Conceptfan's Shorts
A collection of self-contained one-off short stories that don't fit into the other series. Featuring all kinds of superhuman evil females, including alien invaders, sexual predators and cold-hearted killers.
Empress Ria
An alien tyrant's beautiful daughter is exiled into deepest space. Far across the galaxy from her birth-planet, she gains superpowers and discovers a new home. Can she follow in her father's footsteps?
Milena's Diary
A Mediterranean crime boss' niece, running for her life, accidentally frees a genie. In gratitude, he gives her superpowers and a stunning body. Thoughtfully, she tells us all about her experiences in her journal entries.
A Little Bit Of Fun
Two gorgeous bored young women, teleport in from their dimension and discover that they have some extraordinary abilities. Neither of them seems to care how messy their "fun" becomes.
Lorren's Playthings
Sexy Lorren is the only survivor from a genetically engineered army, designed to conquer Earth. But she wants to make love, not war. All the time. Resistance is futile: men are just disposable toys to her.
The Super Models
An alien experiment unexpectedly results in a trio of stunning glamour models becoming superhuman. But they have different views on how their powers should be used.
Teuser's Formula
A rogue scientist thinks he's created the ultimate love potion, but in his rush to reap the benefits, he never reckoned with the astonishing side-effects.
Plan 8 From Outer Space
Question: How do you slow mankind's progress?
Answer: Find the right girl, give her superpowers then leave the rest to her.
Randolph and Kim
Socially-challenged genius Randolph waits forty years for his superpower ray to be ready. Then, at the moment of zapping, he gets distracted by his pulchritudinous sixteen-year old neighbour.
The A-Teen
A statuesque alien super-teenager, on the run from her government, now lives in hiding on Earth.  For a very special price, she's available for hire. But don't forget that special fee.
Blogger's Archive
Superhuman, beautiful and cruel, so-called "Blogger" lived among us and kept a boastful digital journal of her countless abuses of superpower.