Empress Ria

Chapter 6

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Base Commander Mathers looked longingly at the cabinet on the wall of his underground office.  His scotch was hidden in there, only a few feet away. But he knew it was strictly off-limits to him at that moment.  What kind of example would he be showing to the six men guarding him if he drank on duty?  What kind of leader would he be if he revealed to them his fear?  He looked around the room, from expressionless face to expressionless face.  He wished that whatever was going to happen would happen soon.  The waiting part was the worse.

It had been quiet - far too quiet - in the building for nearly a minute now.  The last sounds that anyone in the subterranean room had heard was the heavy thud of something heavy falling upstairs on the ground floor, followed by a much softer noise which sounded like a small, distant explosion.  Since then, there had been silence.  Mathers wondered why he hadn't heard the sound of gunfire for a while.  Where were his men?  Weren't they engaging the intruder in battle?  Why was he unable to raise anybody inside the building by radio? Surely they couldn't all be out of action?   He glanced across at the pile of rubble in the corner of his office and the gaping hole in the ceiling above it.  He knew that five good men were buried among the debris.  And another of his guards had simply disappeared after climbing up through the damaged ceiling...

And the attacker - the single, teenaged, beautiful, naked alien girl he'd heard so much about.  This hostile force that he had good reason to believe was seeking him out in person.   This attractive youth who, it appeared, possessed the ability to fly through steel-reinforced walls and could withstand machine gun fire unharmed; who had single-handedly downed a squadron of jet fighters.  Where was she now?  What did she want with his base, his men - with him?

The exiled daughter of the deposed Emperor of Prytkon paused in mid-flight, "standing" on air above a pile of rubble that had been a thick, strong wall until she had smashed through it moments before.  She looked about herself, her beautiful bright brown eyes belying their incredible power.  Because as she looked around, the alien girl could see not just the debris-strewn room she occupied, but also through countless walls, floors, partitions and obstacles into every single corner of the building.  She could see all the damage she alone had caused; the huge gaps, the piles of rubble, the catalogue of dead and dying soldiers. 

Although there was one man very much alive on one of the floors above, she paid him no mind.  Still cowering under a table in mortal fear where she had left him, she knew he was irrelevant to her.  Ria turned her gaze away from him and focussed on another part of the building.  On a little below-ground chamber which contained the only other fully untouched people in the entire multi-storey edifice.  A broad, heartless grin lit up her gorgeous features as she studied the group and, particularly, the overweight, older male wearing the dark blue uniform.  The commander.  She could wait no longer.  She would go to him now.

Mathers almost jumped from his chair when he heard the series of ever-nearing crashes.  He managed to keep his composure, however, reminding himself that he was a professional soldier and that he had a responsibility to his men.  He noticed some of the men shooting anxious glances at one another, their hands moving towards their weapons in readiness for combat.  No-one in the room had any doubt what was happening.  Something - or maybe someone - was smashing its way through wall after wall directly towards them.  The crashing sounds and the accompanying reverberations, like the tension in the Commander's office, continued to grow.  "This is it, men." Mathers said through clenched teeth.  "Get ready."

As he finished speaking the latest explosion ripped through the air, the noise almost deafening as the walls shook from the sheer force of it.   Whatever was coming was very, very close now.  Any second now, they thought, the intruder would be in the office with them.  The room was filled with the sound of safety catches being released on automatic weapons.  Even Mathers had drawn his own pistol.  He knew that, compared to the half-dozen rapid machine guns brandished by his guards, the little hand-gun was a mere token, but he felt reassured holding it in his hand.  All seven men stared in the direction the crescendo of booming sounds had come from, their fingers trembling on the triggers of their fire-arms.

The girl from Prytkon watched the seven men through the single remaining wall that separated them from her.  She knew she had announced her arrival by smashing her way through the building towards them.  It made no difference to her, of course, whether or not the males were ready for her, but at the last instant before she broke through that final wall, she hesitated.  Would it not be more amusing if she could find a way to surprise the group, making a mockery of their state of preparedness?   She glanced briefly upwards.  She had already long since breached the ceiling above her.  She remembered how she'd broken through the side of the corridor overhead and then destroyed a section of the floor directly over the far corner of the commander's room.

There was a clear path from where she was now to the inside of room next door. It would be almost too easy.  There seemed to be no challenges for her on this planet; at least none that she'd discovered so far.  She smiled, and flew upwards at a leisurely pace.  Silently, she propelled herself parallel with the floor through the huge gap she'd smashed earlier, her feet just clearing the heap of men she'd decapitated with her slender arm.  She made no effort to hurry, moving only about the same speed as the jets she had destroyed before she came to Burpford.  This last manoeuvre left her immediately above her targets.

Ria hesitated briefly, savouring the anticipation of what she was about to do before finally floating down through the hole in the ceiling of the chamber containing the males.  She hovered with her soles and heels almost touching the pile of rubble in the corner of the room, a broad grin on her beautiful youthful face as she amusedly studied the backs of the seven men who stared at the far wall, weapons at the ready.  The pathetic creatures were clearly certain that their enemy was approaching from the opposite direction!  She placed her delicate, feminine hands on her shapely hips and, without bothering to lower herself to the ground, she announced her presence.  "Hello.  You are waiting for me?"

The blood seemed to drain from Mathers' head when he heard the melodic, feminine voice behind him.  He whirled around immediately, as did his six guards, all of them gasping as they beheld the physical perfection of the gorgeous, utterly naked young woman who had so completely succeeded in surprising them.  Then there was a second series of sharp intakes of breath as, one by one, the men scanned the length of her fabulous body, reaching her dainty bare feet and realising that they were not in contact with the ground.  It was all true!  The girl responded to the collective shock with a widening of her smile, her flawless, brilliant-white teeth further adding to the startling effect of her beauty.

Commander Mathers and his men were stood in a tight group around a big, heavy desk on the opposite side of the room from the young woman.  This arrangement only increased the sense of confrontation.  There were so many differences.  The men were older, the girl younger.  The men wore uniforms, the girl was naked.  The men were numerous, the girl was alone.  The men had weapons, the girl was empty-handed.  The men belonged there, the girl was an outsider.  The men were big, the girl was petite.  The men were men and the girl...  It seemed a ridiculously unfair match.  Yet it was the seven males who feared the inequality.

Eventually, Mathers proved his suitability to his position by being the first to regain his composure and reassuming his role as a leader and a soldier.  He spoke directly at the intruder, drawing on years of experience of giving orders to sound confident and in charge.  In truth, the fear and dread that filled his mind were overpowering and more than a hint of anxiety entered his voice. "Who are you?  Want do you want?" he demanded.

Still grinning, the girl ignored his questions and responded with an inquiry of her own.  "You."  Her clear brown eyes stared straight at Mathers. "You are the one the others call 'commander'?"

Mathers knew enough about power games to understand that he could not allow her to disregard his query.  He could not let the stranger disrespect his authority in front of his men.  "Tell me who you are." he instructed, the note of trepidation in his voice even more evident than before.  To his increasing alarm, the intruder appeared unwilling to play by his rules.  This was confirmed when she said matter-of-factly:

"You do not give me instructions."  Her arrogance angered her interlocutor.  He was not used to having his authority challenged.  He slammed his fist down on the heavy wooden desk in front of him.

"Tell me who you are!" he yelled, his flabby face reddening.  There was no change in the girl's smiling face.  If Mathers had hoped to intimidate her, he had clearly failed.  The countless stories of the alien's powers that he had heard over the past hours ran through his mind.  Was he now looking at the hostile being who had brought down jet planes, killed dozens and devastated the building in which he now stood?  He could see the daylight between her pretty feet and the pile of rubble she was floating over.  Clearly, the reports of her flying were true enough.  Were the other incredible abilities he'd heard about also real?  If so, what could he possibly do against her?  He didn't know.  His training and experience hadn't covered this type of situation.  All he knew was that he couldn't back down now.

Mathers raised his right hand which held his pistol and aligned the barrel with the young woman's stunning face. Following his lead, the half-dozen men standing around him also lifted their much larger weapons, pointing them ostentatiously at the naked female target.  With the threat now in place, the commander spoke through clenched teeth.  "Who..are..you?"

The sight of six machine guns and a pistol directed at her slim body did not appear to affect the alien girl who remained motionless, hovering above the ground, her hands on her hips.  When she spoke, the calmness of her tone was a direct contrast to the commander.  "The one called 'commander' will say now or I will kill all." she said.

The daughter of the last emperor of Prytkon was tiring of the verbal exchange.  She had no need to out-talk this "commander" creature.  She could demonstrate her superiority far more easily.  Seeing as he and the other males had decided to threaten her with their useless weapons, she thought she would make a threat of her own.  Not bothering to touch the ground she floated across the room towards the group of men facing her.  She didn't move at even a tiny fraction of her quickest speed, but she could tell she was still travelling far, far too fast for the males to react.

Selecting one of them who was standing at the edge of the bunch, she draped her long, slim, smooth arm around his shoulders as she had observed companions doing on this planet.  She had to hover with her feet almost level with his knees to reach him and she had to be extremely careful so that her delicate-looking limb merely touched him, rather than smashing him to the floor or even decapitating him.  It felt like a considerable time later when the males finally noticed what she had done, turning as one to look at her, their startled faces almost comical to her.  The one who she had her arm around twisted his neck to look at her, confusion and fear in his dull green bloodshot eyes.  She smiled at him, reassuringly.  He seemed to relax immediately.  These creatures were so easy to control!

Private Howser had been stunned when the girl suddenly became a flesh-coloured blur.  When she rematerialised next to him with her arm draped over him, it took him a few moments to work out what had happened.  It wasn't teleportation or illusion.  The alien had simply moved, or rather flown, across the room so quickly his eyes hadn't been able to follow her.  He became momentarily terrified by her proximity.  Why did she have her arm around him as if they were on a date?  But then the girl turned her exquisite face to his and her luscious lips parted to reveal those fabulous teeth.  Her eyes sparkled.  It was such a warm, pleasant smile.  So lovely, so.. feminine.  His fear instantly evaporated.

Howser stared, getting lost in the girl's lovely brown eyes.  His nostrils detected a subtle aroma rising from her warm naked flesh that stirred something deep within him.  She spoke, her gorgeous lips moving so seductively while brief glimpses of her pink tongue fired his desire.  "You are the commander?" she inquired, sweetly.  Her warm, delicious breath washed over his face as she posed her question, making him want her even more.  He looked at her in awe and lust.  She returned his longing gaze with a seductive smile as she moved her lips closer to his and repeated "You are the commander?"

Mathers and the other men watched the scene unfolding before them, too confused to interfere.  She seemed to be seducing Howser.  Not only that, but she seemed to be trying to do it at lightening speed - and succeeding.  The Private looked like a love-struck teenager.  They heard the girl ask him twice if he was the commander.  Mathers prayed that the man would remember his military discipline.  But the expression on his face was far removed from what he expected of a professional soldier.   Mathers' heart sunk when Howser, without looking away from the alien, finally answered her.

"No," he said.  And then pointing a bony finger straight at the Base commander, he added "He is."

No sooner had the Private spoken than the girl's feminine arm moved, but before anyone had sufficient time to grasp what was happening, their ears were assaulted by a sickening, crunching sound.  Horrified, they watched as Howser collapsed to the floor, his head at a ghastly angle to his shoulders, a trickle of blood emerging from his lifeless lips.  She'd snapped his neck in a fraction of a second with her slender limb and then coldly released him as if his murder meant nothing to her.  A second later, the men came to their senses.  The two nearest her rushed at her, fists flailing.  The others, unable to use their weapons because their comrades stood in the way of the target began to spread out, moving around the room to where they might get a clear shot.  Mathers remained motionless.

Ria watched the frantic activity taking place in the room with bored disinterest.  The males seemed to be moving almost in slow-motion, as if unbearably weighted down by a mysterious force that affected everyone on the planet except her.  She saw how the other men, the ones who (she presumed) had been protecting the commander, abandoned him in their willingness to attack her.  She also saw how two men were preparing to strike her by hand and the remaining three were readying their weapons.  It would be fun for her to demonstrate the uselessness of those weapons to the commander.  But, she reckoned, the men would be unwilling to employ them whilst their comrades were at risk of being hit.  So, she decided to take those two out of the equation.

She waited patiently, not moving a hair until the first two attackers came within her reach.  She let each of them attempt to strike her head with the butts of their weapons a couple of times, enjoying the dull thud of the toughened steel meeting her infinitely harder skull.  Then she reached out her two hands, getting hold of each man by his throat before either even knew what was happening.  They redoubled their efforts to smash her head, their blows reaching a frantic intensity as she stretched her arms and rose into the air, slowly lifting them both off the ground, making sure everyone else in the room was watching.  The weight of two big soldiers felt as nothing to her as she carried them upwards, holding each by the throat with a single, petite hand.

Mathers had to crane his neck to see his men as the young woman incredibly floated into the air, lifting them as if they were mere polystyrene models of themselves.  Recalling what he had seen happen to Howser, he feared for his men.  "Put them down!" he called up to her "I'm the commander!  I'm the one you want!"  The beautiful girl ignored him totally.   "Please!"  Mathers pleaded, throwing down his pistol to show his intent to surrender.  "They're just boys.  Let them go!"

The alien's response to this was to bring her two arms together.  The bodies of the men she was holding slammed into one another an instant before the unstoppable momentum of her movement caused their heads to crash into each other with a thump that sent a shiver through the other men in the room.  She then released her twin hold and the two soldiers fell beneath her hovering feet.  Mathers did not have to look at their dull expressionless eyes to know that the impact of their skulls had been fatal.  Now the girl had killed three men in front of him - two of them after he had more-or-less offered his surrender.  He glanced up at her, still floating in the centre of the room, a triumphant smile on her lovely face.  He could take no more.  Turning to the three remaining men - all that remained of the twelve who had been his personal guard - he screamed.  "Fire!"

The men needed no second invitation.  Three triggers were squeezed and three automatic weapons began spitting out their deadly streams of lead.  But the girl did not fall out of the air.  She did not shake violently from the hundreds of impacts on her skin.  Her flesh did not turn red.  Mathers stared in shock and awe as his men raked the length and breadth of her naked perfection with killer pellets.  He heard the astonishing sound of lead striking the invulnerable target and saw how the bullets - each of which would be enough to take the life of one of his men - merely bounced off her.  The lead ricocheted from her smooth shoulders, her flat abdomen, her face, her head, her arms, her legs - even her magnificently proportioned chest.

Bent, squashed, mutilated and dented, the spent bullets rebounded from her to fall to the ground as piles of them began to grow beneath her.  It was a surreal sight.  She wasn't even blinking, let alone grimacing.  Still the men continued to unleash their metallic assault at her.  The way the slugs just got damaged and bounced off her made it look as if the soldiers were firing children's marbles at a solid steel pillar.  It was all true!  Everything he'd heard or been told about this incredible alien was true!  She could not be killed or even hurt.  And she was after him - in person.  In mortal fear, Mathers' mind clung to every scrap of hope it could find.  Maybe she had a weak spot, like Achilles in the legend, and if they hit that, she would be slain.  Maybe, if they hit her enough times, the cumulative effect would be sufficient to wound her.  Maybe.

The girl from Prytkon was running out of patience.  How long did these creatures expect her to just stand - or rather, hover - there whilst they tried and failed to tickle her with their pathetic toys?  Did they think she would just let them attempt to kill her without her doing anything in return?  Enough was enough.  Surely the "commander" had seen for himself now that she could not be opposed.  He had practically surrendered himself once already to protect his men.  Now that he'd seen both the ease with which she could hurt his soldiers and the futility of resisting her, she was convinced that he would no longer have the stomach for a fight.  Although, she laughed to herself in disgust, he did have quite a stomach.

She wanted to be alone with the commander for a little while.  The exiled, former Princess knew that there were hundreds more males outside of the building and she had a plan for them, too, but first she needed some time with their "commander".  She had enough experience of the weapons being used against her to know that she could have simply waited for them to discharge all their useless ammunition, but she decided that this was the moment to make the pointless attack cease.  With a look of mild disinterest, she turned her head slightly in the direction of the three men with the weapons then pursed her lips and casually sent a short, sharp puff of air towards them.

Her effortless exhalation translated to a gust of wind strong enough to knock all three men off their feet.  From her high vantage point, the stream of warm breath that passed through her pouting lips pushed downwards on the men's bodies, slamming their backs into the ground with sufficient force to ensure that they would never get up again.  She looked at them in contempt.  They were just too easy to kill.  She turned to the commander.  His fat face was a picture of shock.  Then, as he became aware of her gaze, that shock turned to fear and then terror.  Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.  He opened and closed his mouth several times as if he were trying to speak, but his voice was failing him.  This was more like it.  This was fun.

Mathers had never been so scared in his life.  In his early army years, he'd done his share of combat duty.  He hadn't shirked from facing the enemy and had kept his head under fire.  But this was different.  The awesome power the girl possessed, the ease with which she deployed it, and the casual manner with which she had taken so many lives were beyond anything he'd ever encountered.  He wished he could get to the cabinet for another glass of whisky, but he was frozen to the spot.  He couldn't even make himself talk.  He looked at her.  So young.  So stunningly beautiful.  It just didn't make sense.  She was smiling at him now.  Was she reading his mind?  Could she?  It wasn't so hard to believe, given what he had already seen her do.

Suddenly, she was moving.  She had been motionless, hovering in the centre of the room for so long, only moving her head to send her kiss of death at the three brave men who had tried to stop her - at his orders - with their machine guns.  Now, at last, she was moving.  Very slowly, she was floating down, moving towards him and towards the ground.  He took an instinctive, involuntary half-step backwards, almost tripping over himself before he regained his balance.  The alien did not react or alter her descent in any way, continuing to approach him until she finally came to a halt, her eyes level with his, her feet almost a foot above the floor, her magnificent body less than a yard from his.  So, he thought, this is it.

She was still smiling, and she cocked her head a little as if to indicate innocent curiosity.  With a wave of her hand, she indicated the corpses of her three most recent victims as she asked him "Why you asked these soldiers to hurt me?"

Mathers was stunned by the unexpected question.  He searched deep within himself for his voice and found it.  Unfortunately, he lost his vocabulary at the same time.

"I.. ah... I.."  The girl floated a little closer to him, closing the gap between them to about two feet.

"I am a little girl." she said, coyly.  "Why you want to hurt me?"  At last, Mathers managed to master both his brain and his voice-box.

"You killed my men." he said, more as an accusation than as an answer to her question.

"The men are not yours.  You are not the commander.  I am the commander now." she said, taking a reproachful tone, as if chastising a small child.

"If I surrender to you, you must spare the lives of the men."

The Prytkonian had not yet encountered the word "surrender" but she could guess its meaning from the context.  This male clearly still didn't understand the situation.  She hovered a little closer to him, raising herself as she did so that his eyes were now at the same height as her chin.  She wanted him to have to literally look up to her, hoping that this would help him to understand the nature of their relationship. The overweight male did not lift his head to meet her gaze.  Instead, he lowered it, his eyes growing large as he stared at her big, round breasts.  She heard the quickening of his pulse and his breathing and smelt his arousal.  Even a man like this, a man of great responsibility, pleading for the safety of countless others, a man clearly in mortal fear of her, was powerless to resist her overwhelming physical attraction.

She tried to turn his attention away from her chest and onto the small matter of his fate, by reminding him of her power.  She spoke calmly but authoritatively.  "You do not give me instructions."  Her ploy worked in part.  Although he did not divert his view from the apparently hypnotic sight of her bare bosom, he did manage to formulate a response.  He directed his words to her impossibly firm breasts.

"According to International Law, if I surrender, you must guarantee the welfare of my men."  Ria was surprised by his effrontery.  How could this male be making demands of her?  Surely he realised by now that nothing he could do could prevent her doing whatever she pleased?  And he had had the cheek to make those demands without even looking her in the face, but rather whilst he was drooling, like an adolescent, over her chest!

She lifted up her left arm, extending her index finger and bringing it, carefully, under his flabby chin.  With extreme caution - this was not the right moment to snap his neck - she raised her finger, lifting his chin.  Surprised by the strength of her tiny, feminine digit, he tried to resist her with his neck muscles, but it made no difference.  She continued to lift his head as his two fat hands came up, completely covering her delicate hand and wrist.  He pulled downwards with all his might and all his considerable weight.  The strain made him sweat even more and brought tears to his eyes but had no other effect.  She merely ignored his futile efforts as she pushed his head back until, finally, his eyes met hers.  As he blinked his vision clear, she could see his terror, more evident now than ever.  He gave up his struggle against her and let his hands fall to his sides.

Certain that she had, at last, captured his full attention, she told him her view of the situation.  Given her complete dominance, Ria knew that her view was the only view.  With her delicate finger holding the commander's head immovably in place, his neck was bent back almost as far as it could go without being permanently damaged.  Her voice was confident, yet feminine and he had no choice but to look almost straight up at her beautiful face as she spoke.  There could be no doubt who was in charge.  Her words were calculated to end any thoughts of negotiation. "It is the same if you surrender or fight.  Also for the men.  All are mine now.  I chose to kill or no.  You do not give me instructions."

Mathers swallowed hard.  Because of the angle of his neck, it hurt him, but that discomfort faded to insignificance beneath the impact of the stunning girl's announcement.  A chill ran through his body.  She was bound by no international code of conduct, respected no rights to fair treatment and offered no opportunity for dialogue.  She had made herself perfectly clear, both with her words and her actions.  There was no law for her, except her own.  And from what he had seen, the Base Commander understood that he and his men were powerless to alter that terrifying fact.  With tears - of emotion, not pain - in his eyes he pleaded with her, like a child begging for its favourite toy not to be confiscated.  "Please... Don't hurt the men."

Then, finding deep within himself the special quality that had made him a leader amongst soldiers, he added, in a slightly less pathetic voice, "Kill me if you must, but please don't hurt the men."  It was all he could do.  He could not fight her - she could not be harmed.  He could not offer her a deal - what did he have that she couldn't just take if she wanted it?  He only recourse was to appeal to her for mercy.  It was a quality he'd seen little evidence of in her behaviour so far.  He scanned her face, looking for a trace - a glimmer even - of a softening of her attitude.  She continued to hold his chin up with a single finger as she stared back at him, apparently unimpressed by his plea.

They had heroism on Prytkon.  Ria recalled, with anger, how the leaders of the uprising against her father had been called "heroes".  She recognised the commander's selflessness in offering her his life in exchange for that of his men.  And her understanding of his language was advanced enough now for her to appreciate that the use of the word "please" converted his words from an instruction to a request.  But she still was not satisfied.  Hadn't she made it perfectly clear?  She was the only one to decide who was killed and who was spared.  And she was not going to be influenced by the requests of the creatures of this planet.  Perhaps the commander needed a fresh demonstration of her power.

Keeping her finger in place under the fat man's head, the girl from Prytkon used her free hand to tear his clothes from his body in thick strips.  Her dainty fingers and nails ripped through his thick leather belt and his trousers as effortlessly as they shredded his shirt.  She acted with care so as not to tear his flesh as she wanted him very much alive for now, but she had him naked but for his feet in very little time.  He seemed ashamed of his uncovered body - as if she hadn't been able to examine every inch of him while he had been dressed!  She had long since known that, in one sense at least, he was far from being a leader among men.  But she could only assume that his men did not know.  She would have to address that lack of knowledge.

Mathers found himself blushing as the girl ripped his uniform apart as though it was made of tissue paper.  Even his leather belt!  She left him standing in just his shoes and socks, the hint of a smirk on her face as he tried to place his hand over his penis.  That made him even more ashamed.  Then, at last, she removed her finger from his chin and he was able to relax his neck.  But before he could properly appreciate the sense of relief, she had thrust her hand under his arm.  Then she lifted him bodily from the ground with that single, petite hand under his armpit.  His whole weight dangled uncomfortably from her slender arm, her expression letting him see how easy it was for her to carry him this way.  He made no effort to escape her grip; he already knew how futile it would be.

The girl was rising into the air - flying - with him hanging helplessly like a child's toy from her one-handed hold.  They floated upwards through the hole which Mathers now knew she'd smashed in the ceiling.  In the room upstairs he saw what had happened to Johnson, the man who'd first climbed through that hole to investigate.  Another victim of the beautiful, naked, teenage girl.  That sight was nothing compared to the sickening carnage he witnessed in the corridor as she dragged him through the air.  The floor was littered with bits of body; heads, torsos and blood everywhere.  It might well have made a man without Mathers' experience of the horrors of war physically sick.

They made their way through the building - or rather the slim young girl carried the big fat man through the building.  Wherever he looked there were signs of the destruction she had wrought.  The walls and ceilings of the command centre had been punctured and smashed so many times, the building resembled a Swiss cheese.  Here and there, Mathers saw bits of twisted, torn steel reinforcement girders.  He knew few weapons that could cause so much damage.  Was he to believe that this young girl had done it with nothing but her smooth, perfect bare flesh?  There were dead, dying and severely injured men throughout the building, some trapped under piles of rubble.  Others appeared to have been crushed in various ways or smashed against one of the few still-intact walls.

Still the girl carried him upwards through the ruined building, passing the horrific scenes she had created without so much as a flicker of emotion.  They were heading towards the roof.  Or rather, as Mathers discovered when they reached the rubble-filled top floor, what had once been the roof.  Now, the command centre appeared open to the sky; almost the entire roof having been destroyed.  The Base Commander looked at the incredible sight and then at the slim naked youth who was responsible for it - presumably when she had descended from the sky at unfathomable speed, turning her petite sexy body into a weapon of unimaginable destruction.  It was then that he remembered the anti-aircraft crews that had been stationed up there.  They'd never stood a chance.

"Did...did you do all this?" Mathers heard himself asking her as she pulled him ever upwards out of the command centre.  For the first time there was a sign of some sort of reaction on her face.  She seemed... proud.

"I am commander of all." she said, satisfied with his shock.  "I will tell all the men."  The men! Mathers had almost forgotten about the rest of the base.  There were hundreds of them, posted all around the perimeter and more around the command centre.  He himself had positioned them, thinking they would repulse an attack from what was then the mysterious alien force.  He knew now that they would have been as ineffective as his men inside the building had proven.  Nothing could stop this... this girl.  For a girl was all she appeared to be.

The commander looked down at the activity taking place on the ground.  He spotted several jeeps speeding by and large groups of men arranged around the fuel and arms dumps and other key areas of the base.  The four tanks under his command - did he have a command now? - were positioned as per his orders at the four corners of the perimeter fence.  Scattered between the armoured vehicles lay the dozen big guns, each manned by a crew of four.  By now, Mathers figured, they must know that things had gone wrong inside the command centre.  But he'd given them strict orders not to enter and they had obeyed.

Nevertheless, Mathers was confused.  Surely someone down there would've contacted someone on the outside for advice.  And what about the authorities in D.C. who were supposedly monitoring the situation?  Where were they?  It didn't look like there was any extra presence down there.  Maybe they'd been abandoned by the rest of the military.  Maybe the brass were adopting a wait-and-see policy, keeping a low profile until they knew a little more about what they were up against.  Glancing up at his captor as she flew over the base, her hand under his arm all that prevented him from falling the hundred feet to splatter in the dust below, the Commander thought he knew what they were up against.  A combination of the legendary unstoppable force and immovable object, with a bad attitude and packaged in the naked body of the most beautiful young woman he'd ever seen.

They began to descend.  Or, more accurately, she began to descend and whilst her slender fingers were curled around his arm he had no choice but to go wherever she took him.  A member of one of the heavy gun crews spotted them and began pointing.  The discovery spread like a ripple through the base until almost everyone was looking up at the two naked figures as they approached the ground.  The girl stopped to hover about ten feet up, as if waiting to ensure that she had the attention of all those in the vicinity, making sure they could see that she held the man who they recognised as their leader in one hand and that he was naked.  A crowd was forming beneath them.  The jeeps raced over and parked amongst the throng.  The tanks rumbled from their stations.

Hundreds of miles away, the same scene flickered grainily on a huge wall-mounted monitor.  Eight men, five of them in suits, the other three in military uniforms sat in expensive chairs watching the screen intently.  As they stared at the over-weight, middle-aged man dangling like a rag-doll from the alien's hand, one of the military man announced to the others "Yeah. That's Mathers.  No question."

A grey-haired man in a dark blue suit turned away from the screen to address the first speaker.  "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely positive, sir."

"So are we to assume that our initial assessment was correct?  The men in the Command Centre at Burpford have been defeated and the Base Commander is now a prisoner of the extraterrestrial invader?"

"That would appear to be the case, sir."

"Do we know what the alien's intentions are?"

"Not at present, sir."

"Is she acting alone or as part of a larger force?"

"As far as we can tell this far, she's alone."

"And from a military perspective, General, what would you suggest is our next course of action?"

"I believe we should hold off for now, sir, and attempt to discover the extraterrestrial's plan.  We still have contact with some of the men at the base, and we can instruct them to attack at any moment, should that appear a necessary course of action."

"Do you think the heavy weapons on the site will have an effect after what must have occurred inside the Command Centre?"

"We don't know, sir."

"Then let's wait for now.  We'll see what she wants.  Gentlemen, might I remind you that we need to keep this as low-key as possible.  If word gets out to the public that there's an indestructible hostile super-human at large, the panic will be impossible to contain.  As long as we keep this within Burpford Base, we have every chance of finding a solution.  If it gets out, Gentlemen, then God help us all.  General, instruct your men to do nothing until they hears from us."

"Yes sir, Mr. President."

Meanwhile, at that moment at Burpford, the alien girl opened the dainty fingers of her hand, pulling her arm away from the flabby flesh of the base commander.  Without the phenomenal strength and unearthly gravity-defying powers of the beautiful young girl to hold him in the air, the commander had nowhere to go but to ground.  He fell the ten feet to the dusty earth to land in an awkward heap with a yell that was cut short by the thud of his impact.  Motionless, naked, wounded and covered now in dirt, he lay amongst the feet of his men who stood back, forming a circle around and above him.

There was a collective gasp from the men as they beheld what had become of their leader and the youth and beauty of the girl who had brought him to that condition.  A few of them, seeing they now had a clear sight of the intruder, began to prepare their weapons to attack her.  Just then, a murmur went through the crowd.  They had received word from the army big boys.  No-one was to do anything until further notice.  They were to hold fire, even under provocation.  The men fell silent and even the tank commanders seemed to have got the message when, a moment later, they cut their engines.  Everyone was waiting on the alien.

Ria came down to the ground slowly and gracefully, landing on the soles of her pretty feet in direct contrast to the way the commander had descended.  The men edged nervously back all around, leaving her standing alone next to the prone commander in the centre of a rough circle surrounded by a growing crowd of anxious on-lookers.  She smiled, enjoying the feeling of power as she read not only the fear and anger on the hundreds of male faces, but also the lust that their eyes betrayed as they stared, transfixed by her overwhelming naked beauty.

She took a step towards the commander, enjoying the way the men nearest her shuffled away, eager to maintain the distance between themselves - several hundred armed soldiers - and her - an unarmed slim teenage girl.  It was almost enough to make her laugh.  She could so easily have killed them all, no matter how far they tried to get from her.  But she needed them alive right now.  She wanted them to act as witnesses to what she was about to do to their leader.  What better place to humiliate a man than in front of his so-called inferiors?

The commander was still conscious after his fall, but he was breathing heavily and the crash had caused him some severe bruising.  No matter.  Another step with her long, shapely legs carried her to stand astride his prostrate body, one foot either side of his shoulders as she towered above him, looking down contemptuously at his helplessness.  He squinted up at her, his expression a mixture of fear and awe, but she turned away, raising her head to address the crowd.

"I killed all in there," she said, flatly, as she indicated the half-destroyed command centre building with a sweep of her hand.  "If one man moves, all will die here also."  No-one moved.  Then she bent her head to look at the commander once again.  "Sit." she instructed him.

Mathers wasn't sure now if he was still alive, or if he was dreaming all this.  He hurt all over.  He was aware that he was naked in front of the entire base, being ordered to sit up by a girl who was standing over him.  But if he sat up in his current position, his head would be almost in her crotch…. He decided neither to question her, nor to hesitate in carrying out her wish; there were too many lives at stake.  Trying to ignore the pain that tore through him, he hauled his back up off the dirt, gazing up into her beautiful face, all to well aware of the neat little triangle of extraterrestrial pubic hair that loomed mere inches from his chin.

Her intentions towards him became clear a second later.  The girl, her head now tilted upwards as if she thought it beneath her to even look at him, gave him his instructions.

"Give me pleasure."

The commander knew what she wanted him to do.  He obeyed instantly, leaning towards her and burying his face for a moment in her little garden.  She smelt lovely.  He moved his head down now, extending his tongue and seeking out her sensitive spots.  He'd done this before, although never in this position and never under such circumstances.  He probed her anatomy with the tip of his tongue, licking and caressing the entrance to her sex, desperately wanting to avoid upsetting her.

The girl's vagina appeared to be the same as any Earth girl's, but he was not surprised to discover that his tongue was unable to penetrate it no matter how earnestly he tried.  He brought his hands up between her silky round thighs, using his thumbs to try and part her nether lips until he ached from the effort, but still he had no success.  All the while he continued to lick at her, now and again biting her intimate flesh, confident in the assumption that even his most aggressive tries would not cause her discomfort.  In fact, she seemed to be showing no reaction whatsoever.  He opened his mouth wide, attempting to sink his teeth into her skin whilst sucking with all his strength, but still to no avail.

With his jaw aching, and his hands cramping, the commander shed silent tears as he continued to strive to please the young girl.  His only reward was the sound of her voice from somewhere high above announcing that "This is not enough."  In desperation he began to rub his entire face backwards and forwards over her sex, feeling the bruises forming as her harder-than-steel pelvis pressed against his fragile flesh.

Cuts and abrasions began to appear as his skin rubbed off against her pubic hairs until he could stand no more.  He used his hands again. This time, though, he was not massaging her but hitting her, slapping her, punching her vagina over and over until his knuckles bled and his palms were almost black.  He yelled in pain and frustration as he landed each blow until the agony was so great, he collapsed, his face resting against her groin as he cried openly.

But his respite lasted only for an instant.  He felt the girl's own flawless palm on the back of his head as she pushed his face back down to her sex.  He lacked the strength to offer her even token resistance as she pressed him against her intimacy, rubbing him violently against her until, one by one his front teeth were forced from his gums and his mouth filled with the taste of his own blood.  Almost lost in a fog of pain, he heard a crack as a new agony raced through his brain, his nose shattered against the young woman's femininity.

Then, suddenly, it stopped.  His vision was blurred and his other senses almost dimmed to nothingness, but he was aware that the amazing assault had ended.  Through bruised and battered eyes he could see that he was moving away from her crotch.  Vaguely he could feel her fingers digging into his neck and he surmised that she was lifting him up onto his feet.  He could just about sense the blood streaming down his face as he rose up her body.  Then he became aware that he was turning - or rather that she was turning him - away from her and towards his men.

It seemed to be getting darker every second, but he could just about make out the faces staring at him.  He was being held up to be seen by everyone.  He felt dizzy.  The girl seemed to be rotating, as if she was making sure that the entire crowd got a good view of his battered, bloody face.  The endless shocked soldiers merged into one pink-brown smear that faded, ever darker, ever darker, until, finally, there was only black.  Then, there was nothing at all.

The men recoiled in horror at the sight of the man they had looked up to for so long, now reduced to a helpless, bleeding wreck.  A proud soldier, meeting his fate not in battle, but at the hands and the sex of a stunningly attractive girl from the stars.  A girl who had already killed so many of their comrades.  A girl they knew now had to be stopped.  Whatever the cost.

Ria lifted the commander up to his men, moving him slowly.  She wanted to be absolutely certain that every single one of them could see him and realise what she had done to him with the very core of her womanhood.  And she wanted him to see them.  She could hear his pulse becoming irregular and his breathing shallower.  She knew he was dying.  She wanted him to know his humiliating end was being witnessed by his men.

The body in her grasp went limp.  It was over.  The commander was no more.  It had been too quick.  Next time, she thought, she would have to be more careful with her victim so that she could enjoy his destruction more fully.  She flung the corpse unthinkingly away, over the heads of the crowd, watching its long arc through the air until it came down inside the building where she had first found it when it had been a dignified, clothed, living man.  Then she turned her attention to the terrified men all around her.

There was a complete silence.  A silence broken only by a faint, disembodied voice.  Only two of those present heard it.  One of them was a soldier at the back of the crowd, his radio ear-piece crackling as he received long-awaited instructions from his nation's leader.  The other was the daughter of the former Emperor of the planet Prytkon.  Her super-human sense of hearing was more than capable of catching the words transmitted from afar.

She was angry.  Despite everything, these creatures preferred to take orders from one of their own.  And, it seemed, they still believed they could resist her.  Let them try, she thought.  She would show them all her true power.  It might even be enjoyable.  After all, she surely had nothing to fear.  She was already smiling as the cry went up from the male with the communicator.

"Attack!" he screamed.


Conceptfan, May 2002.