to rest on her soles. She watched with scorn as the two men began to stagger awkwardly to their feet. She was amazed by the sight of the two big, young, fit males struggling against the planet's weak gravity. They were so feeble. As she looked down, she felt the familiar rush of power shooting through her being. At times, she felt as if this entire planet and all its inhabitants had been created purely for her pleasure.

She leant forward a little, spreading her arms so that she could grab a hold of the back of a male's neck with either hand. Her fingers pressed into their flesh, making them wince visibly in pain. Their discomfort only increased her feeling of power over them. She jerked them upwards to their feet. They made no attempt to resist her - perhaps they had already seen to much evidence of her superiority to try. Their eyes conveyed fear and pleading. She let herself rise a little off the ground so that she could look down on the two males even as they stood on their toes, held in place by the grip of her small, delicate fingers on the back of their necks. She let her contempt of their plight show on her face.

"Don't hurt us." the one on her left pleaded. His colleague was clearly unwilling to appear so pathetic. "As prisoners, we have certain rights..." he began. The Prytkonian girl wasn't entirely sure what the words "prisoners" and "rights" meant, but she understood that he was implying that he expected not to be ill-treated. She was astounded by his gall. What made this creature think his words would have any more effect on her than his air-vehicle and its weapons had done? Surely he was in no position to make any demands from her and yet he continued his ridiculous monologue. "I am a lieutenant in the US Air Force and I am entitled to-"

She did not let him finish. She simply pinched her fingers together, pushing them through his frail flesh, listening to the satisfying sound of bone crunching as she collapsed his neck, killing him instantly. He barely had time to register a look of shock before she snuffed him out. With a somehow feminine grunt of disgust she opened the vice of death that her delicate fingers had become and let his corpse fall unceremoniously to the ground. He lay face down, the sickening wound in his neck clearly visible to his comrade.

The surviving pilot shuddered. He could feel the girl's fingertips pressing into his skin, a stark reminder that he was mere fractions of an inch away from a similar fate. He decided that under the circumstances, it was better to say nothing. Whoever this alien was, whatever she wanted, she was simply too powerful for him to oppose alone. She had been too powerful for half a dozen of the latest fully-armed fighter aircraft. There were six downed planes and five dead pilots to prove that. He knew there was nothing he could do but wait and see what she intended for him. He felt certain he would shortly become her latest victim. A silent tear passed over his cheek, but, afraid of her possible response, he made no move against her.

She was still floating well above the ground, looking down at him and holding firmly him at arm's length by the back of his neck so that he had to stand on tip-toes to prevent his spine being over-stretched. With her other hand now free, she brought her forefinger up to his face. He shook violently in terror, believing that she was about to deliver the final blow. Instead, she just smiled. Such a warm, attractive smile. How was it possible, he wondered, that such beauty could be capable of such cruelty? Her single finger gently brushed the tear from his cheek. Her caress felt as soft as an Earth girl's. She spoke.

"You have fear to die. The other one - " she indicated the dead airman below her hovering feet, "-gave instructions to me. I am commander. Only I give instructions. You do not die if you take instructions." He nodded vigorously, eager to show her that he understood what she was saying, all thoughts of "Name, Rank and Number" now lost to her total dominance over him.

Ria found herself impressed by her own growing command of this new language. She decided to try it out some more. "You are from Burpford?"

"Yes" replied the male. That pleased her. By now, they would surely be expecting her there. The more prepared they were for her, the more complete her defeat of them would be.

"You are called how?"

"My name is Johnson." This was all going so well. She could understand and be understood. This "Jonson" might be a useful source of information to her. Burpford could wait a little longer. There were some things she needed to know first.

"Before, up there, " - she pointed to the sky where she had won the aerial battle earlier - "you have talked with the radio to one called Misterpresident. Misterpresident has given instructions to you. Misterpresident is the commander of the commander at Burpford?"

"The President is the elected leader of the United States."

"What is 'elected leader'?"

"He was chosen by the people."

"He is most up commander?"

"He is our leader." This word 'leader' she assumed, must be a general word for 'commander'. She was intrigued.

"The leader is chosen? He is not one who has more power than you?"

"We are all equal. We choose our leaders." Ria guessed the meaning of 'equal'. She laughed. Perhaps this world really had been created just for her.

"There is no not chosen leader?"

"Only in other countries." 'Countries'. What did that mean?

"What is 'countries?'"

"An area, like a.. territory." She understood. The planet was divided into political units, as Prytkon had been a long time before her birth.

"What is number of countries?"

"I... I don't know... hundreds."

"The President is leader of all countries?"

"No, just the United States." So, that was this 'yoonitedstates' she kept hearing about. She was intrigued.

"Other countries have other leaders?"

"Er... Sure, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Emporers, Sultans, Kings..."

"These are chosen men?"

"No, not all are chosen and some are women." Ria smiled. She floated towards Johnson, letting herself hover a little closer to the ground. The proximity of their bodies caused his breath to become shorter and his heartbeat to accelerate. Her vision penetrated his clothing, revealing to her his unimpressive, but undeniably erect, organ. The naked alien girl felt a thrill knowing that even as he feared for his life, he was unable to resist her femininity. With her eyes now almost level with his and her face quite close to his now, she asked:

"What is the name of a not chosen female leader?"

"Um.. a Queen. Or a Sultana. Or an Empress." 'Empress'. She liked the sound of the word. The male had pleased her greatly. She released her hold on him. He was suddenly a little less tall as he stood flat on his feet instead of on his toes. Immediately his left hand went to the back of his neck, rubbing the area where she had been holding him. She could see the dark marks her fingers had left on his skin. He stared at her body, his arousal clearly now getting the better of his terror.

Ria was delighted with the information he had given her. For a brief moment she considered giving him a swift, painless end. But she reconsidered. This man had obliged her. She would reward him. She would give him pleasure first. Keeping herself bolt upright and slightly above the dirt, she flew the short distance towards him until her generous breasts were almost touching his face. She felt his panting breath against her chest. Her hands made short work of his garments, tearing them to shreds in an instant so that he was totally naked save for a few tattered rags hanging on his body. He was not well-endowed, but she could see that he was fully aroused, his pitiful penis throbbing in its excitement.

She floated a little closer still, turning her body slightly to the side and back again so that her big, pink nipples brushed against his cheeks. He gasped. She smiled. She arched her back, pushing her large round breasts gently against his face until he moaned. Very carefully, she let her upper body sway, the movement of her chest turning his head from one side to the other as her softest, most feminine flesh proved vastly more powerful than his neck muscles. He began to shake as his knees suddenly seemed to be struggling to hold his weight.

Ria leant even further into him, her mounds now pressing hard into his face, making marks on his skin. His moans now contained hints that he was in pain, but she paid no attention. She pushed herself against him, wedging him in her deep, seemingly soft cleavage, muffling his cries. For a few moments she remained motionless, letting her breasts fill his senses until he was overcome by her sexuality and jets of hot semen spurted from his quivering penis against her flawless belly. Finally, his spasming ceased. He was done. She had given him his reward.

His breathing was rapid and shallow against her. Her face deadpan, she turned her upper body violently to the left. His head, trapped in her bosom, was yanked sideways too. She heard the unmistakable crack of his neck breaking and felt his breath stop and his body go limp. She was already familiar with the sensation of pulling a dead man's face out of her cleavage, but she was still impressed to see the marks her supposedly soft breasts had made on his cheeks and around his now dull eyes. She tossed the corpse casually away, not even looking as it sailed through the air to land a hundred paces away.

Turning her gaze to the sky, the former Princess of Prtykon effortlessly took to the air. The incredible speed of her ascent generated enough friction to vapourise every last trace of men and their fluids from her body. She headed in the direction she had been given for Burpford, knowing that they would be many more males waiting for her there. She looked forward to overpowering them. Dawn was just beginning to break on the horizon as her slim body generated enough power to travel at several times the speed of the military craft she had destroyed. As she flew, her rich, full lips silently formed a word in the language of her new home: "Empress".


Conceptfan, Nov. 2001.